Transformational Leadership

Be the change you want to seeFirst let me say as an MDP who has been through Transformational Leadership at the bank I highly recommend given the opportunity you take it.

Tranformational Leadership is not a course that can really be described it has to be experienced and if that is to vague or ambiguous for you, you may not want to take the course.  But if you need a little clue into what the course is all about, it is focused on looking in on situations from the balcony, experiencing situations yourself, getting to understand the perception of you from others and behaviors you can change.  It is about understanding how you work in groups and being able to take a step back and work for the common good of the team rather than just yourself.

In the real world life isn’t always going to go your way but often times if you give a little you may gain so much more.  We did an exercise that really helped to show this.  It was case study and without giving away to much, it really showed us how things work in the real world surrounding business.  There isn’t always going to be a happy medium and sometimes giving a little can benefit the overall goal and big picture more than if you had stuck with your idea.

At the end of the course we had done several exercises that talked about “the drift” and the concept of getting caught in the drift.  Before I go on, the concept of the drift to me is the idea that you are stuck in the day-to-day working to get something done and never taking a moment to look up.  Then one day you take that chance to look up and you realize you have no idea how you got where you are.  At M&T it was explained to us that it is easy to get caught in the drift.  But is the drift necessarily a bad thing? It was explained in the course that if you realize you are caught in the drift and are okay with it that is fine, the problem happens when you don’t even realize you are caught in the drift.

Some people refer to this as being stuck in cruise control and just coasting through life.  For me, being caught in the drift is not something I think anyone at this age should ever be.  I love my life but constantly being on the go and working on new things is something I value because it makes life interesting.  There is a reason that I work at M&T, coach and train for races.  I love keeping my mind active.

Do you feel like you are caught in the drift? Do you feel Be transformationallike you are so far in there is no way out? What is the answer to pulling yourself out of your current drift and will you just fall back in our into a new drift? These are fears that people have everyday, it is normal!  You just graduated school you are now getting ready to start this great adventure called LIFE and a big kid job that is scary and you may not feel like you are in a drift because everything is changing or are you? You went to school because you felt you had to, you got good grades because you felt you had to, you worked hard, you graduated, you got a job, these are all these you did because you had too (for most of you) is that a drift? Think about it, do you know how you got to where you are today and why?  If so, did you make those choices for you?

But even by the end of the class I was confused, was I caught in the drift and didn’t realize it, had I just moved myself out of the drift? I had to go and ask our SVP who was running the course for a little bit of feedback; as well as, advice.  Read about what he told me in my next post.  I will also cover how to not drift through life.

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