The Real World is Calling

The Real World is CallingSo far this summer has had some unexpected turns for better or worse.  I have grown as a person, become more of an adult, fallen into a 830-5 schedule and made time for doing things I look forward too.

As “senior” year approaches (MBA year) I have decided to enjoy this last year of being a “kid”.  I have put so much pressure on myself to balance everything all at once that I have often forgotten this is supposed to be one of the greatest periods of my life.  The time when everything is changes, when you form relationships that can last a lifetime, the time when you experience new things and where you should not and can not be afraid to fail.  I think I have done most of what you are supposed to do in college; however, I think I often lose sight of how young I really am because I have been put into so much responsibility whether it is on campus or off.

Working all day during the summer is tough because I think back to a few years ago when all I did was work basketball camps.  That was my best summer and the summer that I got in the best shape of my life.  I am determined that an office desk job will not effect my quest for an amazing senior basketball season.

A typical weekday for me involves waking up at 6am heading to the gym and getting on the elliptical by 630, going hard on there for an hour and then finishing off the workout with some hip strengthening exercises.  This is a great workout to wakeup too not overly strenuous but a nice way to wake up the body and get up and moving and burn a ton of calories at the same time! After showering and getting ready at the gym I am off to work until 5pm.  By the time 5pm rolls around, I am tired but know that I will regret not heading back to the gym to complete my team lift.  So I head to the gym and I am on the treadmill by 540 for a mile and a half run (one of our team pre-season tests).  I am off the treadmill by 6 after walking on an incline to complete a 20 minute circuit and onto our team lift for about an hour.  After the lift its time for a nice stretch and ab workout.  I am typically leaving the gym sore and tired around 730 with a protein shake in hand.  After a nice long shower it is time to make a light dinner (usually a salad with some type of protein), pack my lunch for the next day and settle in my bed with a book.  Right now it is Sum it Up, Pat Summit’s story.  After a bit of reading I pass out just to repeat the cycle the next morning.

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I have thought a lot about next summer and how different it will be from this one.  I probably will not be as obsessive about long workouts because I will not have a demanding college season to prepare for.  Hopefully I will have some free time before I have to start my real full-time job and maybe even be able to work on my tan.

But for now I have my busy weeks and my relaxing weekends.  But in my mind it is totally worth it because when you put the work in during the off season (basketball or school-wise) you will be able to contribute more (on the court or in the classroom) with your real world experiences.  I decided that I am tired of rushing through this time in my life and I am going to enjoy the next year and all of the experiences it brings.

There are a few more things I need to do before I leave RIT, who knows if I will get everything I want but one thing is for sure, I have gotten way more than I could have dreamed already in just three short years.

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