Until the Day Comes when a Confident Woman is the Norm

Are you a confident woman? I read an article the other day about women in the workplace lack confidence to be a leader.  To me, that is a very interesting concept because I consider myself a confident woman and I struggle with why others don’t seem themselves that way!sheryl-sandberg-time-magazine-cover

I am sure there are men that struggle with confidence in the workforce too but because there are so many more male leaders out there that these confidence concerns are over shadowed.  I long for the day when I am just concerned a leader in the workforce rather than a female leader.  When meeting me they will just see a confident, smart employee not a confident, smart female employee.

I am all for diversity in the workforce but when will a diverse workforce just become the normal?  Sadly, I don’t see that happening for several more years, if that.  I hope that before I retire regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. that we can all just be one workforce.

Companies are Evolving

As more and more companies hire Chief Diversity Officer and adopt football’s Rooney rule there is more of a focus on diversity than ever.  But why not just be picked as a candidate for being confident and smart and qualified?  Nowhere on my resume does it say she; however, my name automatically puts me into that category.  My experiences do not imply that I am a woman; although stereotypes and statistics may state that because I have a New Media Marketing and Mass Communications background that I am a female.  But why does it matter?

I am fortunate and I am lucky because I have a confident personality.  I am comfortable with who I am and am proud to be a woman in the Financial Services Industry and working in Technology.  But as a confident woman, I long for the day that I am just a strong, confident person working in banking and technology.

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