One Hell of an Engaged October

October was one heck of a month for Brian and I thanks to it being half marathon season! We basically referred to Engaged October as our hell month in terms of scheduling.

Don’t get me wrong, they were all fun things but we had a lot on our plates! But before I go into Engaged October, I have to finish off September when I asked one of my great friends to be in the wedding!

Will You Be My Bridesmaid: Part 1

My friend Ali and I went through MDP together at the bank over 3 years ago. We met on the first day of the program but I wouldn’t say we were as close as we are today at that point. She and I have grown super close since finishing the program and really growing into the real world together. Ali is that friend for me where we can go to Starbucks and sit and talk for hours. Brian often says when we say we are going to Starbucks, see you at dinner. She is also my friend who I have run 2 half marathons with, trained together, gone through the highs and lows, the ups and downs, and all the gross parts that come with training for a race. To say we have bonded would be an understatement.

So in our normal fashion, I asked her to be my bridesmaid by surprising her at Starbucks! I asked the barista to write on her cup, “Will you be my Bridesmaid”. The best part is the Barista did such a great job, she had some of the words written above the cup holder and then you had to slide the cup holder (you know the thing to keep from burning your hand) down to read the rest! Ali was shocked.

Now, you may be wondering, why I did it so early. The answer is Ali is moving back to Jersey (NYC) and starting a new role within the bank. I want to ask all my bridal party-in-person, so that meant surprising her early! Thankfully, Ali is a go with the flow kind of person and was down for limited details at this moment.

The Race to the Finish Line

It started the first weekend in Engaged October with my first half marathon of the season, The Wine Glass Half. I won’t go into too much detail about the race I ran with my sister because I shared my results in my race recap post. But overall it was a great race and Devon and I had a ton of fun! I may not have hit my sub-2 hour goal but I got to run Devon’s first half marathon with her and I did earn a new PR.

And great news, I am planning on running my 4th Corning Wineglass Half next year! It will be on the 30th of September next year.

A Wedding Weekend to Remember

The following weekend we got to celebrate two of our friends getting married. Not only did we have a great time catching up with friends but this was the first wedding Brian and I were attending as an engaged couple. As far as new experiences go, we had a blast. To top it off, we had time to celebrate the month of October with Brian’s mom’s family and carve pumpkins. We have done this the last 2 years and it always a fun time.

Alumni Weekend

Every year, Brian and I try and head back to RIT for Brick City Homecoming at RIT. This year was a little strange because my coach decided to not have an alumni game. So instead of heading back to Rochester together, Brian and I went separately because Brian’s team still had their game and other events. With all the stress of being on the go so much over the last couple of weeks, I was fortunate we didn’t have a game because I came down with a slight cold.

Instead of heading to the hockey game as I had planned to, I went to Rochester just for the day to catch up with a few of the ladies I had played with and headed home to get some rest because our big trip to Louisville was coming up.

Time for Bourbon

For the last part of Hell October, we were heading to Louisville. I was so excited because it meant I was going to see one of my best friends who I hadn’t seen in almost a year and a half since she moved back home. I was also going to be able to ask her to be one of my bridesmaids!

Brian and I were set to the run the Urban Bourbon half marathon that weekend (Saturday). You can read all about the race in my race recap.This post is more about the weekend itself because it was time to ask bridesmaid #2.

Will you be my Bridal Minion: Part 2

Now, Shelly loves the minions, everything about them. So I had purchased a minions cup and slipped a note inside it asking her to be one of my bridal minions (get it?). Unfortunately, the packaging got a little wrinkled in transport but Shelly didn’t seem to mind, she is easy going that way. This girl is in med school and will just be finishing her 2nd year when we get married but she was also down with limited details and ready to assist in any way she can.

Excuse the glare on the photo, I was trying to be sneaky!

Bourbon Tasting

The rest of the weekend was so much fun minus the huge hill at mile 6.5 of the half, read more about that here. We had stayed with Shelly’s parents for all but one of the nights (the night before the race) which was amazing. They are great people and it really helped us stay on track as far as eating properly to have the best travel race possible.  We enjoyed Bourbon tastings at the post-race party and then headed to a new distillery in Louisville that is in their 2nd year (really at year 2.5) so they don’t have Bourbon yet because they are making their own mash. So instead we got to try their Rye Whiskey.

While we were also there, we had the chance to attend a pretty awesome exhibit of 5,000 pumpkins that Louisville does. I was mesmerized by the detail, way better than my simple Jack-o-Lanterns (although there were some of those too). Here is just one of the 5,000 pumpkins – minions of course. The theme was the ABCs so each letter had a unique theme.

Our flights home were bright and early so that we could settle back into life, get unpacked and ready for the work week ahead. We were sad to leave Louisville but knew it would be nice to be back and home and have a day to relax. Our Engaged October was over!

The End of Hell Engaged October

Even though Brian and I knew that we wouldn’t have much time to wedding plan in October, our goal was to decide on a venue and a date. We saw a few more venues and even went back to one we really liked to check out a few more options they had to offer during the work week. I will say we did not hit our deadline for an October 31st decision. But I promise a decision is coming soon!

The First Month of Being Engaged

When we got home from Boston, reality started to set in. We have to plan a wedding.

My head was spinning not only because this amazing thing just happened in my life but I was also set to start my new job! To add to both of those really BIG things, I had 2 half marathons that I was training for (Wineglass Half & Urban Bourbon). My freelance business was thriving and I had just signed on a new client and I also had my coaching business. If that wasn’t enough, I was planning a brand new program for the bank called Reverse Mentoring that involved senior leaders of the organization.


Some would say, “You have too much going on”. But the reality is, I thrive on staying busy!

So as we settled back into our routine, I instantly went into organizing and planning mode. How was I going to get it all done? How was I going to be an engaged millennial managing my relationship, working a full-time job, freelancing, coaching, and working on my health?

The Ideal State

  • The training part was easy, run or cross-train every morning before work so that my evenings could be spent focusing on other things.
  • My coaching business I would focus on in the morning, 4:30 am wake-up calls would quickly become my best friend.
  • Freelancing, any freelance clients I take on know I work a full-time job. I have agreements that I need a 3-5 day lead time on any deadline; as well as, most of my social media clients are all okay with being pre-scheduled. So I would focus on myfreelance clients during the weekend.
  • Planning the wedding, I knew we had to first nail down the date and venue, nothing else could really be planned until that point. So that is what I would focus on first.
  • The new job, although there was a lot to learn, I knew if I took it day by day and just stayed present in the moment that I would start to catch on.
  • Reverse Mentoring was going to be the piece that I knew would challenge me. Bringing together 12 Senior Managers and 12 Mentors was going to be no easy feat but I knew this was going to be something I was really proud of if I could pull it off. Thankfully, I had an amazing team behind me helping me, every step of the way.Hotel Gym Run

The Reality

As much as I have tried to keep things orderly since becoming engaged, that has not always been the case and certain things have become out of balance.

  • My half marathon training has been great and I have made it a priority. I know I am ready to take on Corning with my sister in 2 days and then Urban Bourbon after that.
  • My coaching business has been the piece that has unfortunately taken a backseat. As I have been w12-week up a 12-week training cycle for running, I have had to lessen the BOD workouts that I am doing. I have not been as active with my coaches or my challengers but I am ready to jump fully back into it once half marathon training is officially over.
  • Freelancing has been going very well. Focusing on completing as much as I can on the weekend has made things easier for me.
  • Wedding venues are a struggle! The reality is in Buffalo, the engaged millennial boom has created a booking problem with engaged millennials all fighting for the same venues. Brian and I want to get married during the summer and were hoping for 2018 but it is looking like we may be waiting until 2019. We will see how this all pans out and I will definitely keep you posted. Our goal is to have a date and venue picked out and confirmed by the end of October, hopefully, that sticks. We do have a courtesy hold on our favorite venue for May 25th, 2019 and are 3rd on the waiting list if something opens up (highly unlikely).
  • The new job is going well, I had a few travel and recruiting commitments that I had made prior to accepting the new role that I just wrapped up and now I am ready to jump into the role fully.
  • We are launching Reverse Mentoring to the bank on October 24th and things are going well. The team I have is truly inspiring and I cannot thank them enough. I am looking forward to the official launch party!

Stay Tuned

As the races approach, hopefully, the balance continues in my life although I am sure things will continue to lean one way or the other throughout October! Life, just like yoga is all about balance.