4 Reasons Why I Became a Virtual Beachbody Coach

When I first started following my coach’s story, I knew very little about Beachbody especially virtual Beachbody coaching. But as I followed her story, I instantly connected to her drive and passion for health and fitness. When I told Brian that I was considering signing up for Beachbody his reaction was, oh this is another thing you want to do but he said he would support me. He and I had been doing Insanity together for the past 4 years so without realizing it we were Beachbody users, just not active customers.

So I started doing more research because I was concerned that I would be signing up for a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) scam. But quickly, I was able to realize this was different. This was about empowering women and men to take hold of their life and wake up each day and be their best self! This was something I needed in my life. I wanted to surround myself with people who had just as much passion for fitness as I did and share that passion with people who were ready to change their lives or those who were already changing and wanted to share it with others too.

Why I Became a Virtual Beachbody Coach

It is Not About Selling a Product, It is About Helping People

When I saw the energy and passion of the other coaches on my team as they worked to help their challengers meet or exceed their goals, it was electric. I was instantly hooked to that sense of community and teamwork. No one on this team is competing. They are truly working together to help other women (and men) better themselves. That can mean through challenge groups, sharing their love and passion for health and fitness, coaching 1:1, free groups that teach others about the benefits of nutrition or self-love. The focus was never on a scale, it was on the non-scale victories and loving yourself.

I am a Product of the Product

Unlike many other MLMs, I am helping change people’s lives but I am also changing my own life. I use Beachbody On Demand practically every day. I also drink my Shakeology daily because of the way it makes me feel. This is typically my first meal of the day and I eat a normal breakfast about two hours after. I have received my results from using the portion containers, from working out with the programs, following the programs or mixing it up with normal cardio. I never feel like I am selling a product because I know they work and I actually use them myself. In many MLMs, people do not use the products they are selling so they are just talking about benefits others have had with them or they have been taught to say.

I have a Supportive Beachbody Coach Community

The team I am a part of, everything from my personal team of challengers and coaches, my direct Upline team and my coach’s Upline team have been amazing. Having seasoned coaches you can lean on is important as you just start out because you can learn from their mistakes. I have never once felt alone in this business.

What did I have to Lose?

Becoming a virtual Beachbody coach has changed my life. It has given me a community that empowers and motivates me to reach my goals both personally and professionally. When I thought about coaching, I knew the fitness products worked, even though I had never tried Shakeology, I had seen the results others were getting and wanted to try it. By becoming a coach, I knew that would give me a discount on the products (25% off anything)! Plus, if I could help others while holding myself accountable to reach my goals that was the ultimate benefit. The money was only secondary.

Why You May Want to Consider Becoming a Virtual Beachbody Coach

If you are already an advocate of programs like P90x, Shaun Week, 21 Day Fix or Shakeology, why not get paid for talking about them to your friends? The worst that can happen is that you get a discount on your product you are already buying? Even if you aren’t familiar with the Beachbody family but are driven to help others and have a passion for health and fitness, we should talk! Health and Fitness coaching may just be the perfect way for you to feel fulfilled.

I promise this is not always going to be easy. It may take you a few months to get that first yes from a customer or it may take you only a few hours. Everyone is different. But you if you are passionate, honest, and motivated about health and fitness, you can succeed in this company. Being a Virtual Beachbody Coach is all about building trust with your challengers and coaches and building each other up. Remember, you may never meet your challengers in person.

If you would like to learn more about coaching or joining our team, I would love to talk with you and introduce you to some of the amazing coaches on the team that you would also get to work with. We do this through a Coaching Sneak Peak. Send me an email so we can let you know when the next one is! Remember, not all Beachbody teams are the same. Our community is 600+ women strong made up of both coaches and challengers and we areonly going to continue to grow. We would love to have you be a part of our journey!