I Think I Smell a CopyCat

Last week Facebook launched video posting in Instagram to a not so excited crowd.  Had this launch come prior to Vine for Android was released it may have had a larger effect and been welcomed more readily (at least by Android users); however, the new version of the popular photo sharing app has lead to mixed reviews.

I myself do not plan on going out of my way to use Instagram video.  I like the fact that Vine can only capture 8 seconds worth of video.  It makes you have to try harder to fit in everything and it is an interesting concept for marketers to try and work within a limit of 8 seconds compared to a 30 second TV commercial blocks.

So how do you capture someone’s attention in 8 seconds? Is it truly possible, because apparently Facebook did not think so.  Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram had potential to be huge; however, when they pulled Instagram photos from being shown on Twitter they lost part of my faith.  If I have to go to a separate app just to view a picture it is not worth it; however, if I am already on the app (Instagram) I will look at the pictures.  Normally I go out of my way to post a picture to Instagram and then to Twitter (separately) just to prove a point.  I like having a photo library to go along with my Twitter profile and Instagram photos do not save to my Twitter photo log.

It makes the most business sense to me at least for Facebook to want to be on Twitter, their biggest competitor, not attempt to force people off the social network.

Recently Mashable came out with a news update that shared how Vine was now more popular than Instagram on Twitter.  In my opinion this is due to the fact that people can watch your video right in Twitter and you do not have to leave the app in order to view the clip.

It is still to early to tell who is going to win this battle; however, I am curious to hear about your opinion? Vine or Instagram…the battle is on.