How I Felt when I was 22

It is hard to believe that another year has gone by.  It feels like just yesterday I was walking out of my apartment at Park Point to the blaring sound of Taylor Swift’s  “22” from one of my amazing friends and teammate’s car!

To me it is funny the memories that stick with me. But 22 was no joke, so many things happen that it is hard to believe that it was just one year. We will go in order:

  • Graduated from graduate school with my MBA.  To say I did this when I was so young is amazing.  I have realized in the last few weeks that I don’t need to be embarrassed or give people a reason why I went straight through to grad school. Getting my MBA is an accomplishment, something I would have had to do eventually and thankfully I was able to do it when it worked for me, not when I had to or when someone told me to go get it to further my career.
  • Took my first real vacation with Brian.  As a graduation present Brian got us a cruise to the Bahamas.  It was an awesome time and an amazing experience to share with him. Read about it here.
  • Enjoyed my last long summer break.  If sometime down the line I want to become a full time professor than maybe I will have a summer break again; however, right now in the corporate world having weeks on end to relax, hang by the pool, travel and spend time with extended family can’t happen.  I am so glad I took those 6-8 weeks off from work to be able to prep for my next phase of life.  I am going to be writing a blog post about it because if you are fortunate enough to have a gap in between college ending and your career beginning I would encourage you to take it and let your brain check out.  It also really helps from an organizational standpoint (I got my life in order, sorted through my apartment and prepared for my move).
  • Moved to a new city.  Relocating to a new city after college was a struggle.  I really worried about liking Buffalo after my first experience here (my tire was slashed); however, I couldn’t be happier and would say it has worked out great.
  • Moved in with Brian.  This was a big step and test in our relationship.  Roommates are not really my thing.  If you want to know more talk to my previous ones.  I like my space, I have a dominant personality and typically the people I choose to room with do as well, maybe not freshman year (that year ended decently).  So moving in was a big step and it ended up working out amazing.  I learn something new about Brian all the time, I love having my best friend around and getting to see him everyday.  Who knows what life holds for us but right now I couldn’t be happier.
  • Started my first official job…post college.  I worked so much in college that adjusting to the real world wasn’t that big of a wake-up call.  I had someone ask me that in one of the lunches I hosted for the bank: what was the transition like for you? Honestly for me work life is easier than my time spent in college.  I have more freedom with my schedule, no coach wondering what I am working on to get better, no tests or papers to turn in.  Life is about me now and being the best me I can be.  I really do enjoy what I do and I find that I am really lucky. I have a lot of friends who I graduated with struggling to find a job, living at home with their parents (which is completely fine if you are comfortable with it – I wish I could save what I pay in rent and utilities each month). I have had the pleasure of meeting so many amazing people at the bank and made connections with senior managers I never expected.  I have also transitioned roles within Technology – to an area I wanted to explore at some company at some point in the future.  I have been given opportunities I never thought possible and for that I am forever grateful.
  • Coached my first basketball season. I am so thankful to have been given the opportunity to coach at Nichols and I am looking forward to returning for my second season. The group of girls I had the pleasure of working with were awesome and the school is a great organization to be apart of.  I loved seeing the girl’s improvement in just a few short months and I am so excited to continue to work with them this summer and next season.
  • Ran my first marathon.  It was a crazy experience.  You will only run your first marathon once and boy was mine a memory.  It poured almost the entire time, my knee decided to not cooperate and I got to see friends and family I hadn’t see in a long time.  You can read all about it in my #marathonmonday series!  You can also read about the training leading up to the marathon in my marathon section.

Take chances and make mistakesWhat I have realized in my first year out in the real world, life is about the experiences and the chances you take.  You can’t be afraid of failing because chances are by holding your self back you are missing out on an experience you will love.  They say getting to the starting line of a marathon is half the battle and I would definitely say it is true and true for others beside marathons as well.  You log more training hours than you do actually running.  You spend more hours thinking about the race than race day is long.  To me signing up is the chance you take, training is the physical battle and the race is the mental one.

There are so many risks I have taken this year, so many chances I am glad I said yes too, life would be pretty boring if you never took a risk.  I would rather live my life without any regrets then look back and wish I did something.