2016, There You Are

It is hard to believe that 2016 is almost a month in right now – but I thought what better time than now to really think about my goals for this year.  2015 was a heck of a ride with highs and lows and I am excited to see what is in-store for this new year!

running goalsFirst I want to start off with my running goals.  2015 was about picking up a new sport.  I ran my first half marathon and before that, ran my first marathon.  I also participated in the Buffalo Corporate Challenge – a 3.5 mile run.  Now 2016 I want to get better at running.  I want to further learn to enjoy running but I also want it to bring my friends closer together again.  I loved running the marathon with Maddie because it gave us a chance to really catch up.  Prepping for Corning last year with Maya and Kaylee was another great opportunity.  This year I am running the Buffalo Half with my fellow MDP and good friend Ali and we are working on several others who may join the post-race party.  I want to head to Louisville to run the Urban Bourbon Half with my first friend in Buffalo – Shelly, who has since moved on to grad school back home.  I also want to return to Corning for the Wine Glass to get a PR! So here are my running goals:

  • Run 3 Half Marathons in 2016
  • Hit a sub-2 hr half marathon
    • I want to hit this in Corning because that is a race I intend to run by myself which is something I struggle with. The other races, I want to enjoy the experience with my friend and forget about time. Those are about catching up and feeling awesome at the end of 13.1

Next are my life goals, I mean what are running goals without talking about health, fitness, relationships, etc.  2016 I want to focus on eating smart – Brian and I experimented with the year of yopuPaleo as a cleanse before the holidays (post coming soon) and I really enjoyed it and am looking to kick that back up in February.  I also want to make sure I am hitting the gym or some sort of exercise class or getting moving every day.  I also want to make sure I am hitting 10K steps a day.  I love my VivoFit and that keeps me honest. So here are my 2016 Health & Fitness Goals:

  • 10,000 Steps a Day
  • Focus on Healthy Eating
    • Think about what I can eat not what I can’t
    • Clean out the house and don’t allow large quantities of processed food into it!

What is life without having some Financial Goals, Brian and I are at that point in our lives where we weigh the option of does it make sense to continue to rent or buy.  How long do we plan on being in Buffalo – are we here for life or only the short-term? These are questions 20-somethings typically ask themselves at this point in their live.  If we can find a deal on a home in the area we want, I mean there are areas that you don’t want to necessarily purchase a home due to crime, violence, etc – then maybe it is worth it.  On the other hand, if we can find a deal on a rental that we like, can we continue to save money without the responsibility of having a mortgage, etc. I can’t truly say what my goal is yet because you never know what the housing market/rental market is going to look like.  All I know is come June 30th our lease is up and we have to make a decision before that point.

2015-2016Finally my Career Goals, as I think about where I want my career to be over the next year I think about where it has come since I started at M&T a year and a half ago.  I am doing things I never thought I would be doing and that amazes me.  I love that I am working with students, getting to be a peer mentor, the exposure I have to all different business lines and working on making important business decisions regarding innovation and where the future of banking is headed. So if I have accomplished all of that in a year and a half what will 2016 look like?  I hope that I move into a role of managing projects from a decision standpoint and out of the generation of reports.  Responsibilities come with trust and proving your abilities, I hope that I am able to show the management team at M&T that I have the potential to do a lot of great things.  I also want to further develop relationships that I have started both with my mentee and my mentor; as well as, several other working relationships that have developed organically.

As 2016 progresses I am excited to adapt my goals to the changing times.  Goals I believe are set to act as milestones but if I reach one earlier than planned than I want to evolve it to further push myself.  Bring it on 2016!