#ExtraordinaryHair System

I lo#ExtraordinaryHair VoxBoxve receiving new products to try out. Especially when I have been feeling so stressed at work lately and the weather has been less than spring-like (thankfully it is turning around now). Free hair products are always nice but ones that work are even better! Influenster has really upped their VoxBox game and I am loving it.

Post-Workout Frizz

My Frizzy Hair after a workout before using the product!

I was really excited to be included in the L’Oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil Voxbox fromInfluester this month because I was looking for a change up in my hair routine.

The box included

  • The Advanced Haircare – Extraordinary Oil ShampooExtraordinary Shampoo
  • The Advanced Haircare – Extraordinary Oil ConditionerExtraordinary Condition
  • The Advanced Haircare – Extraordinary Oil Lustrous Oil SerumExtraordinary Oil Serum

The Pros of this Vox:

  • Extraordinary Oil StraightenedI got to try the entire Advanced Haircare Extraordinary Oil System!
    • Sometimes when you try products from other companies you only get one of the system’s products.
  • Full-size products!Again, other companies tend to send you trial sizes and then ask for your opinion. The problem with those for me is when they send me conditioner, I have long thick hair! I use more than the average user who has shorter hair than I do. So I can’t ever get a really good feel of if the product works without going and buying it myself.

The Shampoo:

  • Smells great!
  • Not a lot of bubbles when you suds up your hair.

The Conditioner:

  • I could feel a difference when I combed out my hair that it really worked to detangle.
  • The smell again matched the shampoo smell. It isn’t too overpowering but it is just enough to make it noticeable.

The Oil:

  • I am convinced this is a miracle product!
  • I really enjoyed how it made my hair smell after I put it on. It was like a coconut meets banana to me. I thought this part smell was stronger than that of the shampoo and conditioner but I didn’t mind it. However, if you have a sensitive nose you may want to smell it before you buy it.
  • I definitely noticed a difference in the smoothness of my hair after using it as well.
  • I used the oil in a few different ways:
    • When my hair was wet and I was just going to let it air dry out.
    • When my hair was drying and I was about to use my hair straightener.
    • Both ways I noticed a reduction in my overall frizz!

      Extraordinary Oil Naturally Dry

      My hair noticably less frizzy after I let it air dry!

Overall, this product as a system works great. I think it is one of those that really works well together and is not just a gimmick that you should buy the complete system. Often times I find that I can mix and match products and it works well, but I love the results of using this system and am sold that when I buy it again, I will buy all three products. I would definitely recommend this product for those people who have wavy, long hair that is often frizzy if you don’t do anything with.


So glad I got to try these out thanks to Influenster and L’Oreal Paris!


"I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."

#ItsYourThing Product Testing

New Year…New You, it always seems to be someone’s motto around me after the ball drops.  But then by the end of January to mid-February, everyone seems to be back to their old habits.

On the go snackOver the Christmas holiday, I received the #ItsYourThing VoxBox from Influenster and SlimFast.  I love the days I receive a new #voxbox because I love product testing! To be honest, I was looking for a way to refresh, just like everyone else but I have never been a show off what you are doing type of person.  I am all for a new way of doing things and blogging about it but taking pictures showing people what I am eating really isn’t for me; however, throwing the new SlimFast products into my daily routine when I was on the go was extremely handy.

busy at work snackBrian and I had been trying to get back into our Paleo routine which we had paused over the Christmas Holiday but that has been a different type of struggle and SlimFast is not a Paleo substitute.  What I liked about this box was the fact that everything could be eaten on the go. I am really into Protein Shakes right now, so the Slim Fast Advance Nutrition Chocolate Shake was really nice to have at work in the midst of all the project stuff I have going on.#slimfast

I grabbed the SlimFast Advance Nutrition 100 calorie sour cream and onion baked crisps in between work and practice.  Sadly I was disappointed by the staleness of them.  I have had better and I think I would lean towards the Special K Sour Cream & Onion Crisp if I was going to have this snack again.

Right before my game later that week after I was running late from a meeting on a day I had missed lunch, I was lucky I had stuck the Meal Replacement Bar in my bag.  It kept me satisfied until the end of the game when I could have a real dinner.  I don’t know if I would say it was a true meal replacement  but it definitely helped keep me focused on my team and not my stomach.

#ItsyourthingThe 100 calorie cinnamon bun swirl crisps were a nice sweet treat.  There is nothing super special about them; however, I liked them more than the other 100 calorie pack I received.

Overall, am I not sold on SlimFast as 100% lifestyle change, I like the protein shakes the best which makes sense because that was their first real product.  But I do believe that #ItsYourThing is a great campaign for woman and for anyone who is trying to lead a healthy lifestyle.  Because at the end of the day it isn’t about it being a new year or being a new you, it’s about being the best you can be all the time.

"I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."

The #UniVoxBox has Arrived!

#univoxboxI was very excited to get back from my week away from campus, just to be able to pickup my #UniVoxBox courtesy of Influenster which had been sitting in my mailbox for the last week.

It was my second VoxBox and it was my first to contain multiple brands.  I had had such a good experience with my first VoxBox that I was excited to see how a multi-brand Vox would be and how the Influenster #UniVoxBox badge would look.  I wondered what tasks they would want me to do and also what was going to be in the box.

Influenster does a great job at creating a buzz around their boxes.  For this one, they posted hints and clues that left their community guessing and posting and tweeting about the possibilities.  The team also gave hints in their Twitter chats.  I thought it was a great strategy and approach to getting others to share their pictures with their friends and grow awareness of what Influenster is and how to get involved with the company.

This box contained a variety of products which I am really looking forward to getting the chance to try out.  Including nail art, lipstick, a tea water enhancer, a pen, foundation, and my favorite brand of tampons!

Red Rose Water EnhancerThe first product in the box was Red Rose Real Tea Premium Water Enhancers.  I love tea but I do not always have the time to make it before I head out to class and work.  The water enhancer was a great opportunity to try out a new way to make tea.  I received the black tea flavor which surprised me.  I actually really like it which usually I am a raspberry or peach iced tea kind of girl.  When it comes to hot teas I am normally a cinnamon or green tea type of girl but this flavor was surprisingly delicious and I can really see myself drinking it on the go between classes, making it in class or at work! I will definitely be using the coupon for myself to try the other flavors they have to offer!  Check the company out on Twitter by following @ShareRedRoseTea and learn about new products the company is offering through the #RealTea hashtag.

NYC New York Colorstay Expert LastThe second product was the NYC New York Color Stay Expert Last Lipstick.  I am not a big lipstick wearer because I am more of a Burt’s Bees or EOS type of girl but I thought I would give this a shot.  I received a bright pink color which for me I am not so sure how much I will be wearing it because of how bright it is but we will see when I head out with the girls the next time how it looks!  The color is definitely not a wear on a daily basis for me just because it is so bright.  What I do like about the color is that it probably compliments my fair skin more than I think.  Follow them on Twitter @NYCNewYorkColor or use #ExpertLast on Twitter and Instagram to learn more.

Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse FoundationThe third product was the Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation.  Before the box arrived, Influenster had sent a me a survey to figure out what my skin tone most closely resembled.  I would like to say they nailed me right on the money – well my winter skin tone! I received the Light Ivory tone and it matches me to a T! I am not usually one to wear a ton of makeup and when I do it is not usually foundation just some mascara, eyeliner and maybe some concealer for the regular school day.  I like that the makeup is really light and does not dry out my face but really blends in nicely.  My only complaint is that I still feel like my skin has something on it but that is also because I do not usually wear this type of product so my face is not use to it.  Follow them on Twitter @RimmelLondonUS  and stay up to date with this product by using the hashtag #StayMatteSwitch.

Impress ManicureThe fourth product was the Impress Manicure.  I was excited to receive this product because I am one of those people that paints her nails on a not so regular basis because I don’t like to maintain it (or have the time to) so I was excited to not really have to maintain a manicure as this product comes completely done!  However, sadly the pattern I received was not really my style at all so I was disappointed.  I still plan to put the product on to test it out and see if I like how it looks on my nails but I do not see the pattern going with a lot of clothing options, nor does it look professional.  I would have probably been happier with a solid color just for those reasons.  If you want to follow the company on Twitter you can here @BwayNails or use the hashtag #ImpressManicure!

acroball pensThe fifth product was a Pilot Pen brand Acroball pen.  As a student pens are essential and refillable are even nicer; however, I do not see many students going out to buy refillable ink for their pens but rather just buying a new pen.  I really do like how this pen writes and how little pressure you have to use to write with it.  That really does make a big difference when you are taking a lot of notes in classes or writing in essay form for an exam.  Follow this item using the handle @PilotPenUSA or #PenItFWD.

#playonAnd finally the last product, sadly the one I was most excited to receive was the Playtex Sport tampons because truth be told…tampons are expensive and something only a girl has to pay for for over half their life usually.  The Playtex Sport brand is already my favorite type of tampon to use.  They are always carried in our training room and always in the trainers kits for any surprises on the road.  I also always have a few stashed away in my backpack or game bag just in case.  I am really excited to try these out and see if I like this style more than the original sport type.  My only complaint so far is that this is just a box of regulars and not a mixed box!  You can stay up to date on their latest news by following @playtex_sport or #PlayOn!

This is just my initial impressions of these products and I plan to keep updating as I use these products.  If you are not on Influenster, I suggest that you join, it is completely free and all they request is that you give your honest opinion of the products that you receive from them.  Product qualifications are based on the required demographics by the brands.