#ExtraordinaryHair System

I lo#ExtraordinaryHair VoxBoxve receiving new products to try out. Especially when I have been feeling so stressed at work lately and the weather has been less than spring-like (thankfully it is turning around now). Free hair products are always nice but ones that work are even better! Influenster has really upped their VoxBox game and I am loving it.

Post-Workout Frizz

My Frizzy Hair after a workout before using the product!

I was really excited to be included in the L’Oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil Voxbox fromInfluester this month because I was looking for a change up in my hair routine.

The box included

  • The Advanced Haircare – Extraordinary Oil ShampooExtraordinary Shampoo
  • The Advanced Haircare – Extraordinary Oil ConditionerExtraordinary Condition
  • The Advanced Haircare – Extraordinary Oil Lustrous Oil SerumExtraordinary Oil Serum

The Pros of this Vox:

  • Extraordinary Oil StraightenedI got to try the entire Advanced Haircare Extraordinary Oil System!
    • Sometimes when you try products from other companies you only get one of the system’s products.
  • Full-size products!Again, other companies tend to send you trial sizes and then ask for your opinion. The problem with those for me is when they send me conditioner, I have long thick hair! I use more than the average user who has shorter hair than I do. So I can’t ever get a really good feel of if the product works without going and buying it myself.

The Shampoo:

  • Smells great!
  • Not a lot of bubbles when you suds up your hair.

The Conditioner:

  • I could feel a difference when I combed out my hair that it really worked to detangle.
  • The smell again matched the shampoo smell. It isn’t too overpowering but it is just enough to make it noticeable.

The Oil:

  • I am convinced this is a miracle product!
  • I really enjoyed how it made my hair smell after I put it on. It was like a coconut meets banana to me. I thought this part smell was stronger than that of the shampoo and conditioner but I didn’t mind it. However, if you have a sensitive nose you may want to smell it before you buy it.
  • I definitely noticed a difference in the smoothness of my hair after using it as well.
  • I used the oil in a few different ways:
    • When my hair was wet and I was just going to let it air dry out.
    • When my hair was drying and I was about to use my hair straightener.
    • Both ways I noticed a reduction in my overall frizz!

      Extraordinary Oil Naturally Dry

      My hair noticably less frizzy after I let it air dry!

Overall, this product as a system works great. I think it is one of those that really works well together and is not just a gimmick that you should buy the complete system. Often times I find that I can mix and match products and it works well, but I love the results of using this system and am sold that when I buy it again, I will buy all three products. I would definitely recommend this product for those people who have wavy, long hair that is often frizzy if you don’t do anything with.


So glad I got to try these out thanks to Influenster and L’Oreal Paris!


"I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."