Holiday Engagement: Part 1 – Thanksgiving

Wow, it is definitely hard to believe that Brian and I have been engaged 3 months already! We are officially counting down and inside 18 months. We are slowing but surely ticking things off the list but you can check those all out on the other wedding posts. For this post, I wanted to share our experience with our holiday engagement and it is a two-parter because a lot happened!

Yes, I know we did not get engaged at the holidays but a holiday engagement is so much more than the initial shock! In fact, the entire engagement I am learning is a whirlwind and I am just trying to soak up every phase of this stage in my life. As well as, enjoy our journey as a couple.

So how did our holiday engagement actually go? Let’s start with Thanksgiving

Holiday Engagement: Thanksgiving

My Family Traditions

Every other Thanksgiving, my super large family (60+ people) gets together usually in Virginia or West Virginia which is roughly equal distance for everyone to travel to. This year was not a big Thanksgiving for the family and my family did not go to the last one due to my father’s dad passing away and a few other reasons. So, Brian has never actually been to one of those Thanksgiving because we just started doing holidays together fully 3 years ago (this was our third full Thanksgiving & Christmas celebrating together).

I am really looking forward to next Thanksgiving and having Brian there with me! I can remember my older cousins bringing their person to their first Thanksgiving and it being a lot of fun!

My family created the alternating Thanksgiving tradition so that you could visit your in-laws during the off year. So, for the last three years, Brian and I have spent Thanksgiving with his mom’s family.

An Auburn Holiday Engagement

We headed to Auburn on Tuesday night after getting out of work. Unfortunately, Brian got out VERY late so we didn’t get into town until about 9 pm. It is usually a 2-hour drive for us to get to Auburn.

Wednesday, we were able to relax, workout and just catch up with his mom. We were also able to go out with his friends that night. Thanksgiving Eve is a big tradition with them. But our age was definitely showing as his group all realized they were some of the oldest in the bar.

So, my question to you, at what age is too old to be out past midnight? We haven’t been drinking a ton because we are sticking to some very healthy habits so I just wasn’t feeling my beer. But it was great to see everyone and be introduced to some new people as Brian’s fiancé (I feel like I have met everyone in Auburn in the last 6 years but every time we go out, I meet new people). We had seen a lot of our friends at the wedding we attended in October so most of them had congratulated us then!

Thanksgiving Accountability

Thanksgiving morning rolled around, I slept great and my team was having an accountability Thanksgiving Day workout all together at 8:30. I was so excited to press play. At one point, we had 130 women working out virtually together! Talk about motivation and accountability! Knowing I was about to eat a ton of stuffing (my favorite) I was really looking forward to getting my sweat on ahead of time.

We had also seen Brian’s family the last time we were in Auburn but the engagement was the talk of the meal. They are all really looking forward to our wedding and two of his cousins will be in it! They had a lot of questions to ask about if we had made any further decisions. The truth was at that point, we really hadn’t outside of the date and the venue!

The Post-Holiday Meal

The next morning, another workout and then we were off to spend the rest of the long weekend with my mom and sister! On our way to Corning, we stopped to see my Nana and Dad in Ithaca. It was really great to connect with them since I hadn’t seen them the day before. I was able to update my Nana in-person on some of the details and ask if she would come dress shopping with me when I officially made the trip. I can’t wait to have her there and I know she appreciated being asked.

The holiday weekend with my mom flew by! Corning does this Parade of Lights every year. I had actually never seen it before so that was a ton of fun on Saturday night. My mom and I were also able to do some Small Business Saturday shopping. I absolutely love supporting local businesses. And the best part got the cutest Mr. and Mrs. Claus mugs! I am currently drinking some tea out of right now!

Sunday came and I was sad to see it (thankfully, I took work off on Monday). My mom, sister, and I had signed up to do a Gingerbread house decorating party which was a ton of fun. You should have seen the candy bar! It was kind of like a Paint with a Twist Party except without the wine and a ton of kids.

After that was all over, we packed up and hit the road to try beat the traffic. We also wanted to get organized for the work week ahead.

Our first major holiday as an engaged couple was in the books and we were really looking forward to another one in just a few weeks!