The First 48 Hours After You Get Engaged

The day had come, Brian and I were finally engaged (September 1st, 2017). This date was special to us as it was six years to the day that we had met at a college party at RIT. Never did I think he would propose in Boston, a town that neither of us had spent much time in.

We had headed to Boston on a recruiting trip for the MDP program that Thursday morning (August 31st), which we had both participated in at the bank and made plans to enjoy the long weekend in the city with a few friends.

The Proposal

After walking over 10 miles exploring on Friday, I was shocked that on our way to dinner as we sat by the Harbor enjoying the views, Brian got down on one knee. Now, I didn’t scream, I didn’t cry, and simply smiled and said the one word that felt right, “YES”! The evening was perfect. As we walked the rest of the way to dinner we called our parents and my sister (who Brian had already tipped off) and then enjoyed a delicious seafood dinner!

We elected to take the night to ourselves, no social media, no more calls or texts (it was also already 9pm). Instead, we decided to enjoy Mike’s Pastry and treat ourselves to 2 cannoli’s and a cookie.

The next morning, we called the rest of the people that needed to know before we posted anything on social media. I called three of my best friends, my nana, my grandpa & grandma, and my dad’s sisters.

Then we were off to meet our friend for brunch. Once he knew, all I had to do was hit post on both Facebook and Instagram and we were live. It was then that we decided to once again enjoy brunch with no phones. When we did check (on the Uber ride to Harpoon Brewing Co.) we had a lot to scroll through.

The 3 Biggest Things to Any Couple About to Get Engaged

Take time to tell your families in a personal way

No one who should be included in the news first should have to find out via social media or in a crowd. I am so glad I took the time to have a conversation with each of my family members. It made it more intimate for them and me to be able to personally hear the happiness in their voice. Plus, I was able to call on my schedule not accidentally miss a call from them trying to congratulate me.

Take the moment for yourself

I am so glad that we didn’t post anything on social media for almost 24 hours. This gave us time to enjoy the time to ourselves. If we had posted, we probably would have spent the rest of the night scrolling through our phones answering people. It is okay to keep the news a secret for a little while.

Breathe when people immediately ask you if you are thinking time frame

When I called my family, some of their first reaction was, “so do you have a date in mind”. The way things work now is it is less about the date you want and more about finding the venue you want with a date available. I will save more details for a future post on this one. Just know, people are going to ask you for a date because they are excited for you. Don’t feel like you have to have an answer prepared. It is okay to say, we are just enjoying the moment.

If you are reading this hoping to get engaged soon, my biggest advice, don’t rush it. You have a whole life ahead of you together. And if you are reading this because you just got engaged CONGRATULATIONS!