My Experience with the 21 Day Fix Program

I started the 21 Day Fix Program for the first time over July 4th weekend this year. (This may not have been the best time to start a new program but there was a point). I wanted to start the 21-Day Fix before I started half marathon training. Plus, I wanted to give my body a chance to semi-adapt to the workouts before adding in my running. And I want to share my results with you!

Now, I will be honest, I did not follow the meal plan to a T, again had the holiday weekend wrapped in there and we also were watching my 2 ½-year-old cousin on one of the weekends but that didn’t stop me from being mindful of what I was eating and how I was exercising.

Week 1 of 21 Day Fix

The first week of the program was great because I was really beginning to my regain my confidence. I had struggled because I hit a number on the scale that I just wasn’t comfortable with. I didn’t want to use the scale as an excuse but my wakeup call truly was when I read that scale. Seeing the number caused me to start thinking about my eating habits, my fitness level and I realized I had gone off track. I know progress does not happen overnight but after the first week, I was seeing my results which led to me regaining some of that lost confidence.

Week 2 of 21 Day Fix

Now, this week was where things got intense and interesting. I had to do a leg work out after a 5-mile tempo run one morning and Total Body Cardio Fix right after a three mile RP (race-pace) run. Needless to say, I was tired! But I was pushing through. I made sure I was taking extra care to drink a lot of water both during my workouts and on my runs; as well as, post-workout. I also made sure to drink my Shakeology within the hour after working out. Sometimes I flexed on the hour I drank it because I had to get into the office. But the days I was able to work from home, it made all the difference.

Because I was running or doing the elliptical in addition to the 21 Day Fix Program, I knew I needed to eat more. So I was eating a smaller meal every 2-3 hours which helped to fight off my cravings. I would say on an average day, I was eating 5-6 times a day.

Week 3 of 21 Day Fix

Whoa, baby, everything was tired but felt so good. With the addition of double workouts with the program and increasing my mileage for running, my whole body was getting worked each day. All I can say to anyone who is following this program, the double workouts are worth it. You will feel them, you will want to quit, but you can do it! I also started to switch it up with the bonus and remixed workouts available on Beachbody On Demand. These were great because then I wasn’t doing the same double workouts everyday. Core Cardio Remix, holy cow my whole body was sweating!

Overall, the 21 Day Fix Program was a great start to my half marathon training cross training plan. I am running faster times than I ever have and I know it is in large part to the strength training and stretching I have been doing throughout the program. My favorite day of the program was probably Yoga Fix, simply because it forced me to stretch out my entire body.

I would highly recommend the 21-Day Fix Program to anyone who is looking to kick start the health and fitness journey, tone up, or lose weight.

Here are my results:

Where I think you can really notice the difference is in my stomach. My abs are starting to come back after being on hiatus for a while. I think you can also really see a difference in my face. At the end of the d, y I am down approximately 8.5 pounds between the 2 photos in 3 weeks. Part of that is the bloat from not eating as healthy as I should have been and the other is getting my body to move in ways that it hasn’t in awhile. I also want to be very clear, I did not follow the eating plan exactly probably closer to 80/20 but remember, life is about balance.

I also want to be very clear, I did not follow the eating plan exactly. It was probably closer to 80/20 but remember, life is about balance.

This is where you really can see the difference in my gut. My bloat is gone. My arms are slightly more defined and my back is much leaner. (Thanks to all the shoulder work and planks!)

Are You Up for the Challenge?

If you want to learn more about how the 21 Day Fix program can set you on the path to success, please send me an email or leave me a comment (all comments are private until approved) and I promise I will get back to you!

To any runner out there who may be interested in learning more about this program and how to incorporate it into their training plan, let’s connect! I would love to help you develop a plan that is going to get you to the PR you are dreaming about.

Plus, this fall as I get nearer to my race, I am going to be bringing together an entire group of runners who are training for a fall race that are looking for some support; as well as, want to follow a yoga program to help with recovery. If you are interested in being a part of that group, feel free to leave me a comment on this page or send me an email. I would love to have you be a part of the group. Imagine a group of runners all helping to push each other to achieve those race PRs like never before? You are not going to want to miss out.