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The evolution of technology truly is amazing.  This past week I was on vacation in Florida for the Easter holiday.  I was missing class, which is something that I usually do not like to do.  My last quarter at RIT is extremely busy; I am currently taking 24 credits (yes you are all probably thinking “you’re crazy!”). But sadly I am obsessed with learning new things. digital classes

How many of you can say that your classes utilize hashtags on Twitter so that you can keep up with your classmates?  At RIT, especially within Saunders college marketing  program and classes are beginning to utilize hashtags for classes to continue the discussion outside of class.  My class hashtags currently are:

  • #ritaim
    • Advanced Internet Marketing
    • #ritsm
      • Social Media
        • On my travels I was able to watch a live tweet session by my class and professors during a presentation by Ryan Looysen on social media for businesses.
        • #digent
          • Digital Entrepreneurship
            • This is not just my class hashtag; however, my Professor developed it a few year back when the Digital Entrepreneurship class was first run.  We use a website designed to bring those with digital business minds together in forums.
            • Do you know someone with an idea for a web business? They may be able to find creative like-minded people to progress the idea.

I will say most of the information does requires having an internet connection and one place I stayed on my trip did not have internet, but I guess that is what my iPhone is for.  Most of my work could be done offline (aside from anything social media related) and then uploaded when we arrived at the location with Internet.  Even this blog post was done offline and then uploaded when I arrived at my destination.

I think the way technology has transformed the way we do work is amazing and I think that colleges need to start taking that into consideration.  For me, most of my work for the agency I work at can be done out of the office (when I have internet).  If this is the case than why should homework for classes really be any different?  RIT does a great job with their marketing students preparing them for different situations; however, there are some professors that do get extremely angry if you are missing class or using social media.  I find using my iPad or iPhone to tweet in class a good piece of information is good practice for community management (future career I am looking into).

In my opinion most information is already online; except really for my major because it constantly changing.  Majors like accounting and finance and science based majors (though practices may change) the theory is all relatively the same it is just a matter of how you learn it.  Social media, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), online marketing and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) can all be learned through blogs, tutorials and webinars.  Why not learn your trade on the medium you are going to be using.  Our field is such that the second a textbook is printed on any of the above topics it is obsolete.


Social Media Today created an infographic that highlights who is using social media in the classroom.  It found that Twitter is the most under-used social media tool in the classroom. How are professors using social media to enhance student’s education?

  • Share resources outside of class time and then hopefully gain a reaction from students.
  • YouTube is a widely used medium in the classroom for its wide variety of videos.

So, how would you like to tweet for a grade? Colleges are starting to see digital marketing, new media marketing, online marketing, and community management are growing fields in the world, so why not offer a major for this type of career path?  I know at RIT I have take social media courses, online marketing courses, digital business courses and internet marketing courses to gain a little bit of all the pieces of the “online marketing career field”.  The problem is finding the right people to teach the young field.  What makes an “expert” and makes someone qualified to teach the field that is ever changing.

To me it seems crazy that I could essentially do all my work remotely and tweet and blog for grades; then again, I am a New Media Marketing major, and I love every bit of it.

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