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  1. Hey Courtney,

    I have been reading your M&T blogs – I really appreciate their thoughtfulness, and I’m glad you are enjoying your time there thus far! I have a few questions regarding the MDP program that I hope you don’t mind answering.

    If I chose the MDP Analyst track, could I move out of Buffalo after its one year completion? And what other areas in New York is M&T located… for perhaps a marketing or any analyst role? Maybe Manhattan?

    Also, I see that you were in the MDP program for T&BO role; however, I was under the impression that in the analyst track, there was no specific MDP role that you’d work under – I thought you were exposed to all aspects of the bank through rotations, and would choose what position suited you best at the end of the program. Could you clarify this a little?

    Thanks a lot, and I hope I didn’t confuse you with all my questions!

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