As a Saunders College of Business student you are afforded the opportunity to work with real world clients on real world business issues that they are experiencing.   Some client’s actually put your analysis and ideas into action while others say thank you for your time and move in a different direction but that is to be expected in the business world, not all ideas are accepted. Here are a few examples of the projects that I have worked on, alone and in groups.

CURE Childhood Cancer – CURE is a local non-profit that raises money so that families coping with their child having cancer do not have to worry about the little things like parking and gas.  I was a large part of the team that got them the Google Non-Profit AdWords grant which I was helping to run along with 2 others through March of 2013.

The RIT Mobile App – This was a marketing research project that was completed for marketing research.  I had moved from the SIS project where I was working with several of the developer of the RIT Mobile App and when the class presented the opportunity to design our own research projects I jumped at the opportunity to help out the people that I had learned so much from.  This research is currently being used to further the mobile app’s development and features; as well as, being used to create more awareness around campus.

ROC Brewing – The local brewery came to our social media class wanting to understand which direction to move in when it came to development and working towards creating a more unified social media presence.  They had two goals in mind including driving more awareness of their local microbrewery in the Rochester area; as well as, drawing in a newer crowd such as the female population.

Yotality – This company was a fun client to work with because of their willingness to listen and take direction.  We developed a plan that could right along with their growing business as they were preparing to open 3 new franchises in the Buffalo area outside of their first market which was Rochester.

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  1. Hey Courtney! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog as I will be starting as an MDP in July. I was wondering what the classroom trainings are like and any advice you would give an incoming MDP.

    Thanks in advance,


    • Hey Jack!

      I am glad you have enjoyed them, that was my goal. What department are you starting in?

      Classroom trainings can range from hands on activities to speakers talking about what they do. I think the best most effective trainings come from our Senior Managers when they just come in with out a presentation and make it an open dialogue. I just had training today and our Chief Risk Officer talked that way. It was really effective.

      As far as advice, take every opportunity you can. Nothing is ever handed to you but when you see an opportunity jump on it. Also network like crazy. You are exposed to so many people through the program, take advantage of that. I just changed departments which is really a-typical of the program but the opportunity came up and my Senior Vice President tapped my shoulder and I really couldn’t say no. I loved my old department but from a career perspective it was to good to pass up. I am planning on writing a blog post very soon about the move in detail.

      • I am starting in M&T Securities and can’t wait to start in July. Definitely looking forward to your future posts on the program.

        • That is awesome! I learned so much about MTS with my MDP project. You will have a lot of fun with the team and learn a lot as you start out your career. One of my good friends from last year’s MDP class is in MTS.

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