One Short Summer

cruiseIt is official, I am a working girl! I just completed my first full-time week of work with M&T Bank and boy was it a whirl-wind of emotions. Having just come off my 6/7 weeks of vacation between finishing grad school to starting work it was definitely a transition. I will have a blog post to follow regarding how my first week at the bank went and everything that went along with that; as well as, a post regarding the relocation process – but this post is to talk about the summer and all the relaxing and vacations that went along with that.

First let me say, I would highly suggest that anyone starting a job after school not try and squeeze in a small job for the piece of summer that you have the break. Maybe if you don’t work hard in college you won’t need to recharge before you enter the real world but if you have the opportunity to just relax, slow down and enjoy the time off – I highly recommend it. I know that not everyone’s situation is the same; however, I think that before you embark on the journey that is your career you need to take the time to enjoy the little things whether you go on vacation, spend time with your family, hang out with your friends, anything you can think of – it is important to just relax and recharge.

mlb marlins gameDuring my 6/7 weeks off I took an amazing trip, thanks to Brian – to the Bahamas on a cruise with Royal Caribbean. We did everything from snorkeling to a glass bottom boat tour, laid around in a hammock, gambled a bit in the casino, saw shows, got a nice tan on and off the boat, was able to avoid getting badly sunburned despite our Upstate NY skin.  We also ate some amazing food, did some casual shopping and overall enjoyed spending time with each other.

After the cruise we were able to see a Marlins game and cross that stadium off of his bucket list quest of seeing a Major League Game at every baseball stadium in the MLB.  What was interesting about the night we were at the game was that the Heat were playing in Miami at the same time during the NBA Playoffs, it was Game 6 so everyone it seemed in Miami was at that game rather than the Marlins game.

It was nice to just spend time with Brian and vacation together. And when he went back to work the following week and I got to enjoy so more time off before starting the real world! While I was in my transition period, so was my family. My mom was preparing the house for the market so I was definitely grateful that I could help her get the house ready, help pack everything up and go through things from my childhood.  It was nice to be able to spend time in the home that I grew up in. I hadn’t been able to spend much time there since leaving for college so it was great to have a few weeks to be back and forth between RIT (where my apartment was) and home.

bahamasBeing able to have time to spend with my family and friends without the pressure of a job or school work or training for my sport getting in the way was great. Laying by the pool, working on my tan, catching up on my must reads was exactly what I needed after squeezing my undergrad and grad into 4 years all while playing basketball and gaining experience in my field!

I can’t speak for everyone but I plan on working extremely hard throughout my career, enjoying what I do, learning as much as I can, enjoying going into my place of work everyday and having a long lasting career. As an over-achiever, I have always enjoyed doing things, staying busy and am happiest when I have a lot going on. I have never been the person to just relax which was why I think that recharging during the weeks between graduation and starting at the bank was so important to me.  It was the best decision I could have made for myself and my career.  For all of those that are going to be in that position in the future, I highly encourage you to look at what is best for you!

***please be aware that these opinions are not associated with M&T Bank and are strictly my own***

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