Nike: A Brand Audit

A company I have always had a strong passion for is Nike. The company has continued to define industry standards for over forty years. They have built an empire on campaigns like “Just Do It” and “If you have a body, you are an athlete”.

Nike #Gameonworld (Social Media)

The Nike #Gameonworld challenge, dares people to get up and be active. Of course it is also endorsing the new Nike+ systems that pair shoes with apps to measure individual’s progression and conditioning. The target audience is athletes, which in Nike’s mind is everyone. Game on NikeBut the main focus for this campaign is those athletes that want to show off their stats to themselves, their friends, their community, and the world. Nike+ challenges people to do more so they can post about it on social media, to essentially brag about the number of push-ups they can do or the speed in which they can run. I feel that this campaign was executed very well. The packages in which the new Nike+ systems are sold feature the description of the missions people can join, as well as, when the apps are downloaded people can have a demo of the different things they can do with them. This falls in synergy with Nike as a brand because the names of the missions tie together popular Nike brands, symbols, Nike sponsored athletes, and give people a chance to get up and get moving and show off their stats.

Fast is Faster (NFL) (Television)

It is no secret the NFL is sporting new Nike jersey’s this season. The jerseys have caused a little bit of controversy which has been slightly over shadowed by the referee problems the NFL has faced this season. Some athletes have stated the jerseys are too tight and extremely difficult to get on. But regardless of the physical problems jerseys may have, Nike created a unique commercial which features multiple popular NFL players including Calvin Johnson, Marshawn Lynch, Larry Fitzgerald, Alex Smith, LeSean McCoy and several others. Fast is Faster - NikeThe voiceover of the commercial states, “This game is not fast. This game is faster. Strong is no longer strong. Fast is the new strong. Lungs are jet engines. End zones are scorched.” There is more included in the commercial but the message is clear, the game has changed and now the uniforms have too. This was a successful campaign which continues to get publicity every Sunday, Monday, and Thursday as NFL games are played. It was also successful based on the timing of the commercial launch which took place during the NFL draft in April 2012. This was perfect timing because NFL fans all have their eyes glued to the television during the draft (at least the first and second rounds). Nike ran the introductory commercial during the break between the first and second draft picks when the highest number of people are watching. This launch created a buzz and fans could not wait to get their favorite players jersey in the new design. This campaign fell right in step with Nike’s #gameonworld campaign because though it was not challenging people to get up and move; it was saying the game was changing and fast and the fans needed to be prepared.

Fast is Faster Nike

Legends Run Forever (Print Ad)

Some of the best advertisements can be the advertisements a company never plans on making. During the London Olympics, Nike received a lot of controversy for running ads that featured their sponsored Olympians, though Nike is not an official Olympic sponsor. Paula Radcliffe, a Nike sponsored athlete since 2000 was set to run in the Olympic marathon, until she was sidelined with a foot injury and forced to withdraw from the London games. Nike: rolls out Paula Radcliffe adThough Radcliffe was not an American athlete ( she ran for Great Britain), Nike quickly pulled together a campaign that contained the slogan “Legends Run Forever”. The ad was run in black and white and had perfect timing with the closing of the Olympic Games and the feelings of loss and success, winning and failures, and the announcement of multiple retirements still fresh in everyone’s minds. The ad also holds true to the synergy of Nike as a company and connects the athletic community. You are an athlete for life; it is a lifestyle not just a hobby.

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