Holiday Customer Service

Holiday customer service is more important than ever because your customers have all the possibilities of turning to a big internet provider such as Amazon. Big stores are stealing business from smaller companies who may not be able to have the ad space that the other businesses can afford. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Amazon, 2-day free shipping, I definitely get my money’s worth out of my prime account! Plus, I get 5% cashback on all my purchases Oct-December with Discover. What is not to love?

But when you have a company like Amazon that is known for being the place to get anything you want, how can the little guys compete? The answer is with general and holiday customer service.

I think there are so many negative things out there when it comes to customer services at the holidays, that I wanted to shout out a few companies that went above and beyond for me this Christmas. We all know that it is a stressful time of the year for all including the shop owners and workers. That is why I think it is important for me to take the time to shout out these 3 companies who have been amazing to me with their holiday customer service.

Remember, companies that have great customer service and do the little things for the customer from the beginning without asking a ton of questions tend to have higher rates of repeat customers. I know it certainly works for me. So let’s jump into it.

My Top 3 Holiday Customer Service Experiences in 2017

Love Your Melon

If you are not familiar with Love Your Melon, go check them out. They are a company that donates 50% of their profits to make sure children with cancer have hats to wear and have experiences to take them away from their treatments and daily life.

I had never ordered from Love Your Melon mainly due to the price but when I saw they were giving away free gifts with orders on Black Friday Weekend, I was drawn in. If you bought 3 hats you received a free headband! I was sold. So I ordered a few Christmas gifts, a hat for me, and then got my free headband.

Note: With two hats you got a free hat ornament, it was so cute, I almost did 2 orders so I could get both. But I thought that may be a bit excessive; however, I do regret not ordering that second order after I received my order and realized how obsessed I am with these hats and how warm they are. Plus the hat ornament would have looked so cute on our tree.

Amazing Holiday Customer Service

Now here is where the customer service piece comes into play. I received my order and when I went to look at the hats, I noticed one of the pom beanies I had ordered was so much smaller than the other (I had ordered two). I sent a note to their customer service team asking if I had been sent a child’s beanie by mistake. When they responded I sent them a picture of the two beanies side by side and their instant reaction was “We are so sorry, you were definitely sent a child’s beanie. Please keep that and here is a credit for a replacement.” I even asked about free shipping for the replacement beanie and they said although the promo code couldn’t be used on the shipping if I sent them an email with the new order number they would credit my card.

Talk about going a step above with your holiday customer service. I was so excited and in love with my first hat that I had ordered, that I actually ordered two more and paid for the additional hat with that second order. Plus, they did, in fact, refund my shipping.

I am definitely ordering from Love Your Melon again and will be promoting them anytime I can not only because I love the mission and the product but I absolutely love the customer service.

The Be Brand

Now, The Be Brand is probably a company you have never heard of before. They are a small business that does amazing on Instagram. They have the cutest headbands and inspirational clothes.

This season I ordered a bunch of headbands for myself; as well as, a few challengers, and completely forgot I had a promo code to use with the order. I sent them an email and within the hour, I had a credit to my account for the 15% off the order. Again, no questions asked. They didn’t have to but they did and it makes the biggest difference!

Clearly, I will be ordering from them again because I love their headbands for working out and just wearing.around the house or out. I am actually wearing one right now as I type in my office. I seriously can’t wait to order one of their sweatshirts; however, I have been dropping some hints for Christmas so maybe Santa heard me?

Blender Bottle

The last company that I want to shout out is Blender Bottle. Now, I know it is super easy to order Blender Bottles on Amazon but Black Friday Weekend, I went straight to the source. They had some great deals that I wanted to explore.

I created my list that weekend and placed one order; however, if you don’t know Blender Bottle releases a bottle of the month and I really wanted to order the holiday edition. So I waited to place the 2nd half of my order until December 1st. After my 1st order, I had received a 10% off promo code and again forgot to apply it to my order (seriously, it has to do with trying to multi-task at work).

All it took was one email and the credit was again applied back to my card.

One other thing, I want to shout out about Blender Bottle is that I still haven’t received my orders (order the 1st order the same day as Love Your Melon) but there is a reason for it. The company sent an email to all customers who had purchased in recent weeks that they had received an overwhelming number of orders that for the first time ever, EVERY SINGLE EMPLOYEE, would be heading to the factory to help fulfill orders before Christmas. I trust that I will receive my order before heading home for the holidays.

I can’t even begin to tell you what that email did for me as a customer. It showed they care about their customers and wanted them to be aware of the real problem. I wish more companies were honest like that. Again, I will certainly be ordering from them and promoting them whenever I can, thanks to their customer service.

Bonus: Etsy Shop – MikesFineDesigns

Now I can’t tell you what I ordered because the person may read this blog but I can tell you he did an amazing job. I made him aware of the time sensitivity to it and he pushed it to the front of his orders and shipped it out a week earlier than expected and it was at my door 2 days after I got the confirmation it had shipped from the U.K.

He allowed me to customize my order and I cannot wait to give it to the person on Christmas. I will add a photo after Christmas of the order!

If you are looking for a handmade gift this holiday season or for a wedding or birthday, check out his store!

At the end of the day, holiday customer service is the most important thing for businesses, small or large. You can lose a forever customer at the holidays or really any time of the year. I hope if you are last minute Christmas shopping or looking for a gift year round, you will consider these companies!

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