Health and Fitness

Leading a healthy lifestyle has always been important to me and it has become even more important to me since leaving college. Growing up, I was fortunate to be involved in so many activities (yes, I was the typically millennial kid that was over-scheduled but thrived in that environment). I started playing organized basketball in 5th grade mostly because I was tall. But then I fell in love with the game. The game took me places that I never dreamed of including to college where I met my boyfriend (a baseball player) of over five years. Now as NARPs (non-athletic regular people), we are working every day to hold each other accountable to stay happy, fit, healthy, and active.

courtney tennantCollege Life

In college, my life was scheduled around practices and lifting sessions so getting in my workouts was never a real issue. The challenge was the eating habits. By the end of freshman year, despite being a part of the basketball team, my best friend and I had certainly put on a few pounds. I was told by my trainer that to come back and have the season I wanted to would require losing at least 10-15lbs, I was mortified but I was able to drop the weight that summer. To be perfectly honest, I do not really know how it all came off but I am sure it had to do with fewer preservatives in the food I was eating and working out the way that I wanted too.

I came back to school in the best shape of my life but unfortunately, life happens and I was injured (2x) that season sidelining me for all but 13 games (we played 25). I was never able to recover. If you have ever played a college sport and gotten injured, you know that during the season is not the time you get in shape.

The rest of college flew I had a great career. When it was over, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do to stay active. I had always had a training plan. I decided to see where life took me. After 6 months of not having a plan, I decided I did not like that. So, my cousins convinced me to run a marathon. I hated running so this was going to be interesting. The other piece of the story was I had never run more than a 5k before. And I use the term running very loosely.

Marathon Racing

Well during marathon training, I did not train smartly. This led to 2 months out from the race I pulled my IT band. Knowing I did not want to start over, I pushed through and ran the race injured. I am glad I did it but would have liked to enjoy a few more miles of the 26.2 than I did.

Since the marathon, I have run 4 halves (Corning Wineglass (2x), Disney Princess Half, and the Buffalo Half Marathon). I have currently signed up for Corning again; as well as, the Urban Bourbon Half in Louisville, KY. Both of these races are in October.

I sign up for races to hold myself accountable; however, the past few races, I have always let myself slip. When I say slip, I have done it all. I have either skipped training runs that I said didn’t matter (they did!). Or not stretched enough or skipped my strength training. Anyone who has ever run a race knows all of those things are important for race day. This is why I have signed up to for BeachBody OnDemand. I will be doing their programs in addition to my training schedule.

The Beachbody community is similar to the running community. All super supportive of each other. If you are interested in joining me on this journey or have questions, I want to help you answer them! Shoot me an email at Together we can achieve all of our health and fitness goals!