Google Analytics Individual Qualification Exam

Analytics CertifiedRecently I was promoted at my job and was required to study and prepare for the Google Analytics Individual Qualification Exam; as well as, the 2 Google Adwords Advertising Certification Exams.

Not having a ton of “expert” experience with either of the platforms, I decided to prepare for the Analytics Exam first for a few reason:

  • You can pause the exam at any time period and resume taking the test for within 5 days.
  • It is only one exam as opposed to the Adwords Exam which requires two separate exams for a total of four hours.
  • It is an open book exam, though you do not have a enough time to look up all of the answers so you do need to study.

The current test format:

  • 95 questions
  • 2 hours (while the exam clock is running)
  • You have 5 days to complete the exam from the day you start it.
  • You can pause the exam at anytime.
  • You receive your results instantly and your certificate of completion within a few hours.
  • You will not receive a copy of the exam or the correct answers for the questions you missed.
  • You are given areas to improve on if you do not score 100.
  • The exam is all multiple choice
  • A challenge in the exam is multiple choice questions that have multiple answers.

A few things I learned from my experience with the Analytics Test:

  • You will never know everything about a platform especially if it is a Google product because Google is constantly trying to one up themselves.
  • Even though it is an open book test, you can not rely on looking up every question. There is not enough time to “Google” every question.
  • The test is about choosing the “best” answer according to Google. There can be multiple good answers in a questions but unless it is an multiple-answer question, you need to select the best answer.

Helpful Resources to Prepare for the Exam:

Analytics ExamWhat I know I need to get better at after taking the exam:

  • Filters in Google Analytics – This makes sense because I just created my first filtered profile two weeks ago.
  • Regex in Google Analytics – This was another thing I never fully understood and know that the only way to get better is by practicing and applying.

Everything in Google is constantly changing. They are constantly improving their their systems to make SEO and SEM specialist’s jobs easier. It is important to remember that even when one gets certified in anything (especially in the digital world), they need to stay relevant and understand changes that are constantly being made, this is a factor that should always be considered throughout the online marketing profession.


7 thoughts on “Google Analytics Individual Qualification Exam

  1. Thanks for the tips; I really hope that they will help me to be a bettter Google SM marketer 🙂 Please let me know if there are any additional tips that you may have left out; you’re a great blogger, Courtney 🙂

  2. Is it true that each exam costs $100 dollars, that doesn’t seem worth it for a piece of paper. I guess if your company paid for it, it would be worth it.

      • And also just to let you know that you do not get a piece of paper, Google does not send you anything, you can print it out if you want too. But in New Media Marketing, it is a differentiating factor that in itself is something to consider. New Media Marketing is not all about social media and that is often forgotten. For me, my job paid for the certification; however, I was considering getting it anyway.

      • I see your point about the differentiating factor, and I agree with you about the social media. That is just a small part of New Media Marketing. People often forget that it is about content creation, analytics, search engine optimization, email campaigns, web development and so much more.

        • The differentiating factor that goes along with those tests is a big one because the test is much more than what you learn in SEMA. The Adwords exam especially tests you on programs not covered on the exam.

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