Excited to Return to the Game

Nichols logoWell it has been about 7 months since the conclusion of my basketball playing career but I am excited to announce that I will be the assistant JV girl’s basketball coach at Nichols in Buffalo.  Nichols is a private co-ed school right around the corner from my house which will be convenient through the always questionable weather of the winter period.

I am very fortunate that I have been able to continue playing the sport I love through pick-up games with the work crew and now will be able to work with younger girls to help foster their passion for the game I love.  I never want to be that coach that takes away the passion or makes their team hate the game the whole season. It has happened to me in the past and my goal as a coach will be to never let that happen.  There were times based simply on my coaching staff that I wanted to walk away from the game I love but thankfully I didn’t because I never would have been able to have some of the amazing coaches I had over the course of my playing career or play with the teammates I got to share the court with.

Coaching and MentoringI also recognize how lucky I am that I have chosen to work for a company that truly believes in work-life balance because otherwise this would not be possible.  I am so grateful to M&T to be so flexible to allow me to grow in my professional corporate career and also in my coaching career.  It may mean long days but that will not stop me from enjoying every minute of it.

The JV level though I only played during my 8th grade year is one that allows for girls to start forming their skills.  It is where girls are on the verge of playing because they love the game, I do not know if you can have a true passion for the game until you have played that first longer season (JV) but there are always exceptions.  The girls are also very young and impressionable and I think at that level it is about being a role model who has walked through their shoes.

I am very excited to start on November 10th and work with the head JV coach throughout the season.

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