A December Engagement to Be Jolly About

Let me start by saying, this post is about so much more than being engaged at the holidays! This is about some decisions Brian and I made for our wedding, our engaged December and enjoying the holiday season together!

In December, we really realized as much as it stinks to have a longer engagement, we think it was right for us. After all, we already live together, own our home, we are not ready for children, and just love being around each other. We know we have our whole lives to be together so why rush and make decisions we may regret. One of those decisions I know we would have regretted would have been sacrificing the venue we wanted. I am still beaming because we have Holiday Valley – Yodeler Lodge as our venue!

The Start of Our December Engagement

The beginning of December was a rush because it started on a Friday and was the first week back from Thanksgiving break at work. I thankfully had taken Monday the 27th off that week to get our house decorated for Christmas! Plus on December 3rd we got to go on the field during the Bills vs. Patriots game.

I do a ton of post-Christmas Day decoration shopping so every year when I decorate, it is like I am giving presents to myself that I forgot I bought. I love decorating our house because it feels so much warmer at the holidays with a tree (artificial because we travel) and the lights and garland!

There was a ton to get done this Christmas but thankfully I had started shopping way earlier! I like to shop for people all year round because then I don’t feel like I am buying just to buy.

Northern Christmas Party

Every year, my Northern Aunts and Uncles and Cousins all get together at one of the 3 Aunt’s homes. This year, we decided to change it up and have the party at a restaurant/bar. It is always a great time to connect with everyone, have dinner, enjoy some cookies and catch up. As we have gotten older, I see my cousins less and less so when we do connect it is always fun!

The not so fun part was the 2.5 hour drive home from the restaurant through white out conditions. So glad Brian drove for that trip.

Dress Shopping

I mentioned in my November post that I had signed up for a dress appointment at the bridal show with my mom and my sister. So, on December 9th, my mom, sister and I headed to David’s Bridal in Buffalo to try on every single style, color, and size dress imaginable to get an idea of what I wanted out of my dress. I am a very simple person and because I hadn’t spent my life dreaming of my wedding, I didn’t really have a vision.

My goal is that when I do a larger shopping trip with some of my bridesmaids and special guests, I am not overwhelmed by opinions and thoughts. I wanted to know the style of dress and the color of dress I wanted so I can control the situation.

What I was shocked to discover after trying on several styles of dresses was that I think I may have found my dress. I am hesitant to say it is the one just because we are still just over 16 months out! But it very well could be. I love the dress, I love the style and the best part….no alterations needed for length. Just in the waste!

Will you be my Bridesmaid?

My December engagement was not only focused on the dress shopping and the holiday but also on how I wanted to ask my 4 remaining bridesmaids. I am going to have 4 bridesmaids and 2 maids of honor, my sister and my best friend Mallory. Why am I having two? Because it is my wedding and I don’t think I should have to pick. Both of them are special to me in a unique way.

I spent the last 4 months thinking about how I was going to ask them and it wasn’t easy. You already know I already asked Shelly and Ali in unique ways. And I wanted each of the other 4 proposals to be unique to their personalities as well.

In January, I will create a whole proposal post about asking your ladies to be in your bridal party. I think the key thing to remember, ask from your heart. Also, so I don’t leave you hanging, they all said yes! So now, I have my bridal squad. Just one more thing off the to-do list!

Let’s Get this Party Started

One of the most important things to me and Brian outside of the venue, convenience and great pictures (heads up Photographers, I am still looking for someone),  was that we wanted to have great music to drive the night and the energy in the room!

I shared that at the Bridal Show that I had also found the person I wanted to use. Well, in December after really thinking about it, I sent him an email. I wanted to know if the deal he offered me at the show was still valid. After all, it had been a month since the show! To my surprise, he said he would honor it. So, I signed the contracts, paid the deposit and now we have ceremony music, party music, up lighting for behind our head table, and a 10-person photo booth for our guests to enjoy! Another thing off the list.

December Engagement: Christmas

As we headed home for Christmas (you can read about that here), we were feeling accomplished. I had my remaining bridesmaid proposal presents packed and wrapped! We had our date and our venue. We also had our DJ, we had our photo booth, and I knew the style of dress I wanted. With less than 17 months to go, I would say we are really on track if not ahead of the game!

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