For the summer I have decided to stick to my theme of social media, PPC, SEM and other online marketing advice but also move into more of a personal blog that shows my view of events, life changes, growing up.

My hope is that people can learn from my experiences in both the real world and the social world.

The vision I have for this blog is to keep to a fairly regular schedule (as time permits) which will be (fingers crossed):

  • Mondays – Write about an online marketing topic
  • Fridays – Blog about my life and any random experience I have had in the last few days.

I do not want my followers to think I am changing my blog, more so I am putting a focus onto.  I have learned through having this, that I truly love to blog, talk about my opinion, share my experiences and any helpful insights that I have learned through my 21 years of life.  Being in online marketing I know it is important to stick to what you know and stick to a theme for a blog and that is why my theme is #Business.  The social world, the business world and my business are all headed under the “theme” of my blog.


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