Change is Upon Me

take chances In life you are always going to have change, there are always going to be things evolving for better or for worse.  To me, it is all about how you adapt to the changes that can define you.

Over the last three weeks, my job has been changing as we have gone through some organizational structure changes.  This happens frequently so I should have expected it; however, it happened so quickly that it was a high stress environment for about two weeks, all leading up to heading off to Seattle for #BISeattle16.

I wasn’t sure how I felt about the changes that were happening and I felt so out of control despite the fact that I had the privilege of really choosing where my next “assignment” was.  Most people do not have that luxury so I felt grateful that I did.  Unfortunately with everything that was going on, it felt that every life choice I had made up until that point was in question.  Did I make the right decision joining M&T, did they believe in me, did they support me, should I stay in Buffalo, should I continue to rent or buy a house in this city?  Well….all of these questions did not help my sleep and I ended up losing so much sleep that I ended up with a major head cold.

Well last Thursday I started my role and you know what, I am going to make the best of it.  I am excited about the opportunity to learn a brand new area of the bank.  You can’t be a good manager or become an Executive without having diverse experiences, without having had to deal with adversity, and being able to relate to your employees as they go through changes.

be who you areWhatever role I am ever thrown into, it is not in my nature to quit or give up.  I will always throw myself fully into it and do my best to learn as much as I can about it. Definitely stay tuned for how I am rolling with the punches, my new team, my new boss, and my career learning.  Anyone who has followed me throughout my career knows that I am all about the learning opportunities in any situation.

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