Why I Started Freelancing

freelancing writerA few months ago, I made a switch in departments to work on a special project within my full-time employer. Many of you know that I hold two degrees, one New Media Marketing, and the other Management Information Systems. My ideal job will always utilize both of these degrees. As I moved into this new role, I very quickly learned it was much more technical than I was used too. I quickly began to sink into using what felt like only my left brain. After talking through with my management team and determining there was very little to get creative with until the project was done, I began to consider other alternatives. Now when I say there was very little to get creative, I don’t mean to say that there is nothing to be creative on this project, but much less than I was used from previous roles as this is a very time sensitive project. This is not the only project or task I am working on for the company but it is my main focus until at least December. That is what led me to consider freelancing on the side.

With that being said, by reading my blog I am sure you have realized that I am the type of person that needs to engage both halves of my brain. Call me the stereotypical millennial because I can become bored easily when doing the same task day-in-and-day-out. Fine, so be it. I love ensuring that at the end of the day when I go to sleep at night, I feel fulfilled. Freelancing fulfills my need to be creative so I don’t have that itch while I am working through data on the project.

But what I have found through freelancing is I love it. I love being able to help a variety of clients and learn about new industries every week. Since I have been really engaged with it for the last three months, I have received multiple ongoing projects. I have now reached the point where I really enjoy the clients that I work with through UpWork (a freelancer and employer connection site).

I love to be able to tell clients that I am freelancing because I love the work not because I need the money. I love being able to use exactly what I did at the agency and also what I trained to do in undergrad. I love being able to research new products and industries. I don’t freelance because I need the money. I freelance because it gives me a true sense of fulfillment with my overall day.

I feel like I am accelerating myself forward in my career as I continue to throw myself in 110% in my Technology Career and learn new skills in that area. But on the side, I am making sure I stay sharp in my digital marketing skills and knowledge of the industry, so that if I am asked to use them again in my career, I don’t have to retrain them. Nor do I ever want to lose that creative piece of my brain.

Reasons Why I Choose Freelancing

  • I don’t need the money
    • The money is a nice benefit of helping clients enhance their digital presence but is not the reason I choose to freelance.
    • I honestly think this makes me the best type of freelancer because I charge honest fees that relate directly to the quality of service that I provide.
    • This also allows me to choose the projects that interest me not just the ones that pay the best.
  • I love my full-time employer
    • I am of the firm belief that a fulfilled staff is the most engaged staff. As the projects concludes at the end of this year, I will re-evaluate my extra workload and determine if my with my next assignment, I can continue freelancing.
    • But every day, I can walk into the office knowing that I am happy and helping someone and doing the best work I can for my employer because I am truly content with my workload. Then at night, I can engage with my clients.

There are a lot of misconceptions out there that say, millennials have to find a part-time job on top of their full-time job because they need the money or they bore easily. I didn’t seek another job because I need the money (though the extra funds are a nice benefit). I love my job and my career choice, I just want to make sure that I am not limiting myself and my brain to what I am learning at the office. Instead, I am turning the time I would spend watching TV or reading Cosmo, into a fulfilling experience. Are there some millennials that do have to work 2 jobs to make ends meet yes. I am grateful that I am not one of those.freelancing

If you are looking for a freelance writer for either your business’s blog or social media and enjoy my writing style, feel free to leave me a comment or connect with me on social media! I would love to talk with you about your business!

Until the Day Comes when a Confident Woman is the Norm

Are you a confident woman? I read an article the other day about women in the workplace lack confidence to be a leader.  To me, that is a very interesting concept because I consider myself a confident woman and I struggle with why others don’t seem themselves that way!sheryl-sandberg-time-magazine-cover

I am sure there are men that struggle with confidence in the workforce too but because there are so many more male leaders out there that these confidence concerns are over shadowed.  I long for the day when I am just concerned a leader in the workforce rather than a female leader.  When meeting me they will just see a confident, smart employee not a confident, smart female employee.

I am all for diversity in the workforce but when will a diverse workforce just become the normal?  Sadly, I don’t see that happening for several more years, if that.  I hope that before I retire regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. that we can all just be one workforce.

Companies are Evolving

As more and more companies hire Chief Diversity Officer and adopt football’s Rooney rule there is more of a focus on diversity than ever.  But why not just be picked as a candidate for being confident and smart and qualified?  Nowhere on my resume does it say she; however, my name automatically puts me into that category.  My experiences do not imply that I am a woman; although stereotypes and statistics may state that because I have a New Media Marketing and Mass Communications background that I am a female.  But why does it matter?

I am fortunate and I am lucky because I have a confident personality.  I am comfortable with who I am and am proud to be a woman in the Financial Services Industry and working in Technology.  But as a confident woman, I long for the day that I am just a strong, confident person working in banking and technology.

strong leadership

Change is Upon Me

take chances In life you are always going to have change, there are always going to be things evolving for better or for worse.  To me, it is all about how you adapt to the changes that can define you.

Over the last three weeks, my job has been changing as we have gone through some organizational structure changes.  This happens frequently so I should have expected it; however, it happened so quickly that it was a high stress environment for about two weeks, all leading up to heading off to Seattle for #BISeattle16.

I wasn’t sure how I felt about the changes that were happening and I felt so out of control despite the fact that I had the privilege of really choosing where my next “assignment” was.  Most people do not have that luxury so I felt grateful that I did.  Unfortunately with everything that was going on, it felt that every life choice I had made up until that point was in question.  Did I make the right decision joining M&T, did they believe in me, did they support me, should I stay in Buffalo, should I continue to rent or buy a house in this city?  Well….all of these questions did not help my sleep and I ended up losing so much sleep that I ended up with a major head cold.

Well last Thursday I started my role and you know what, I am going to make the best of it.  I am excited about the opportunity to learn a brand new area of the bank.  You can’t be a good manager or become an Executive without having diverse experiences, without having had to deal with adversity, and being able to relate to your employees as they go through changes.

be who you areWhatever role I am ever thrown into, it is not in my nature to quit or give up.  I will always throw myself fully into it and do my best to learn as much as I can about it. Definitely stay tuned for how I am rolling with the punches, my new team, my new boss, and my career learning.  Anyone who has followed me throughout my career knows that I am all about the learning opportunities in any situation.

Banking on Me

Over the last couple of weeks I have been thinking about my career a lot.  Where is it headed?  I am at that point now where change is right in front of me.  I am almost two years into my career at M&T Bank, I am now an officer at the bank and I think about the industry I am in and where my future goals are.advisory board
It is easy to say, I am 23, I have my whole life ahead of me – but I realize now that I can’t let others drive my career (not that anyone who knows me would say that I have), but I can’t let others dictate the moves I am making.  The choices I make over the next couple of years can will define how my career is shaped, can I make mistakes of course, everyone is entitled to making mistakes but the choices I make will lead to positive or negatives changes that can and will continue to effect my careers.
I am so fortunate to have the “advisory board” that I do for my career.  Different people I can go to to look at things from a different perspective. Not all from banking, not all in Buffalo and I think that is important, as any young person starting their career and continuing their career – find people you can talk to about different aspects who will give you the no Bull $#!T approach.  Those people who can be straight up with you can give you the most honest and advice and that is probably the most important thing you can ask for.

Mentors-talk-with-youA wise person once said you have to have all different levels of people on your board that you can go to for advice who will talk about you if you ask and then you have a sponsor panel – the people who will talk about you when you are not around.  I think I have established a pretty good panel of sponsors as well.

It is an exciting time for financial services – is this my career forever, do most 23 year old people know what industry they want to be in at the end of their career – I doubt it.  But I know with the combination of FinTechs, bank acquisitions, regulation challenges, and the branch model changing, it is definitely a good time to be in banking.

2016, There You Are

It is hard to believe that 2016 is almost a month in right now – but I thought what better time than now to really think about my goals for this year.  2015 was a heck of a ride with highs and lows and I am excited to see what is in-store for this new year!

running goalsFirst I want to start off with my running goals.  2015 was about picking up a new sport.  I ran my first half marathon and before that, ran my first marathon.  I also participated in the Buffalo Corporate Challenge – a 3.5 mile run.  Now 2016 I want to get better at running.  I want to further learn to enjoy running but I also want it to bring my friends closer together again.  I loved running the marathon with Maddie because it gave us a chance to really catch up.  Prepping for Corning last year with Maya and Kaylee was another great opportunity.  This year I am running the Buffalo Half with my fellow MDP and good friend Ali and we are working on several others who may join the post-race party.  I want to head to Louisville to run the Urban Bourbon Half with my first friend in Buffalo – Shelly, who has since moved on to grad school back home.  I also want to return to Corning for the Wine Glass to get a PR! So here are my running goals:

  • Run 3 Half Marathons in 2016
  • Hit a sub-2 hr half marathon
    • I want to hit this in Corning because that is a race I intend to run by myself which is something I struggle with. The other races, I want to enjoy the experience with my friend and forget about time. Those are about catching up and feeling awesome at the end of 13.1

Next are my life goals, I mean what are running goals without talking about health, fitness, relationships, etc.  2016 I want to focus on eating smart – Brian and I experimented with the year of yopuPaleo as a cleanse before the holidays (post coming soon) and I really enjoyed it and am looking to kick that back up in February.  I also want to make sure I am hitting the gym or some sort of exercise class or getting moving every day.  I also want to make sure I am hitting 10K steps a day.  I love my VivoFit and that keeps me honest. So here are my 2016 Health & Fitness Goals:

  • 10,000 Steps a Day
  • Focus on Healthy Eating
    • Think about what I can eat not what I can’t
    • Clean out the house and don’t allow large quantities of processed food into it!

What is life without having some Financial Goals, Brian and I are at that point in our lives where we weigh the option of does it make sense to continue to rent or buy.  How long do we plan on being in Buffalo – are we here for life or only the short-term? These are questions 20-somethings typically ask themselves at this point in their live.  If we can find a deal on a home in the area we want, I mean there are areas that you don’t want to necessarily purchase a home due to crime, violence, etc – then maybe it is worth it.  On the other hand, if we can find a deal on a rental that we like, can we continue to save money without the responsibility of having a mortgage, etc. I can’t truly say what my goal is yet because you never know what the housing market/rental market is going to look like.  All I know is come June 30th our lease is up and we have to make a decision before that point.

2015-2016Finally my Career Goals, as I think about where I want my career to be over the next year I think about where it has come since I started at M&T a year and a half ago.  I am doing things I never thought I would be doing and that amazes me.  I love that I am working with students, getting to be a peer mentor, the exposure I have to all different business lines and working on making important business decisions regarding innovation and where the future of banking is headed. So if I have accomplished all of that in a year and a half what will 2016 look like?  I hope that I move into a role of managing projects from a decision standpoint and out of the generation of reports.  Responsibilities come with trust and proving your abilities, I hope that I am able to show the management team at M&T that I have the potential to do a lot of great things.  I also want to further develop relationships that I have started both with my mentee and my mentor; as well as, several other working relationships that have developed organically.

As 2016 progresses I am excited to adapt my goals to the changing times.  Goals I believe are set to act as milestones but if I reach one earlier than planned than I want to evolve it to further push myself.  Bring it on 2016!

The Recruiting Game

recruitmentIt is funny as you go through life – you find yourself looking at the recruiting game from all different angles.  When you are getting recruited for college or to play for a sports team, when you are looking for your first job or you are a seasoned professional and you are getting head hunted by an executive recruiter – it is all the same game with slight tweaks.  I look at it like learning the game of basketball.  I started off in 5th/6th grade with my elementary school team, moved on to 7th grade basketball, JV in 8th grade, Varsity for all of High School, and then 4 years at RIT and college basketball. It is all the same game but you get better at it as you go along, this can apply to a employee or a recruiter depending on who you want to be in this scenario.

As a recruiter at career fairs for the newest professionals in the workforce it is a lot of explaining, sharing what M&T is like, what some of the day to day responsibilities look like for positions in the MDP program, talking to different managers about the candidates I saw at the career fair and working directly with HR to make sure we bring in the right candidates for the job.  It is not only about sharing the on-the-job responsibilities but also the cultural aspects: what Buffalo is like, what is like to be young moving to a new city, etc. You have to treat this candidate differently because typically they have never been through this process before and I am responsible for their first perception of the company.

This part is exciting because you are sharing your passion for your career and your job with the students and helping them determine if they would be a fit or not.  You may not always get the candidate but you know that hopefully they have made the best choice for them.  I think this is where my coaching experience comes into play because I want what is best for my players, just like I want new career professionals to enjoy their first job, to find what they are passionate about and not just go for a salary. I will talk more about sharing my experience and the getting to know the candidate in the next post in the series surrounding interviewing, stay tuned!

Speed Mentoring at Work

speed-mentoringEvery day I learn something new about the company that I work for.  Last night, I had the honor and pleasure to attend the first Speed Mentoring Event put on by our Women in Networking (WIN) group.

The resource group is one of the largest in the bank but the event still felt intimate with over 30 mentors and 30 mentees.

I had never participated in an event like this so I was excited to get to go and experience it to see how it was planned and also to see if I could find a mentor match.  I think there is also a misconception that this resource group is just for females and that isn’t true.  There were male mentors and mentees as well and I really felt that they helps the objective of the group – women need to understand men’s work habits and men need to understand women and I think groups like this can help create a mutual understanding.  Resource groups are about finding a common interest in most cases and feeling supported in the workplace.  I am a member of both WIN and iGen (future blog to come about that group) but there are 8 other groups to join at the bank with more chapters in the individual hubs of M&T.

The event was laid out similar to a speed dating session, I am told, as I have never participated in one of those either.  The group was broken out into three sets separated based on departments, manager’s relationships, etc.  Once everyone had talked a bit the event kicked off and was off and running.  Having six minutes to try and get to know another person is challenging, let alone trying to have them get to know you as well.  I was fortunate to have someone who I had worked with on a project in the past as my first pairing so it helped to get the butterflies out.

The mentors were a wide-range of levels, departments, and had spent different amounts of their careers at the bank.  Some had been there as little as a few months but had extensive backgrounds prior to joining M&T, while others had spent their whole careers with the company.  Diversity of perspectives was the name of the game and finding a mentor who you could truly connect with and feel comfortable with was the prize and everyone had the opportunity to be a winner.

Now, I am someone who thoroughly enjoys networking and connecting with people and learning about what they do.  MDP taught me a lot about how important it is especially at M&T.  But finding a mentor in this way was not something I was familiar with, I am sure very few people are.  To me finding a mentor has always just come naturally through a connection from sports, college, etc.  But to be placed in a room with people, about half of who I knew or knew of before the event and the other half I had never heard of before the event, was an exciting new opportunity and I think that is what this company affords its employees to do.

M&T was built on relationships whether they are with our employees, our customers, or our shareholders.  I believe having mentors of different skill sets and in different points in their career is important.  I am looking forward to following up on a few of the connections I made through the speed networking session without the six minute time constraint to see if there is a potential mentor relationship there.

Mentoring Word Cloud

***The opinions expressed in this blog are purely my own and are not the opinions of M&T.***

Ever Have One of Those Days?

I am sure you are thinking, what kind of day? Is it a bad day, a good day, a weird day, a terrible day, a day where everything goes wrong or everything goes right?  I have had all of those, but it has been a while since I realized I am right where I need to be.  I love my job and the company I work for.  Well today was that kind of a day.

I know my past few posts have been about life post-MDP, transitioning roles, being stressed out and other things in that space but today reminded me that I love what I do.  Being in banking is not something I ever thought I would be involved in.  It was an industry I had no desire to touch aside from my checking and savings account.  But what I have realized in the last year or so is that banking has so much more to offer and unlike many other industries and companies, is just now starting to embrace change especially within the United States.  The U.S. is behind the curve when it comes to banking technology which is why it is so exciting to be in the space that I am with the company I am with.

I heard a statistic today, that since the financial crisis, 50% fewer people are applying to jobs in the financial services industry because they are scared.  That’s a problem – does that mean that we are getting less skilled people; no it just means that our talent pool to hire is that much smaller, meaning that we have a lot of unmet needs in the job market.

successInnovation in a bank would have formally been considered an oxymoron.  In some areas of the world it still is, even at my own company it is there are a lot of questions that we are working through.  But Innovation in a bank is probably some of the most important innovation of this era and for my generation.  We are not designing the latest shoe or clothing item, we are not creating the next iPad but we are working on developing on new ways to pay for all of those things.

Today, I realized how fortunate I am to work for a company like M&T – that has given me as a 23 year old the opportunity to be a part of a brand new team that is tasked with inspiring innovation across the bank.  We are ready to build believers and champions out of our already amazing tenured staff, to create new models of business with the help of key stakeholders.  We are a new group of highly motivated, driven, and fast paced workers who are ready for all the challenges that come from changing a culture with the understanding that we are not changing a culture we are shifting it to make it stronger and ready for the future. M&T’s culture is something that is envied across the industry, why would you force change for the sake of change, instead we are adapting to the modern work and bringing our incredible workforce with us.

The Threat of Burn Out

Burn OutIn my last post I talked about millennials and I thought to myself, why not continue that conversation and be a millennial in the business world talking about real issues that come across my desk or others desk.  It can be nice to know you are not alone in feeling one way or another.  It is also okay to not agree with me at all, that is the best part of the world we live it – our experiences make us who we are and shape our opinions and no two people should be the same.

So this week I wanted to talk about something that has been really getting to me lately and I am sure it happens to everyone who is in their second year on the job or anyone in general at some point in their career. That thing I am referring to is Burn Out or the threat that it could happen.

Burn out is not always easy to see coming, I know for me it had been creeping up on me for a while I just ignored and kept going at the pace I was going.  I think often times we as millennials feel that we have to overcome the stereotypes of not being willing to work and we take on ridiculous amounts of work which isn’t right either.

What I realized this week as my work life started affecting my personal life; as well as, my energy levels when I got home –  that I had a problem that I wasn’t dealing with.  I was on a path towards burn out because I was doing what I felt like was a job and a half.  Now I am not trying to toot my own horn or talk about how long I would work but there were days I would get in around 8 and not leave until after 8.  I know this happens all the time in the Big 5 and other industries but it is not the norm for the company I work for, they believe in work life balance, so I knew something was wrong.  I also knew because for 4 days in a row I had no energy to get out of bed at my normal 5am time to work out and go run and to me that starts my day off on the best foot.

As I let the little tasks that I was being asked to take on get to me, I began to dread doing them which made me not look forward to work because I always wondered what little task that I felt was not in my job description would come next.  Please don’t get me wrong, I am all for being a team player but what my issue was that my role was not expanding I was just being asked to do two jobs and expected to get my objectives, projects, and task done for my official job.  This became the issue because I would be staying 2-3 hours after everyone else had left to complete my normal job assignments because the day had been filled with the other tasks.

Finally, I was at my breaking point, as my manager was referring to another task, I nearly broke down at the thought of another task being added to my “responsibilities”.  I told her how thin I was being stretched and that my capacity level was to the maximum.  I explained that I wanted to be involved and that I wanted to help in every way that I can but not without her realizing the additional responsibilities I was carrying on to make everything continue to run smoothly in the space and with the team.

It is really hard for me to ask for help or to say enough is enough because I have always been the do it all girl and do it the best that I can but to do that I was breaking my neck and ultimately making myself unhappy.  I can see now why my generation job hops so frequently (no I am not leaving my position because at the end of the day I love the company I work for, the team I work with, and the work that I do I find meaning).  But I just mean that it is easy for my generation to leave jobs for a better sounding one because of one little thing, that is not me and will never be me.  I still find a thrill in engaging projects it is just when I am doing tasks that don’t make me think or challenge me it is hard for me to stay engaged.

But what I found out was that my boss did realize how thin I was being stretched and knew she wasn’t using me the way she wanted to but because of the way our team is right now we have to chug along, we know we need additional resources but at this point it is about getting done what we can, doing the best we can, and understanding not everything is going to be perfect and that is okay.

I am really fortunate to have a manager who I can have open conversations with, not everyone feels that way so I know I am very lucky.  I am lucky to work for a company that gives me the opportunities like I have been given to date in my career, so early on.  I am looking forward to this next step in my career and how our team develops over time.  After that conversation with my manager, I no longer feel that I am heading towards a burn out, I just want to make sure that I am utilized to the best of my abilities because for me it is about challenging myself, if I am not challenged that is when burnout will happen for me.  I will gladly work on challenging problems until the sun comes up because I am engaged and excited about problem solving.

Has any other millenial felt this way?

The Millenials are Coming

millennialsEveryone seems to be talking about the millenials and the generation that is going to define the workforce over the next few years. The statistics will vary but 30-50% of the workforce by 2020 will be the millennial generation. If this is going to be true and the other 50% of the workforce is not a millennial how are we going to deal? This period of time is unique; we have four generations working side by side across the world to me that should be more of a focus than how are we going to make the millenials happy.

Everyone seems to put so much focus on the millenials but in my opinion we are just people, the world should be focusing on how we are going to work with multi-generations who have all been raised drastically different. How as a manager can you be fair but accommodate someone who wasn’t born digital and someone who was? How do you balance experience vs. getting something done quickly if it involves digital?

The Millenials - who are theyI am a millennial and like so many of my counter parts, have grown up digital. We are the group that will be the first to grow up with cellphones, the Internet and many more items.  Call us what you want, Millenials, Gen Y, the ‘I” generation, etc. Our education has been different then generations before us and we have a work ethic that is different than those before us. Not all of us believe in staying 9-5 just to show face. When we are done with our work for the day we don’t want to sit at our desks and twirl our thumbs til the clock strikes 5 but when there is something to get done we are more than willing to stay “late” because to us that is just part of the job.  We do not believe in ideal time and that can drive some of our co-workers or family members crazy.

Lately I have been having several conversations with co-workers, peers, friends at other companies, millenials and non-millenials alike. The conversation doesn’t focus on workforce arrangements, technology or lack-there of in the workplace, or work-life balance. It focuses on the fact that generations before us see millenials as greedy and unwilling to work for what they have. There is a rumor floating around that millenials feel entitled to promotions and raises and have high expectations right off the bat and we challenge the status quo but that rumor has been set by those who have had a bad experience with one milllenial and is stereotyping us all into one group.the-great-divide-workplace-perceptions-that-millennials-need-to-rise-above-to-get-hired_51a4caa9eaa6c_w1500 (1)

You are right we do feel entitled, we do have high expectations, and we do believe we should be promoted or receive a raise. But we don’t look at it or for it if it is something we haven’t earned. We do want to challenge the status quo and ask why not just because we can but because that is how we learn. We are not just asking to hear ourselves ask, we are asking because we genuinely want to understand the thought process and the decision science. We have seen many of our generation (and other generations) before us create amazing new products and services by challenging the status quo – ever heard of Mark Zuckerberg or Twitter? Who would have thought people could say so much in just 140 characters?

We have the highest expectations for ourselves and want to do right by the companies we work for. We want to make our managers proud; as well as, our families. But in turn we feel that we deserve the respect of our co-workers. However, if the respect needs to be earned, we are willing to work for it and show those who doubt us or doubt our intentions what we are good for.

What is hard for us to understand is how someone who simply has “experience” can make double what we make when we are willing to work twice as hard. Now please don’t get me wrong, people older than us should make more money than us, they have poured their blood, sweat, and tears into their jobs for years often times before we were ever born.  No, those people have earned it.  I am not referring to the people who work hard everyday or those who add value to everything they do, the teams they are on, and the people they inspire but if you can look around your office and say that everyone is that way and gives 100% all the time or even 90% effort all the time, man I want to work there.

The people who work hard everyday, do their job, try and do better and do the best they can for the company they work for have earned what they make, the promotions they receive or the bonuses that are awarded to them.  I am referring to the people that are not like these people.  That may not even give 50% of their effort to a job they are making twice what a millennial is making (the math is simple and it doesn’t add up).  It is hard for us to comprehend the rules that have people sitting in a role when everyone on their team knows that person is not a contributor, rarely shows up, is always doing things that don’t relate to the help, is not a team player yet still earns a paycheck. This is probably the most frustrating piece for us and is also the single most de-motivating things out there for the millenials. I am fortunate to not be a part of a team like this, everyone is a contributor on our small team and we work as a team.  If we didn’t we wouldn’t be able to accomplish half of the things we do.

If we are a generation that is going to define the workforce in the next few years, we will not allow these people to continue on as they are. Our mission is to inspire others to work harder but we can’t do it alone. We need help from companies, no longer can it be okay that people sit idle and just accept a paycheck and the solution may not be what many companies out there do – fire the bottom performers – it may involve getting innovative with how you inspire those bottom performers to want to achieve more.

If the millenials, a generation stereotyped as greedy, spoiled, and unwilling to work can make a change and prove the previous generations in the workforce wrong – than as the millenials we have to give companies who use the excuse “because we have always done it this way” a chance to prove us wrong. The road goes both ways. And we are willing to learn.Top Brands for MillenialsThis post is solely based on conversations I have had with peers from around the country and research that I have been doing on this topic, it is in no way a reflection on any of the companies I have worked for or currently work for.  This is a growing issue and a topic of hot debate.  I am excited to see how it plays out through 2020 and beyond.