Finally it is here!  I was very excited to receive my #GoVoxBox from Influenster.  This was something that completely interested me because of its health related nature.  As I am about to start training for my half marathon I was excited to be picked to be a part of this program.  There were a lot of health products associated with the box which was really nice to see.  It was also crazy because it was like this box was made for me and my terrible athletic feet and love of baths and smoothies.

tamponsOn a side note, when you sign up for Influenster you are allowed to pick five expert badges which are based on your interests.  You are limited with these because no one can be an expert at everything so Influenster wants to help you focus on what you actually know.  One of my expert badges is called the Six Pack Badge which has to do with health and wellness.  

Like the #UniVoxBox this box had the new Playtex Sport Fresh Balance Tampons.  This was awesome because as any girl knows, you can always use more tampons and when they are FREE….even better.  I love the Playtex Sport Brand so I was definitely excited to get another box of them.  You can see my post Play It On for more information regarding the Playtex brand.

mueller almondsThe next product in the box was Blueberry Almonds by Blue Diamond!  I am a fan of almonds especially for snacking at work or in class.  The Blue Diamond brand has created a really awesome product.  Who would have thought almonds could be blueberry flavored?  These were really unique and I have never really tasted anything like it.  When you think of cocoa dusted almonds, this is a similar product just with a blueberry dusting.  I am excited to try the other varieties of this spinoff of cocoa almonds; however, as a girl and a chocolate lover, I think the cocoa dusted almonds may always been #1 in my heart.

muller greek yogurtAnother awesome part about Influenster that I really enjoy and this was my first experience with it – is that not all products come in the box, some you have to go to the store and pick out yourself.  This was the case with Muller yogurt.  I like this concept because it means that products that could spoil are not ruled out from boxes.  When I went to the store there were several different kinds to try out.  I like to try all the different brand’s versions of Greek yogurt so I went with the Muller Greek Yogurt Corner.  I selected the Honeyed Apricot because it sounded unique.  It was delicious and creamy.  I think I like this version of apricot better than the Chobani version of apricot.

orthodicTwo products in the box were from Profoot Care.  There was a set of orthodics and a pedicure rock.  The orthodics were a little small for my feet I found, but will work nicely as a back up set.  I have extremely high arches so I have worn custom orthodics in my basketball shoes all throughout college.  Obviously something that comes in a box is not going to be as customized to me but they are definitely a nice backup but I would not use them if I was to go run long distances or play basketball.

The second item, the pedi rock – is awesome!  My teammates used to joke that I had the grossest feet on the team!  Honestly I do because during season I am not worried about getting pedicures because they will get ruined after one practice, why waste the money. The rock would have been awesome to have after a long practice! I really enjoy it and am looking forward to my boyfriend not saying, “I have the best feet in the relationship”, because now I will.pedi rock

aqua spa body lotionThis box was so full it was exciting to go through and find out what variety of the products you got.  When it came to Aqua Spa, I received the Lavender + Chamomile body lotion.  It smells amazing.  I like using it after a long post-workout showers or baths.  I think I will end up using the lotion in the evenings more because the scent tends to make me sleepy.

next step shakerFinally the last company that was included in this Vox Box was Vitamin Shoppe.  They included 3 of their new meal replacement shakes and a shaker bottle to make them in.  So far I have only tried the chocolate version and found it very rich when prepared as the package directions say with water but found it much more enjoyable with soy milk.  next step shakeNow I am not trying to use it as a weight loss tool so that helps me have more flexibility on how I prepare the shakes.  I really do like the shaker bottle.  It is really easy to clean and use and the lid does not stick shut like some blender bottles I have had.  When I try the next two shakes I plan to make one with soy milk and the other into a smoothie!

So I have been apart of Influenster since the very end of January and I have already received 3 boxes.  I can’t wait to receive another Vox Box from Influenster in the future because the last three have been so good! I do not know why anyone wouldn’t want to be a part of this awesome service.  Who wouldn’t want to sign-up, receive free products that are customized to them and then give the companies their feedback?  What is great is you feel like the companies are actually listening to you and you are helping them improve their products!

"I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."

Play It On

I love that Influenster is supplying me with tampons this time in my #VitaVoxBox….what girl would complain when her favorite brand is included in her boxes that she gets to review?

So funny story, the day I received my #GoVoxBox from Influenster was Senior Night at RIT. As seniors we decided that we would have one last HooRAH around campus, attend the campus sponsored senior night with the activities like massages, bingo, raffles, food and giveaways and really just spend the last night together as a whole group.  Most of the people I was hanging around with were athletes.  My friends and I decided to stop in my apartment before heading out to go onto the next event.

#playonOne of my guy friends saw my Vox Box and started going through it.  This guy and I had a class with another friend that I had turned onto Influenster earlier in the semester and we always chatted about it during class.  Well he just had to go through it and see what all the fuss was about.  He happened to stumble upon the box of Playtex Sport Fresh Balance.  Of course, as a guy there are two gut reactions, throw the boss and say gross or open the box and examine.  He choose the second option.

Now before I go on, let me say, I really hate when people refer to tampons and pads as, feminine products.  It is such an out dated term.  If guys are embarrassed of the items that is really their problem, they don’t have to use them, they just have to dread the time of the month for the girls in the lives because emotions run higher then.  But really if you are going to use the word, call them what they are, tampons or pads, they aren’t dirty words.

Now carrying on with my story, after opening up the box pulling out one of the tampons, he proceeded to take off the cartridge and pull his best She’s the Man impression.

She's the Man tampon scene

But after he had stuck the tampon up his nose, the first thing he had to say was, “this smells good”.  She's the ManSo from a guy’s perspective, the fresh balance tampons smell great and as a girl I will have to agree.  I like how the scent is not over powering but light.  I can’t speak from experience but my friend sure can, that when you put it near your nose (or in his case, in his nose) you can definitely smell the scent stronger).

As an active person, it is great to know whatever time of the month it is, you aren’t going to smell differently at the gym or really anywhere.  I mean at the gym, you better be sweating, because if you aren’t sweating, you definitely aren’t working hard enough.  But who wants to have to worry about their period at the same time? I know that I do not.

Just remember if you are working out with your period, you should definitely be extra careful that you are taking proper hygiene measures including showering after your workouts and changing your “feminine product”.

I wrote another blog about this product as well that can be seen here.

I am Making the Switch

Rimmel Stay Matte SwitchNow, typically I am a low maintenance makeup girl.  I love getting dressed up for a night out with the girls or for date night but when it comes down to going to class, unless I have work before I am a throw on some sweats, braid up my hair and add a bit of mascara type of girl.  Call me an athlete, call me a bum – it really doesn’t matter to me, I would rather be comfortable.

But when I received the Rimmell London Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation in my #UniVoxBox from Influenster I thought, why not give it a shot.  First off, let me say I am still that girl that loves her sweats and my no fuss no muss days.  But I also like how this foundation is so simple to use and the “glowing” effect it leaves on my skin.

IMG_2133Often times when you get liquid makeup it can have a weird makeup smell to it – this is not the case with this foundation.  It is so light weight that I barely feel like I am wearing makeup.

Last Saturday it was time for a night out with the girls. So here is the transformation my skin went through.  As you can see in the first picture I had a healing pimple on my cheek at the beginning.

I want to note that I did use my Clean & Clear Advantage Lotion prior to putting the foundation on.  In the winter time my skin tends to dry out or feel tight more than the summer so I wanted to make sure that it didn’t throughout the night.  I love that lotion because it doesn’t feel like it clogs the pores, it is light and it helps clear the skin of most blemishes.

applying the makeupApplying the makeup is very easy.  All you have to do is use about a dime size circle, maybe a little less or more depending on your face shape and size.  I kind of just blotch it on all over the major areas of my face as seen in picture number two.  I do want to note, make sure that you either have a loose shirt on, a shirt you don’t care about or one you do not mind getting dirty if you have to change immediately or you can get ready before doing your makeup which is something I normally do not do.  This particular time I was using the makeup, I had a bit to let me makeup “sink in” so that I didn’t have to worry about it getting on my going out clothes. IMG_2136

As you are blending the makeup make sure you are getting the areas around your eyes, jawline etc.  If you get it on your lips wet a wash cloth to help take it off.  Don’t worry about getting it into your eyebrows either, you can use the same process to get it out of your eyebrows without taking it off from the rest of your face.

After the makeup has been applied to my face and rubbed in – to my liking – then it is time to add the mascara that is shown in the picture number below.  You can notice how the pimple that was quite apparent on my face at the beginning nearly disappears.

My face looks to much brighter, clean with very limited shine! This is exactly what you want when you are having a night out with the girls and know you are going to be taking a lot of pictures (which we definitely did)!

finished makupMy face looked good I was excited to put on my new outfit and celebrate my birthday with the girls.  To complete the look, I added a shadow eye-shadow, a blue eyeliner and a touch of bronzer. Bronzer blends really well with this foundation I found out.  Then I added a bit of gel to my hair to give it that little bit of curl/wave.former competitors turned teammates

It was a great night with the girls and this was one look I will definitely be using again! I am making the #StayMatteSwitch to this foundation!

Love these girls


It’s a Girl Thing

First let me warn any of my readers who are of the male variety that this post is strictly targeted towards females and feminine products.  But if you are the type of boyfriend that buys your girlfriend tampons, please read on for a recommendation!

playtex fresh balanceWhen I finally got my Influenster #UniVoxBox the most anticipated product for me was the Playtex Sport Fresh Balance Tampons.  I currently use the Playtex Sport brand anyway so really I was thinking, free tampons what girl doesn’t want that? I have used the Sport brand mainly for the purpose of being an athlete and I thought they were really well marketed.  When I was younger I loved the colors that were featured on the boxes and because they didn’t cost more than their complimentary product I knew they were made for me and my fast paced life.

Now, I am not a scented tampon type of person.  I like the unscented just because I do not understand why they need to be scented.  But after trying these out I think I really like how light of a scent they have.  It is not super strong but it is just enough.

acticeI am extremely active and go to the gym a regular basis if not everyday, 6 days a week for at least a quick workout.  Being a college athlete my life does not stop because I have my period, it just can’t, so I needed a tampon that could keep up with me when I am working hard.  I have never really had a problem with this brand from the applicator (except on the rare occasion as listed in the complaint below) to leak protection while in motion.  This is the brand that our training room carries for all female athletes to have access too so they must be doing something right.RIT women's basketball


One complaint I have about the Playtex (plastic applicators) in general is when the two parts separate if you pull to hard before using it.  Restringing and putting the pieces back together to be able to use it is annoying but that is not in particular to just the Fresh Balance but the entire Playtex tampon line.

My biggest disappointment with receiving this product was getting a box that was only one size.  It would have been ideal to receive a mixed variety box but you can’t really complain about something you receive for free!

"I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."What I have found through receiving this product from Influenster is that I love the Playtex website. I think it is designed the way that the target audience of these tampons want it.  It is very female empowering rather than being super girly.  The website also offers discount coupons for its users to print out.  If they could add a digital coupon button that would make it even better so you can store the coupon in your smart phone and not have to print it out.  Another complaint I have about the website is it runs slow compared to many other sites for having limited content the load time is not good.  A final recommendation I would make to Playtex is to optimize the title tag on the fresh balance page (just my online marketer coming out)!

If you already use the Playtex Sport line – give this product a try and see if you like it better! Overall it is still the same product with a “fresh” scent added to the unscented variety they have sold for years.


Tea in the Time of a Vine

When I received the Red Rose Tea Water Enhancer through Influenster to try I was skeptical if I would use it more than once.  But now I can honestly say I have used it everyday because it is so quick.  Whether it is for iced tea on the go, an afternoon tea doing homework or a warm cup of tea…this product can do it all.

Real TeaI received the Black Tea flavor.  I still think that I like fruit flavored iced tea better; however, this flavor is warming up to me.  I have tried many different combinations to see if anything made it better than just regular tea.

I have found adding a few drops of lemon to it adds that extra kick.  The same thing can be said for making a half and half (Arnold Palmer).  I like to make the iced tea with the water enhancer and then make a glass of lemonade and then combined them.

I am really excited to try the other flavors of the water enhancers that Red Rose Tea has developed.  Once I finish the Black Tea flavor I plan to go out and buy the Blackcurrent Raspberry which is definitely a flavor I am interested in trying!

Check out my vine that shows how quick and simple it is to make your tea and be out the door!

The #UniVoxBox has Arrived!

#univoxboxI was very excited to get back from my week away from campus, just to be able to pickup my #UniVoxBox courtesy of Influenster which had been sitting in my mailbox for the last week.

It was my second VoxBox and it was my first to contain multiple brands.  I had had such a good experience with my first VoxBox that I was excited to see how a multi-brand Vox would be and how the Influenster #UniVoxBox badge would look.  I wondered what tasks they would want me to do and also what was going to be in the box.

Influenster does a great job at creating a buzz around their boxes.  For this one, they posted hints and clues that left their community guessing and posting and tweeting about the possibilities.  The team also gave hints in their Twitter chats.  I thought it was a great strategy and approach to getting others to share their pictures with their friends and grow awareness of what Influenster is and how to get involved with the company.

This box contained a variety of products which I am really looking forward to getting the chance to try out.  Including nail art, lipstick, a tea water enhancer, a pen, foundation, and my favorite brand of tampons!

Red Rose Water EnhancerThe first product in the box was Red Rose Real Tea Premium Water Enhancers.  I love tea but I do not always have the time to make it before I head out to class and work.  The water enhancer was a great opportunity to try out a new way to make tea.  I received the black tea flavor which surprised me.  I actually really like it which usually I am a raspberry or peach iced tea kind of girl.  When it comes to hot teas I am normally a cinnamon or green tea type of girl but this flavor was surprisingly delicious and I can really see myself drinking it on the go between classes, making it in class or at work! I will definitely be using the coupon for myself to try the other flavors they have to offer!  Check the company out on Twitter by following @ShareRedRoseTea and learn about new products the company is offering through the #RealTea hashtag.

NYC New York Colorstay Expert LastThe second product was the NYC New York Color Stay Expert Last Lipstick.  I am not a big lipstick wearer because I am more of a Burt’s Bees or EOS type of girl but I thought I would give this a shot.  I received a bright pink color which for me I am not so sure how much I will be wearing it because of how bright it is but we will see when I head out with the girls the next time how it looks!  The color is definitely not a wear on a daily basis for me just because it is so bright.  What I do like about the color is that it probably compliments my fair skin more than I think.  Follow them on Twitter @NYCNewYorkColor or use #ExpertLast on Twitter and Instagram to learn more.

Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse FoundationThe third product was the Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation.  Before the box arrived, Influenster had sent a me a survey to figure out what my skin tone most closely resembled.  I would like to say they nailed me right on the money – well my winter skin tone! I received the Light Ivory tone and it matches me to a T! I am not usually one to wear a ton of makeup and when I do it is not usually foundation just some mascara, eyeliner and maybe some concealer for the regular school day.  I like that the makeup is really light and does not dry out my face but really blends in nicely.  My only complaint is that I still feel like my skin has something on it but that is also because I do not usually wear this type of product so my face is not use to it.  Follow them on Twitter @RimmelLondonUS  and stay up to date with this product by using the hashtag #StayMatteSwitch.

Impress ManicureThe fourth product was the Impress Manicure.  I was excited to receive this product because I am one of those people that paints her nails on a not so regular basis because I don’t like to maintain it (or have the time to) so I was excited to not really have to maintain a manicure as this product comes completely done!  However, sadly the pattern I received was not really my style at all so I was disappointed.  I still plan to put the product on to test it out and see if I like how it looks on my nails but I do not see the pattern going with a lot of clothing options, nor does it look professional.  I would have probably been happier with a solid color just for those reasons.  If you want to follow the company on Twitter you can here @BwayNails or use the hashtag #ImpressManicure!

acroball pensThe fifth product was a Pilot Pen brand Acroball pen.  As a student pens are essential and refillable are even nicer; however, I do not see many students going out to buy refillable ink for their pens but rather just buying a new pen.  I really do like how this pen writes and how little pressure you have to use to write with it.  That really does make a big difference when you are taking a lot of notes in classes or writing in essay form for an exam.  Follow this item using the handle @PilotPenUSA or #PenItFWD.

#playonAnd finally the last product, sadly the one I was most excited to receive was the Playtex Sport tampons because truth be told…tampons are expensive and something only a girl has to pay for for over half their life usually.  The Playtex Sport brand is already my favorite type of tampon to use.  They are always carried in our training room and always in the trainers kits for any surprises on the road.  I also always have a few stashed away in my backpack or game bag just in case.  I am really excited to try these out and see if I like this style more than the original sport type.  My only complaint so far is that this is just a box of regulars and not a mixed box!  You can stay up to date on their latest news by following @playtex_sport or #PlayOn!

This is just my initial impressions of these products and I plan to keep updating as I use these products.  If you are not on Influenster, I suggest that you join, it is completely free and all they request is that you give your honest opinion of the products that you receive from them.  Product qualifications are based on the required demographics by the brands.


A Smile is Worth 1000 Words


The saying, “a picture is worth 1000 words” can easily be applied to a smile.  I think that a smile is worth a 1000 words.  A smile can turn someones day around, smiling can make you feel better, smiling can send a message even during the toughest times.

I recently started using Influenster and just received my first VoxBox as part of the #BrushWhitenGo campaign.  As a marketing student I was always excited to participate in market research and product testing and now I get to participate!


When I first received my voxbox I was anxious to open it.  It contained the Colgate Toothbrush & Whitening Pen in one package, a mini-tube of Colgate Optic White Toothpaste and coupons for additional toothbrushes.

Now my teeth are not that yellow to begin with and I brush them twice a day.  Once in the morning and once before bed.  But I am also a coffee drinker so my teeth do not stay as white as I would like them to be so I was excited to try out this product.

This is a picture of my teeth after the first use of the toothbrush and toothpaste. I want to also note that I did use Crest 3D White toothpaste instead of the Colgate toothpaste because I had it already opened and do not like having multiple toothpastes open but I have used the Colgate version of the toothpaste in the past.

Day 1!

The process is easy.  You brush your teeth as you would normally.  Then after you are done brushing you apply the gel from the pen to your teeth.  It goes on very simply and smoothly which I really like.  To me personally it has a dentist taste but it goes away pretty quickly.  You can feel that there is something on your teeth after you apply the gel until you swallow and then it goes away.

This is a picture of my teeth on day three of using the system which comes out to be about to about 48 hours which is the time the product packaging claims it takes to whiten teeth.

Day 3

After using the toothbrush for the past 48 hours which came out to be five separate times, I can say that it works, though I am not quite sure if you can see that big of a difference in my teeth in the two pictures.

I love the design of the toothbrush because it allows the gel pen to fit into the bottom of the toothbrush.  It is a storage toothbrush per say.  Colgate claims that the system whitens your teeth in just two days. After my initial experience with the toothbrush I have seen the change the product claims and my teeth are whiter than they were on Thursday when I began the system.  I just do not know if for the price point it is listed at now, even with the three dollar off coupons if the toothbrush is worth $15 dollars (retail is around $18 without the coupons that were provided in the box).   I think in the future I would purchase this product for special occasion when I want my teeth to shine.  Things like graduation, special parties or events, etc.  I do not know if it would be worth it on a regular basis because of the cost of the system maybe if it were 10 dollars for the toothbrush and the gel pen I would probably consider buying it as my #1 toothbrushing system. I guess time will tell because I really do like the way the toothbrush works, it is the full system that I am not totally sold on yet but hey, its only been 3 days. "I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."

You can watch my demo of using the product here: #BrushWhitenGo.

Also if you are interested in joining Influenster feel free to ask me any questions you may have regarding the site and I can also have an email sent directly from Influenster inviting you if you are interested! I have no complaints about my experience with the website/service so far, I like feeling like I have helped out the brands that I would use anyway and getting free products to test out before buying is always a plus as well!