Is Shakeology Worth the Price?

Let me be the first one to say, I used to be that girl that said, “$4 for a simple protein shake, that’s crazy!” Until I tried Shakeology for the first time. There is probably only one protein/meal replacement that I have had that tastes better than this, which is Ideal Fit and I had tried a lot of brands. Shakeology is designed to get you the nutrients you need to get you through the morning while still tasting good.

Shakeology is designed to get you the nutrients you need to get you through the morning while still tasting good.

I also want to say, this is not a meal replacement if you are a high intensity, endurance athlete. If you are a runner, this would be a great snack for after running and sitting down to stretch and then shower before having a proper breakfast. Most coaches will tell you that they are not drinking the shakes as full meals. Instead, they are drinking them as part of the 21-day fix. On the program, you are free to divide your “containers” up as you please throughout the day.

21 Day Fix

This program is designed for you to start eating the number of calories, nutrients, and vitamins you are supposed to get in a given day. I really do enjoy this program because I like eating by color.

Shakeology counts as one protein throughout the day on the program.

If you are doing say the 21-Day Fix workout program alone from Beachbody On Demand, you may be able to count your Shakeology as a meal in itself. I am currently half marathon. On top of that, I am doing the 21-Day Fix so it doesn’t work for that purpose for me but everyone is different.

What Shakeology has done for me is allowed me to cut out coffee with sugar and flavored creamer. I went from drinking 3 cups a day to just one because I like the taste of coffee. Now, I just take it black or with almond milk and a scoop of BCAAs.

It has also curbed my sweet tooth so I am eating less sugary snacks in the evening.

So what makes Shakeology worth the price?

I have always been the person who goes to Starbucks, orders my $5 drink and enjoys it. But 2 hours later I am hungry despite slurping down a 500+ calorie drink. So if I am willing to pay that, why shouldn’t I be willing to fuel my body instead? That is exactly the justification I make when subscribing to Shakeology.

Shakeology vs. Starbucks

shakeologyIf you want to learn more about how to incorporate Shakeology into your health and fitness routines, I want to hear from you! Send me a message or if you want to give Shakeology a try, orders can be placed here. However, the best way to sign up is with a challenge pack! Let’s talk about your goals to determine the right pack for you.

Speed and Agility Bootcamp

I have seen great success with Beachbody in my own fitness journey. It has helped hold me accountable to cross-training during my race training and kept me feeling great in the offseason. So I am excited about this unique opportunity to help you do the same especially as you look to get in the best shape of your life.

This program has proven results with the average user losing up to 10lbs in just 3 weeks! Often times, people feel alone in their fitness and nutrition journeys, I want to tell you, you are not alone. Let me help you through the program. You will also be motivated and encouraged by 90 others who have similar goals to you.

Plus, I will be there with you every step of the way!

I will be personally coaching you in a private Beachbody group – for FREE!

So What is a Beachbody Challenge Group?

The first thing to know is that Beachbody Challenges aren’t for everyone. However, if you are serious about being in the best shape of your life and don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on personal training sessions, group classes, and gym memberships, then this could be the perfect solution.

Beachbody Challenge Group is a small group of like-minded people. In this case, Shift Shop is all about giving you 30 minutes of your day away from the stress of life with people who are in the same state of mind as you. All of which have committed to getting healthy by participating in a Beachbody workout & nutrition program. Each of us will track our progress along the way, hold each other accountable, and motivate, inspire, and encourage each other to achieve amazing results. Plus, there may be some great meal planning tips along the way.

When you’re ready, just pick your Challenge Pack, or email me and we can select the perfect Challenge Pack for your needs. 

Will it always be easy? No. But neither is working out alone. That is why we are doing this together!

Another key is each member must purchase their own Challenge Pack and commit to our Challenge team, not quitting, and not letting fellow team members quit. Together, we can make each other stronger.

So what do you get with your Challenge Pack?

We have so many different challenge packs to choose from. Take a look at the website in the SHOP section or reach out to me and we can figure out the right one together.

If you aren’t sure which specific program you want to do, I recommend Annual All-Access Beachbody On Demand Kickstart and Shakeology Challenge Pack this is actually how I signed up for Beachbody. I wanted to try Shakeology (it’s delicious); as well as, the 3-Day Refresh.

Shift Shop is designed for you to see results FAST! The first week we will ramp up slowly starting with 25-minute workouts. Week 2 will get a little longer featuring 35-minute workouts. The last week will be the most intense week but just remember we will all be doing these 45-minute workouts together. You are twice as likely to stick to a program when you have others holding you accountable!

So, Do you accept the Challenge?

Remember, this is not something you are alone in. I want you to feel like you are part of a team. We will motivate each other! Hold each other accountable! And help each other through those crazy weeks that are known as summer. As a bonus, the first 3 challengers to sign up for my Shift Shop Bootcamp will receive a free set of Agility Markers for the Shift Shop program.

If you’re still reading this, then you are serious about wanting to change your life. Take the next step and contact me NOW or choose your Challenge Pack, and let’s GO!

Shift Shop Bootcamp is open now.and there are two ways to enroll:

Enroll as a Challenge Customer,

  • You will pay retail prices and enjoy all of the benefits of being a Beachbody customer! These include access to fitness and nutrition tools and tips at, personal coaching from me, and support from other Challenge Group members to help you achieve your goals.
  • You also get access to the entire FitnessMadeBreezy Team, Happy Health Humble Team and the rest of the Beachbody Community

Click the Shop Now on and buy your Challenge Pack right now or send me a note and we can work together to get you all set up!

Enroll with a Coach Account,(why sign up as a coach?)

  • You save 25% on all future orders! If you are a Shakeology customer, you will save roughly $30 dollars a month on the Shakeology and the cost of coaching is $15 a month.
  • You earn money for referring people to the Challenge & Beachbody
  • You’ll be a Beachbody Coach just like me
  • Earn extra income without having another job.
  • For more information on the Coaching opportunity, email me

Click the Coaching button to sign up as a Coach. You will still have me to support you and help grow your business. You will select your Challenge Pack during your Coach sign-up process (this waives the first month’s coaching fee – about $39):

Whether you join me as a customer or a Coach, your initial Challenge Pack investment of $160 – $205 will be the same. The best part you can save over $100 on your choice of programs.

After you complete your order, just send an email to me or connect with me on Instagram and we’ll get you set up for the private Facebook group where myself and a few other coaches will be hosting the Program.

I can’t wait to see your results in just a few short weeks!

Is Beachbody Coaching a Pyramid Scheme?

Is Beachbody Coaching a Pyramid Scheme?

So many times, I get asked the question, “Is Beachbody a pyramid scheme?” Or “Is Beachbody a scam just to make money”?

I am not offended by these questions because I used to be to be one of those people doubting it too. On Facebook, I would see the ads and instantly roll my eyes. I thought multi-level marketing is the same right? It wasn’t until I got to know my coach through Instagram that my mindset began to change. Her story was passionate and inspiring plus I loved how real she felt. I also loved how much she talked about her sense of community. Following her story made me curious to start learning more about the business. I was at a point in my full-time career that I felt stalled, similar to last year when I began freelance marketing (still doing that) and I was once again looking for something that would add some fun into my life and I thought this could be it.

Beachbody is a Community

I realized that this community was about helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams while helping others achieve their fitness and nutrition goals. The multi-level marketing piece comes into play because you have coaches supporting other coaches, it is more like mentoring than anything else.

I didn’t go into it with the intention of being in the business or connecting with people along the way. But the team I am a part of is amazing. The group is so close and honestly, it is not about selling or making money. It is about changing lives makes the world healthier one baby step at a time. I truly think these girls would be happy if they never sold another product because they are part of a community that is helping them achieve their own personal health and fitness goals.

Be a Product of the Product

The point of all Beachbody products is not to simply sell. It is not a scheme that most coaches go out finding people who they think will make them money. Instead, they are looking for people they connect with and can see being a part of the great vision. They want to find people to join their team who love the products. At the end of the day, you must be passionate about what you are selling. What I have found is that I love Beachbody On Demand because it is so much more than a workout program. It is a program that comes with its own fitness community.
How you know that Beachbody is not a pyramid scheme is because the coaches are using the products too. They are products of the product. Their fitness goals are being achieved by the products and their results are real. You can watch any coaches Instagram story and see they are working out, drinking the products and following the meal plans. This is a proven solution whether you are a high-intensity weight lifter, a runner looking for strength or cross-training, or someone who is new to fitness.

Why Be a Beachbody Coach?

If you are considering becoming a Beachbody coach but don’t know how to get involved or aren’t sure you want to be a business owner, let’s chat! Because there are many different levels of coaching.

  • If you are already using the products, why not get a discount on them? Many of my Shakeology clients have signed up to become coaches simply to get a discount on the product!
  • Maybe you are looking to save money on your products or earn some extra cash for a vacation or a home project, hobby coaching may be for you! T
  • he third option is what I am hoping to achieve is Business Building. This is where you are focused on building your business both your team of coaches and your clients with the hope of someday turning full-time.

Whether you are looking for a discount on the products or just want to make some extra cash, I would love to have you join my team. I wanted to become a coach because I have a passion for helping people achieve their health and fitness goals. You will be amazed at how good you will feel when you receive that first letter that says these programs are changing my overall health both physically and mentally!

Ready to Learn More?

To learn more about how to get started as a Beachbody Coach, email or message me on Instagram! And even if you are not ready to pull the trigger on coaching, I would love to learn more about your health and fitness goals and help select the perfect program for you! Let’s connect.

Taxes as a Beachbody Coach

freelancer Are you considering becoming a Beachbody Coach but are worried about having to file your taxes an independent contractor? Are you a current Beachbody Coach that didn’t even know that you should be saving for the end of the year taxes? If you are later, take a deep breath, you don’t have to worry any longer thanks to Painless1099.

This startup has created an algorithm designed to help with freelance taxes. They do all the work to save you nearly exactly what you will need come tax time. The process is simple too!

Independent Contractor Taxes made Simple

  1. Create an account with Painless1099
  2. Once your account has been established, input your account information into your Beachbody Coach account
  3. Once you receive your first check, it will be routed through your Painless account. The business’ algorithm will retain the portion of the paycheck you should be saving for taxes. This is based on the information you tell the business regarding your expected income. The amount will be stored in the savings account until you withdraw it (hopefully at tax time).
  4. Painless will then deposit the remainder of the check into your traditional savings account and you are free to do whatever you need to with itpainless-1099

Filing taxes as an independent contractor can be tricky. I have so many friends and fellow coaches that have been screwed over at tax time. This is simply because they didn’t know how their taxes were going to be. Come tax time, I always use an accountant because it makes my life easier. I let him file all my business receipts. He helps me track my business mileage and expenses to make sure I am paying the right amount of taxes (or getting a nice refund).

Quarterly Taxes

Painless makes sure that I am not slapped with a huge unexpected bill at the end of the year. What few people realize is that after your first year of coaching with Beachbody, you need to start paying your estimated taxes quarterly (April 15th, June 15th, October 15th, and January 15th). Not making these payments can lead to a penalty. The government gives you a pass from quarterly tax payments during your first year of freelancing so it is important that you talk to your accountant when you file about how quarterly payments work in your state. Quarterly payments can be tricky but Painless has a solution to help with that as well and will work to remind you. They do this so you can focus on your team!


As a current freelancer and Beachbody coach, I want to help all my coaches achieve financial freedom. That starts with understanding freelance taxes. After all, we got into the business to help people not worry about taxes. Painless has allowed me to completely forget that I am supposed to be worried.

If you are considering getting into the business and are not currently working with a coach, I would love to share everything I have learned with you to help you grow your own business.

Contact me today through email or Instagram and we can make sure your business is run as painlessly as possible, no promises that the workouts won’t be painful.

Summertime Fitness Made Breezy

beachbody-on-demandWe all know, the summer is a crazy go-go-go time. Finding time to workout is my biggest challenge. Between work, freelancing, 1:1 coaching sessions for basketball, the days can seem to slip away from us.

As someone who has 3 jobs, balancing it all can be difficult. Not to mentioned finding time to workout. For me getting to my gym takes 15 minutes give or take each way. That is half an hour of time lost in the car. Now, instead of taking those precious minutes in the car, I can get my run in around my neighborhood loop (now that it is bright out longer) and just turn on my Beachbody On Demand account for a workout that fits into my schedule.

Now, instead of taking those precious minutes in the car, I can get my run in around my neighborhood loop. When I get back, I just turn on my Beachbody On Demand account for a workout that fits into my schedule.


The best part is, Brian and I can do this together or separate. I am notorious for hitting snooze. But Brian is really good at getting me out of bed in the morning. He does this by reminding me how much I hate working out later in the day. And he is definitely right. However, whenever I do, I always try to find time to fit in a quick 30-minute workout at home. This can be on my lunch break (if it is a WFH day) or after I am out of work around 5.

Going on vacation?

No problem, Beachbody is totally portable. Just choose a workout that requires no equipment. All you need is an internet signal. With the latest release, you can download your schedule of workouts. That is, as long as you have a Beachbody On Demand account. As long as you have an iPad, laptop, or even a Kindle Firestick to plug into the TV, wherever you are going and you will always have a great workout just moments away. Don’t let your vacation become another excuse to skip your workout.

Why Beachbody On Demand Works


If you are worried that the summer craziness will convince you that it is okay to skip your workout and want someone to help hold you accountable, let me be that person for you! I want to be able to be that person for you. The journey to a healthier lifestyle does not have to be a solo one! Email me, message me on Instagram, let’s be Facebook friends, to see how we can work together to achieve your summer goals!

And if you already know you are ready to pull the trigger, you don’t want to miss some of the great deals going on. I got started with a Challenge Pack because I wanted to be able to try the product but also gain access to Beachbody On Demand.

Why I am Choosing Beachbody On Demand

You may be wondering, why I am choosing to buy into Beachbody, now? At the end of the day, I love fitness and health but lately the health part of that has been slacking. I am looking for a program that will hold me accountable to my diet and fitness goals. I am not looking to try and lose weight, I just want to tone up so that as I enter half marathon season this fall, I am in the best shape possible to achieve my sub-2 half.


For 4 years now, Brian and I have had access to the Insanity fitness program by Beachbody. But never explored their further offerings. To be honest, I fast forwarded through their ads whenever I did one of the workouts. I assumed Shaun T was his own brand. But that wasn’t the case. In fact, he is part of a whole family of trainers.

When we got Insanity, Brian was looking for a way to stay active without having to go to a gym. It was the summer of 2013 and he had just finished his final year of college baseball. Now officially NARP (non-athletic regular person) status he wasn’t looking to get a gym membership in Buffalo, yet. This is where Insanity comes into play. Now, I have never actually been through the full schedule, when Brian did it I was still playing basketball. But his results were great.

Throughout that summer, Brian completed the whole system on his apartment building’s rooftop. Since then, we have incorporated it into our fitness routines regularly. Probably once a week (sometimes more, sometimes less). We have even done it at the beach on vacation!

Beachbody On Demand

As I started researching the full offerings of Beachbody everything from the fitness DVDs to the shakes, I knew what I really wanted to try was the On Demand service. At the end of the day, I do not need any more DVDs laying around and the On Demand platform can be taken with you on the go. You can play it anywhere there is a wi-fi connection.

Signing up for BOD (Beachbody On Demand is just as easy). I signed up originally with the All-Access Kickstart Challenge Pack because it gave me a year subscription to BOD (what I really wanted) and allowed me to try the greatest amount of the product including a month of Shakeology; as well as, the 3-Day Refresh.

Beachbody Coaching

Then I started researching the Beachbody coaching model. I thought, what a great way for me to help share my passion for fitness and health while getting healthy myself. I know one of the biggest things for me is staying accountable and sticking with a program. If I can build a team where doing my workouts others don’t want to miss theirs, together we can achieve our goals.

If you are interested in joining my team, having me as a coach (or if you would prefer Brian as your coach), or you have questions about Beachbody, send me at email at Let’s achieve our goals together.