My 80 Day Obsession Journey: Week 5 – Keep Your Body Guessing

Week 5 was one of those weeks that I think I am absolutely obsessed with. I can really feel how much strength I gained in Weeks 1 – 4 and I am so proud of myself. This phase is all about building on that strength. There is also an emphasis on form and compound movements so that your body can never guess what is coming next. Even the order of the workouts got shaken up to keep your body guessing. I am so in love with this program it is incredible. This is going to be the phase where I truly see my results start to really pop.

Day 29

I was so excited when I woke up this morning I felt like I was starting a brand new workout program. And ultimately that is really the case. In this phase, we get 5 totally different routines plus in cardio flow, we had the 2 extra reps to everything. I also changed meal plans. The reason for all of these changes to keep your body guessing and to help prevent your body from getting too comfortable.

Meal Plan Curve Ball

As I mentioned in my Phase 1 results post, instead of eating in Plan C, I am now eating in Plan D. This simply means that I get more food throughout the day. So, that meant this morning during my pre-workout meal, I got to enjoy an extra purple container. I love my purples so I threw ½ a banana into my oatmeal that I enjoyed along with my cauliflower pizza.

This meal plan just like the workouts is designed to keep your body guessing. You don’t want to keep fueling your body the same way or with the same foods because then it can plateau. By providing my body with more fuel than the last phase, my body knows it can burn more. It can use the energy to burn more fat or repair my muscles overnight.

It also meant I got to have an extra red container with my post-workout meal. So I am currently enjoying Greek Yogurt with my power greens and cinnamon, cooked chicken, and a sweet potato waffle with peanut butter. This will keep me energized up all morning long.

New Booty Day Routine

As I mentioned, we had a change-up in the order of the workouts this week which was so nice! That meant today was Booty Day. In Phase 1, you do a lot of the workouts from the ground. Not so much in Phase 2. By the end, everything was on fire and to be honest still is. Autumn said during this workout, you can be sore tomorrow or sorry tomorrow. You decide. I am happy to say I am will be sore tomorrow and so happy about it.

Day 30

It is amazing to be hitting day 30 already. We are basically 1/3 of the way through the length of this program (91 days). I can officially say that I have made it 30 days without processed foods and dessert! I am also able to say that I made it 30 days with no alcohol. Was it always easy? No! Cravings are going to happen. Saying no to friends is hard but when you have goals and you are trying to focus your life and living your best one, it becomes a little easier. We have to prioritize what matters most in life and for me, sometimes I have to say no to friends so I can sleep.

Now when I do spend time with my friends it is healthy and quality time. It is not always centered on food and drinks (those nights are fun too). I have realized over the last few months that we as a society center our lives around food. We plan entertainment around food. This is where we have to start changing.

Cardio Core

When I woke up this morning I was really tired. I went to bed way to late last night and my body wanted to punish me for not letting it fully recharge. I fully intend to go to bed by 8 pm tonight, at the latest. There is no excuse. I want to be feeling my best on my work out tomorrow, unlike todays. Especially because these are new workouts when you are tired you tend to let your form go which can cause injury.

Even though I wasn’t feeling 100% ready to work out, I buckled down and got it done. However, it was struggle bus city for sure. This Cardio Core round is much more intense than Phase 1 and I can only imagine next week when she isn’t giving us the breaks she gave us today.

By the squat to lunges, my quads were totally burnt out and I had to really slow it down. I was also completely unable to do a single-leg pike. But that is not going to stop me from pushing harder and improving next week because that is the ultimate goal, be stronger than you were yesterday.

Going into today’s workout I definitely thought that it was going to be similar to last week. Boy was I wrong. But again, that is the beauty of this program. It is designed to keep my body guessing so that it continues to torch calories and get stronger.

Day 31

This was by far the hardest workout of the program so far for me! The entire routine was intense and required me to use far less weight than the last couple of workouts. With that said, I love it. My core is on fire. The compound movements were challenging but because my mind was thinking about the movements I wasn’t thinking about the pain in the rest of my body.

All I needed for this workout was 10 & 15-pound dumbbells and my sliders. I should have checked beforehand because I assumed it would be like Phase 1 and require bands which meant I needed to wear leggings. Now, I know for next week that Phase 2’s Total Body Core, Cardio Flow & Leg Day do not involve bands.

I am really looking forward to tonight because Brian and I are celebrating Valentine’s Day with a date night in. Traditionally we make steak, scallops, and some kind of veggie. This year it is asparagus and baked red potatoes. We also always have a dessert but this year, my dessert will be an apple with peanut butter and Brian’s is the ice cream I bought him yesterday. I am such a good fiancé. I am very lucky to have someone who supports my eating habits. We rarely have dessert in the house now but I wanted Brian to have a sweet treat to end the night. After all, it is Valentine’s Day.

Typically, I follow an 85/15 lifestyle. 85% of the time I am eating healthy and the other 15% I am living life and eating off plan. Life is all about balance. If you stick to your plan 100% of the time (unless it is for a certain purpose), that is often when the cheats happen. After these 91 days are up, I will definitely be going back to my 85/15 lifestyle but for now, it is 100% clean. And you know what, I still don’t feel deprived!

Day 32

Holy CORE! My abs and stomach are definitely feeling yesterday’s workout. Just breathing regularly I can feel it. But you know what, I am feeling it all over my body and it is that good kind of sore. It is not pain so I know that I focused and held good form yesterday!

Last night for Valentine’s Day, Brian surprised me with 30-pound dumb bells that couldn’t have come at a better time since today was leg day and I was ready to feel the burn! He also got me a couple’s massage for next Monday which I am totally looking forward too. To top it off, he got me 3 new workout tanks! My babe knows me so well.

Waking up today wasn’t hard because I was in bed by 8 pm and got a great roughly 7 ½ hours of sleep. Ideally, I would be getting 8 hours but right now it is just not possible. Hopefully, after basketball season, I can make that happen.

I feel like I am saying this every day so of this week but this Leg Day was my favorite day so far. I pushed really hard and burned out my muscles, thanks to the weighted exercise, followed by the same move on the slider. Each day my body is being challenged in new ways and it is so incredible. I definitely took advantage of having those 30 pounders and can’t wait to use them in some of the other workouts!

Tonight is going to be a late one because we are getting our taxes done at 8 pm so hopefully, I will be able to make it through the day tomorrow and my workout. It is another hour-long one so I have to be prepared!

Day 33

I won’t lie, I seriously considered snoozing my alarm today. I was on less than 6 hours of sleep and my body definitely could have used it. But I knew it was Friday and I would be able to sleep in a bit on the weekend as we had limited plans (except for starting our bathroom remodel). So, I got out of bed and enjoyed my pre-workout meal while listening to a training done by my coach.

As I went downstairs to push play I didn’t know what to expect out of AAA. I wasn’t a super fan of Phase 1’s AAA. I was also sore from leg day. But I was pleasantly surprised! This workout was amazing and complex. It kept my body guessing and I was exhausted by the time we were halfway done.

I was so grateful that Autumn said we would only be doing the negative exercises during the second round. I am not sure if my body could have taken doing both again today. However, I did get it done and I feel stronger.

We have a tournament starting tonight for basketball which should be interesting. It is about 30 minutes about from home so I will be riding the team bus. I am hoping that I can stay awake! Another late night but thankfully it is the weekend.

Day 34

Well, that was a sweaty one for sure. I woke up this morning knowing I had to get my workout in before the construction team arrived at 9 am. For the first time during this program, I skipped my pre-workout meal to ensure that I was done on time. Truthfully, I was really nervous about this workout because it was adding 2 reps to every single move. I don’t know how that meal would have sat in my stomach. But I also know that as I worked through the moves, my body was missing the calories.

But unlike 4 weeks ago when I did this workout the first time. I felt mentally strong. I pushed through. Even though by the end I was gassed! I was proud of myself. The truth is, we can do hard things. Our bodies know how to push through but it is often our minds that stop us. I am determined to not let that happen to me.

My body is definitely in need of a rest day. I don’t want to see myself get sick or injured because I am not taking care of myself. So I was not surprised when I laid down to take a nap today, I passed out for over two hours. It felt amazing!

Day 35

To say that I was excited about this rest day would be an understatement. I knew today was going to be a very relaxing day of working on my client’s businesses, meal prepping, and stretching. Also on the agenda, a nice long nap.

I got all of our meals done for the next couple of weeks (at least the dinners). Then I was able to make sweet potato waffles for the next two weeks, post-workout meals. I chopped all of my veggies for the week and made a breakfast pizza for my pre-workout meal for the next week.

What also felt amazing was I laid down again to go and relax and watch some Netflix and took another 2-hour nap. I now feel incredible and am excited about starting week 6 tomorrow.

Week 5 Kept My Body Guessing

Week 5 was the start of a brand new phase which meant all new workouts. It was also the start of a brand new eating bracket for me. There were ups and downs and I learned that I have to make sure my body is getting the rest it deserves. This program is always challenging me in new ways and keeping my body guessing. I am excited about every workout because now I know my body is strong enough. My mind is also so much stronger! I have turned my can’ts into cans and I just can’t wait to see where it takes me!

If you are interested in learning more about 80 Day Obsession and how you can join me for my next round, leave me a comment or send me an email. You can also follow my entire journey on Instagram at FitnessMadeBreezy. Remember, with this program, you have to be ready to expect everything!

My 80 Day Obsession Journey & Learning to Trust the Process Phase 1 Results

It has been four weeks since I started this journey. That is four weeks of no processed foods, no sugar, and no added salt. This list can go on and on. I have been following the timed nutrition plan as closely as I can with my schedule but making sure I am sticking to my containers at each meal. I am choosing to trust the process. There have only been a few times that I am hungry. There have also been a few times that I was HANGRY. I have been bloated a lot and I have adjusted my meals accordingly.

I cannot wait for phase 2 because I think I am so much better prepared for the eating portion of the program. Even though I have no idea what the workouts are going to entail I am excited. Again, I am choosing to trust the process. This program is changing me both physically and mentally and I am embracing it and giving it my all.

So without further ado, I am so excited to show you my results. These results are from my day 0 which was January 14th up until now, February 11th. Even though I have not lost a lot of weight, I can see the physical changes in my frame (and this was after my TOM) and am loving how the inches are coming off.

Phase 1 Results

For the first phase of the program, I was following Plan C which is my weight loss plan. I got every workout in and followed the plan as accurately as I could. I have not had processed foods, desserts or sweets, or any alcohol in 28 days and my body feels so clean.

Between these result photos, there is only a 3-pound difference; however, I am down 5.25 inches. One of the things that Autumn has mentioned is that stress can cause our bodies to retain weight; as well as, not getting enough sleep. I have been getting 7 hours a sleep a night on average; however, I know that I should be getting 8. It is hard to do that though when I wake up at 3:30 am which would push my bedtime to 7:30. But for phase two I am going to make this a priority to be in bed by 8 whenever I can. I have also been over-stressed at work thanks to a number of situations so I am going to focus on keeping my stress levels down whenever possible and make sure I am taking time for me throughout the day to reset my mind.


Looking Ahead

As I sat and recalculated my eating plan with the Phase 2 calculation, I am now going to be eating in Plan D. I am choosing to trust the process with this one because I haven’t really been hungry eating in plan C. What I was shocked to realize was my maintenance bracket should be Plan F. I am going to see how eating in Plan D goes for Phase 2 and may jump to maintenance for Phase 3 if I think it makes sense. Remember, sometimes your body needs more fuel and that means eating more. If you don’t give it enough, you are often going to hold onto your fat stores and not see that major weight loss.

Trust the Process

Life transformations don’t happen overnight. No one said this program was going to be easy. My results were earned not given. But if you are willing to stick with it, trust the process, magic can happen! I am 100% into this program. Although, I did set some goals at the beginning of the program, you know at the end of the day my biggest goal, just like when I run races is to finish. I want to see this program through. It can’t be said for certain if I will ever follow this program to a T again, especially when it comes to the 100% clean eating. But one thing I can say for sure is that I will do the workouts again. I will just incorporate them into a more 85/15 lifestyle.

At this point in my life and being less than 16 months from the wedding, I think this is ultimately going to be the program that I use as I start really sweating for the wedding!

If you are interested in learning more about 80 Day Obsession and how you can join me for my next round, leave me a comment or send me an email. You can also follow my entire journey on Instagram at FitnessMadeBreezy. Remember, with this program, you have to be ready to expect everything!


My 80 Day Obsession Journey: Week 4 – There Are No Limits

Life is continuing to move quickly. Week 4 of 80 Day Obsession was all about learning there are no limits in life. There are only limits in your mind. In just 4 weeks my mind has been transformed and I am truly starting to believe there really are no limits to where you can go.

This week was interesting for a number of reasons. In the program, week 4 is where you start to see the divide in counting on this program. The reality is there are 80 unique workouts in the program and Sunday’s stop being counted in the daily total after the first two weeks. This program is really longer than 80 days because it is 13 weeks. The program is ultimately 91 days long but the name 80 Day Obsession comes from the fact that there are 80 unique workouts!

So for the sake of my counting, I am going to keep this in sequential order but know this post is about unique workouts #21-#26.

Day 22

This morning I woke up tired. I went to bed early and didn’t end up going to our friend’s Super Bowl party last night because I was exhausted. Throughout the last few weeks, Autumn has been saying your metabolism will start to rev and you will be sweating at night. Oh boy, was I sweating last night!

I had a delicious power meal for my pre-workout breakfast which included my egg muffins from week 1. While I ate, I got to sit down at my desk and really worked to focus in and ended up getting a lot of work done. The book I

am currently listening to The 5-Second Rule as part of a leadership group I am participating in and it is amazing. I will create a separate post on the book soon. This dedicated hour is something I love. It allows me to work on my freelancing life because it guarantees that I spend at least 1-hour a day on it.

As I went downstairs to push play, I will admit this was a struggle. We are back to a 2×15 series and I just wanted to lift heavy but my body did not want too. I struggled through this whole workout by making the mistake to lift heavy starting with the squat shoulder press. I tried to do biceps curls with 25-pound dumb bells and barely made it through the first set so I had to move down to 20s for the second set.

At the end of the workout, I was exhausted and that is how it should be. It is safe to say, I am obsessed with this program.

Day 23

It will probably come as no surprise to you all but I was fast asleep by 8:30 last night. My brain is actively working with limited downtime from 3:30 am – 7:30 pm so for me it is easy to see why it shuts down so easily. But it is also because of my routine. When you are working out, staying hydrated, and eating well, you tend to sleep better.

I have just a little bit more work for one of my clients this week after putting in my hour this morning and I am looking forward to being able to focus on my coaching business for a few days in addition to one of my other clients.

I won’t lie, this morning’s workout was a total booty burner. The 2×15 series is so much harder for me than the 3×10 but I wanted to push my glutes to the max so I double-banded on some different exercises. I can safely say, I am looking forward to cardio tomorrow.

I have mentioned before, I am a part of the test group for the program. And I won’t lie and say I absolutely love the group. There are over 30,000 coaches in the group with Autumn herself and I feel like at least half the feed is complaining that the program isn’t working. For me, the program is definitely working but I also have realistic expectations. This is an 80 Day (really 91 day) program. You are not going to have abs overnight. You are not going to drop the weight the same as everyone else. If you want something, you are going to have to work for it. Everyone’s body is different. You have to trust the process and stop making excuses. This program is about pushing past your limits. If you are not doing that, your results will not be as good as you want them to be.

Day 24

Cardio was so needed today. My muscles needed a break from holding weights. Plus, this morning I woke up with my favorite friend so cardio is my natural cramp reliever. This workout was in no way easy because of the core moves but my core is feeling so much stronger and I don’t struggle with the plank holds as much. I am really looking forward to giving 5-minute Core on the Floor another shot after this program is over (a program from Core de Force). This was something that I wasn’t able to do back in November as I went through the program.

I am so grateful for my ability to work from anywhere on days like today. It is a snowy morning and I love being able to work from my home office wrapped in a blanket and drinking my tea. I know staying on track and not giving into my TOM cravings is going to be h

ard today but I have goals and I want to achieve them.

Day 25

Struggle city getting up this morning! I did not want to get up but knew there was no way I was going to have time to do AAA after work so I counted down from 5 and jumped out of bed. I hope as you read my blog you don’t think I don’t struggle with waking up early. Getting up at 3:30 every day is no joke but I just feel so much better when I take time for me in the morning to work on my business and get my sweat on.

AAA is probably my least favorite workout. Maybe it is I have a love-hate relationship with it. I am not really sure but I am just not a fan of the workout. But that does not mean I don’t give 110% or push hard. For me, I have to mentally prepare myself for it because I don’t like it. I tell myself the workouts you don’t like are the ones you often need the most!

Today was a super long day with meetings all morning long, some high school girl drama that I had to deal with, and then a game at night. I am so glad that I am not a teenage girl growing up in this world because it would not be fun. There is so much pressure to be so many things. With everything going on, I couldn’t believe that I stuck to my meal plan. I really wanted chocolate but I said no and am so happy I did. The chocolate would have tasted nice in the moment but not helped me in the long run. At the end of the day, the key is being prepared. When you know you are busy, you have to plan ahead. Planning is key!

Day 26

I am working from home again today as we have a few things going on around the house that I need to be here for so I could have slept in. But I wanted to stick to my routine. I love my 3:30 am ‘me time’. It makes me so much more productive throughout the day. Plus, I wanted to get leg day over with!

These 2×15 sets are tough after being able to lift heavy last week. My back is also super tight and I really needed to roll it out after this workout. My legs are feeling so much stronger than they were a few weeks back and I am grateful. I have always had thick strong thighs but now they are starting to pop with definition. 30-pound dumbbells are still on my list but I have been putting it off because they are pricey!

I am so happy that it is Friday. My cramps are subsiding and my bloat is decreasing. I am not sure what is truly helping but I think a lot of it has to do with I am much less stressed this week despite all that it is going on in my life. I have also incorporated the Digestive Boost into my Recover shake every morning which has been good for getting everything moving. On top of that, I have started eating more cooked vegetables rather than raw ones and I have decreased the amount of broccoli and cauliflower in my diet. I have also lowered the amount of sweet potato and quinoa I am eating. Whatever it is that did the trick, it is working. The key to this program is listening to your body.

Day 27

Holy sweaty Saturday! The last time of doing Cardio Flow with just 4 reps was intense. I was laser-focused on getting the most out of this last workout of Phase 1! I wanted to make sure I gave it my all and by the end, my legs, quads, and shoulders were on fire. For the first time, I went live on Facebook to share the last 2 rounds of the workout. Watching that playback, I realized I have a bit of formwork to do. Especially as I get tired, it is easy for my form to go. At least I have next week’s session with 6 reps to improve on that. Sometimes taking a video of yourself or working out with a mirror can help you correct the moves and get the most out of the movement.

It is very snowy here today and I am looking forward to a nice day of working on my freelancing, probably taking a nap, and just spending some quality time with Brian. The nap I think is going to be much needed as this was the first week that I did not have a day off from work and I woke up at 3:30 am every day. But you know what, my body has adjusted to it. Even this morning, I woke up around 7:45 and was eating my pre-workout meal by 9:15.

I am absolutely loving the routine I am in but I am looking forward to a rest day tomorrow to focus on stretching and preparing for everything this upcoming week has in store. Phase 2 is going to up the intensity and add in compound movements which I am really looking forward too.

Day 28

This morning as I stretched myself out, I listened to Autumn talk about how to recalculate for Phase 2. Being a part of this test group has been amazing as I have had the opportunity to listen to her insights and describe why things are the way they are. But one of the things that has really bothered me over the last 4 weeks, is the number of coaches complaining.

These are supposed to be people that are helping others achieve the results they want and supposed to be sharing realistic expectations. Yet, many seem to believe that their bodies should be down 20 pounds in 28 days. That is not the case and should never be the case unless you have that amount of weight to lose. Fast weight loss leads to fast gaining. You didn’t gain all that weight in 28 days so why should it come off that quickly?

I am in this program for the long haul and cannot wait for phase 2 to begin tomorrow and push myself to new levels!

There are No Limits to Life

Wow! Week 4 is in the books! How are we here already? Later today, I am going to be posting a separate post highlighting my Phase 1 results. I am so excited to show you all my progress from just 28 Days. When I posted my photos side by side, I was shocked with my results to date especially in my overall mood and energy. I will be honest and say, I didn’t think I would stick to the timed nutrition. There was no way I thought I would wake up at 3:30 am practically every day of the work week. I didn’t think I would improve my core strength or overall strength as much as I have in just 28 days.

The key is all about trusting the process. Putting the work in will get you the results you want. Results don’t come from just doing the workouts. It comes from what you do in the kitchen. And how you are taking care of your body. There are no limits to what you can accomplish when you set your mind right.

I know there are no limits to what I will achieve in Phase 2 as long as I continue to settle for more. If you are interested in learning more about 80 Day Obsession and how you can join me for my next round, leave me a comment or send me an email. You can also follow my entire journey on Instagram at FitnessMadeBreezy. Remember, with this program, you have to be ready to expect everything!


My 80 Day Obsession Journey: Week 3 – Expect Everything and Anything

Every week brings a new challenge when it comes to this program. I am loving embracing each individual challenge and learning to expect everything and anything from Autumn. You see, at the end of the day, this is a program. I am choosing to follow the meal plan to a T but when it is over I will go back to my normal 85/15 lifestyle. I want to be able to see what my body can do when I give it the best fuel I can offer it. That does not mean I won’t continue to fuel it in this way when the 80 days are over. I just will be able to go back to enjoying my glass of wine and chocolate on occasion! Although my superfood shakes are definitely helping fight the urge to cheat, I won’t lie and say it is easy.

This week brought its own unique challenges for sure. The test group that I am apart of has a lot of anxious coaches fearing that the program is not working. It was getting so bad that Autumn had to jump online to remind everyone that everyone is different. You cannot base your 2-week results off of someone else’s. So this week I went into the workouts with the mindset that I should expect everything and anything. Here is how my week went:

Day 15

I woke up this morning refreshed from some amazing sleep over the weekend and truly ready to expect everything and anything. I am glad I went into it with this mindset because I definitely didn’t expect some of the things I was feeling. The main problem was I feel like I have been thrown off hormonally. I am typically the most regular person in the world but not this month. Sorry if that is TMI but I want to be 100% honest with you as I go through this journey of cleansing my body and pushing it to new limits. I have been eating on point and eating a lot of fiber and I think that is causing my constipation, bloating, and a few other symptoms. So my goal this week is to reduce my fiber intake and focus on soluble fiber options.

Aside from feeling slightly off, I was determined to push myself again this week! Like last week, this was a 3×10 series except instead of going all the way through the workout three times; we were going through each set 3 times before moving on to the next set. Hello BURNOUT. By the end of the workout, my arms were shaking on every move and I had to fight for proper form but I am so glad I pushed through because I gave it everything I had.

With a game tonight, I am hoping to stay on point with my timed nutrition and try and spend some time on my lunch break figuring out some lighter on the stomach foods. That is going to be touch because I eat sweet potato (with the skin) and spinach, one or the other or sometimes both with basically every meal.

If you have any ideas, I would love to hear about them in the comments. I am hoping that as this week progresses, I will see my symptoms subside!

Day 16

I absolutely love Booty Day which I think drove my energy to wake up this morning. I have been experiencing a lot of stress lately. My Nana, whom I had dinner with last Thursday is now in the hospital, it is looking like she will be all right but that is never fun. My job is stressful and I have to have a conversation tomorrow that I am really not looking forward too. I am also overwhelmed with everything I have going on and trying to find the balance. I think all of the changes to my exercise plan, nutrition plan, wedding planning, and the increased stress at work and in life are causing some of the side effects I am feeling. At least I am hoping so. I am hoping that a good long weekend off (I am off from work Thursday afternoon and Friday) will be just what my body needs to get back into gear.

Thankfully, the side effects are not affecting my workouts. Today’s Booty Burnout was 55 minutes of pure focus on my butt and I upped those bands and pushed my glutes to the max. I am really going to feel them tomorrow. I absolutely love the 3×10 burnout rounds that we are doing this week. Repeating the 3 exercises 3 times before moving on is such a good changeup. I am totally obsessed with this program and each day I am learning to expect everything and anything of myself.

I am seriously hoping that I am able to destress this weekend because it is literally eating away at me. It is making me want to cheat the meal plan, and just lay around and watch movies. I truly think this is stress related because of my lack of symptoms. I guess only time will tell.

Day 17

Well, the bloating continues. As I finished my workout (cardio, normally super slimming), I could tell my face was puffy. I know I said in last week’s post I planned to try different things so I have been adding different veggies. This week instead of just focusing on cauliflower, broccoli, and spinach (I still have had those). But I have also had zucchini, carrots, and bell peppers. I am hoping this is going to help. Next week is that fun time of the month for me so hopefully, this is a combo of my body adjusting to the new eating plan, the new sleep schedule, and preparing for that fun time of the month….sorry again if that is TMI. I want this blog to be truly focused on my real experience. I guess we shall see.

Day 18

Let’s talk about AAA. The first week of the program, I was not a fan at all. It was probably my least favorite workout. Then the second week, I absolutely loved it! This week, I was kinda ehhh on the workout. I think for my body, that workout works better going through all the exercises rather than going through only 4 exercises at a time and trying to burn out. Last week, I was shaking halfway through the workout and struggling by the end. This week, I upped where I needed too but didn’t get that shaky burnt out feel. So we shall see how I feel about the program next week.

Today was a work from home day which is nice because then I can make all my meals fresh. I had a half day today as well so in the afternoon, I was able to run to the store and stock up on a few items for the next week before Brian and I do a massive meal haul on the 17th. For me, a massive meal prepping session happens roughly every 6 weeks and I freeze a bunch of meals. This allows me to spend less time thinking about what is for dinner. Do you meal prep? If so, how far out do you prep for?

Day 19

Wow, it is hard to believe it, we are already almost to Day 20 and a quarter of the way done with this program. I think the addition of different veggies over the last few days is helping. I have also reduced the amount of quinoa and sweet potatoes I am eating. Limiting both of those items to just 3/5 daily carbs. Then adding in regular oatmeal, edamame, a whole grain tortilla, or other meal plan approved carbs. We will truly see the bloat reduce next Sunday post my TOM.

But what can I tell you about leg day? Well, I definitely need to purchase 30-pound weights. My back got a little sore near the end so I will be foam rolling that tonight. I am also feeling so much less bloated; however, just in time for the bloating to be going away and my digestion to be back on track, my Boosts arrived. For those of you that don’t know what the Boosts are, they are additions to add to things like smoothies, shakes, yogurt, oatmeal to help with getting greens in (without chewing them), aid with digestion and energy. I ordered the Digestive Health and Power Greens. I am not someone who has to chew my food to be full (thank goodness) so I am hoping these will help when I am struggling to try and pick a veggie.

Because I am off today, I have been able to get so many necessary things done around the house. Meal prep for next week, sweet potato waffles, tofu, and portion out the veggies for my pre-workout breakfast burritos. I tried one of them this morning and it was delicious! The tortillas I am using are Trader Joe’s handmade whole wheat tortillas. I was also able to clean the whole house which was great!

Tonight, I am hoping Brian and I can just lay low and have a quiet date night and enjoy our clean home because we have lots of errands to run tomorrow for the bathrooms!

Day 20

Holy cow we are officially a quarter of the way through this program. Time flies when you are having fun. We also only have one more week in Phase One of the program. Then it is on to Phase Two when everything changes. That is the perfect scenario! Just when you start nailing the moves, you change it up.

This morning I woke up feeling the least bloated I have since I started the program so now I am pretty sure everything was due to my veggies and carb combos. I am glad that I did not believe it was the whey protein in my recover products.

Cardio Flow is still not my favorite workout but I can tell I am getting stronger. This time I was able to move thru the moves a little easier than last week. Unfortunately, I can’t help but think about how in two weeks I will be doing 6 reps of each move. Then, 4 weeks later I will be doing 8 reps of each move. That is 96 inchworms in the workout! I am choosing to focus on just this week, just this day. I am learning to expect everything and anything. But it isn’t easy when you know what is coming.

My least favorite move in this series is the bear crawls because I think I have a pinched nerve in my left shoulder that is super painful whenever I do them, just that move. So I spent some time rolling that area out with my massage ball! Really hoping this helps.

Casino Trip

We were supposed to head to Home Depot to grab the rest of our stuff for our bathroom remodel but my mom called this morning. She told us they were heading to the casino about an hour and a half away from us and asked if we wanted to join them. So we decided to make a day of it and invite Brian’s mom along too. It was a great trip and I am glad we went. I brought my shake in the car but I knew we were going to eat at the buffet for dinner.

When we sat down, I ordered water and decided to go with the stirfry and loaded up my veggies, no rice noodles and did a combo of shrimp and chicken for my protein. I picked around and ate what I wanted (probably a little over on my veggie limit but at least it was veggies). In addition, I had a few oysters on the half shell with fresh lemon and hot sauce. I also grabbed a serving of fruit for my dessert. There were blackberries, raspberries, and pineapple and it was delicious. I was barely tempted by the amazing looking dessert bar.

Had we gone a few weeks ago, I know I would have overindulged and craved dessert. This week, I didn’t feel like I needed the ice cream bar. The only thing missing from the meal was a carb because there was not an option that I saw as meal plan approved. I think ultimately this helped me not feel overwhelmingly full! Plus, I knew I would eat when I got home.

In case you are wondering if I won or not, I did not but Brian walked away a winner!

We made it home around 8:30 and I made myself my last meal. A sweet potato waffle with peanut butter and greek yogurt with cinnamon and a scoop of power greens. I do not recommend mixing power greens into yogurt. I think I will keep it to smoothies from now on. However, it did allow me to get my last veggie in for the day.

Day 21

I love Sundays in this program because they are rest, recover, and stretch days. Your five meals can be completed in any order you please. As I write this I am enjoying my meal 1 of the day. Which is a sweet potato waffle with peanut butter and scrambled eggs with spinach and a little bit of nutritional yeast.

We are going to be running our errands in about an hour to get the remaining items for our bathroom and also making a pit stop at Old Navy to use my Super Cash! I am addicted to their workout clothes so I am hoping there are a few new things there that I can get.

Stretching and foam rolling was just what I need this morning. I am also focused on making sure I drink enough water today so I wake up ready to take on week 4 of the program tomorrow. It is going to be a busy week with 3 games, a few major projects at work needing my attention, and some key deadlines for my freelance clients but I know for me I operate best under pressure. I also work best when I get my workout in before the day has truly begun.

Tonight is the Super Bowl and we will be enjoying it with friends. Brian and I are going to take separate cars because I plan on heading home at halftime because I need to sleep! I have made my traditional Super Bowl brownies but will for the first time in basically my whole life (my mom made them growing up) I will not be partaking. Instead, I am bringing a Chocolate, Peanut butter, Banana, and Spinach Shake to curb my sweet tooth. I am also bringing cut up veggies to snack on as I am sure there will be limited options for me! But you know what? I am okay with that.

Expect Everything and Anything

Week 3 is in the books and I am so proud of myself. We are over a quarter of the way there on this journey and I am loving what I am seeing so far. If you are interested in learning more about 80 Day Obsession and how you can join me for my next round, leave me a comment or send me an email. You can also follow my entire journey on Instagram at FitnessMadeBreezy. Remember, with this program, you have to be ready to expect everything!

My 80 Day Obsession Journey: Week 2 – Breaking Barriers

Week one was great and I am already feeling so much better! But just wait until you read what week 2 had in store for me. It just keeps getting better and better and I am breaking barriers with each workout!

Day 8

I still have some roll-over vacation time from last year so I have been taking a few days off here and there and today was one of those days. Sunday night I thought it would be a great idea to take a nap. Unfortunately, I took the nap at 5 pm and I passed out until 7 pm (I guess I was tired). This made for a rough go of falling asleep last night. So I made the call that sleeping in would be the best thing for me. After all, one of the biggest things that Autumn preaches is self-care.

Autumn’s Test Group

I haven’t mentioned before but I am actually going through the Test Group with her. There are also several thousand other coaches via a private Facebook group. She is sharing her insider tips which is awesome to hear. The other day she posted a live video about how one of the people in the group made a comment about how they are not prioritizing sleep. She basically called them out and said you need sleep with this program. Your body needs time to recharge.

So I listened to my body and woke up at 745 made breakfast and was pushing play by 9 on Total Body Core. This would be the same workout as last week but with one exception, this week was a 3×10 week, not 2×15. The goal was to increase your weights due to the lower reps. I upped my weights on practically everything with the exception of the exercises I was already been using my 20lb dumb bells on. This confirmed that I needed to order new weights and I placed my order right after finishing the workout.

As I cooled down, my arms were shaking. Even though I could barely move them, I knew I had worked them the way that I should and had given everything I had to the program. Goal succeeded for the day!

Day 9

When my alarm went off this morning I rolled over, pushed myself up to reach for my alarm and my triceps completely gave out. I had pushed my muscles to their breaking point yesterday which I absolutely love! Having not woken up early yesterday and getting home late last night from a basketball game in Rochester, this wakeup call was rough! Thankfully, I knew I had a new pre-workout meal waiting for me that I was anxious to try! Cauliflower pizza with quinoa, egg, spinach, ground turkey, mushrooms, and onions topped with a little nutritional yeast.

Holy cow was it delicious! I received some exciting news from a former client about a new job yesterday so I spent my morning hour getting back up to speed with where the business is right now and where I can help take them. Having this focused hour in my day is pretty incredible for getting extra work done.

Work that booty

After my food had digested, it was time to press play on Booty Day. Just like yesterday, the workout was a 3×10 and an hour long. I intended to burn out my glutes by upping the bands that I was using and boy did I!

The bands that I had purchased for this program are from Amazon so I have 6 different resistance levels and today I went all the way up to the black band (double-heavy)!

I will probably pay for it tomorrow but as long as my legs don’t give out on me like my arms did this morning, we will be good!

Day 10

Last night was a late night. I had an event for work and had my first corporate lunch out. We went to a restaurant at one of the local colleges sponsored by their culinary school. I enjoyed Lobster, Snap Peas, and Pasta. I ate all of the meaty lobster and snap peas out of the dish and about 1/3 of the pasta because there was so much and gave the rest to Brian for his pre-practice meal. It was a nice lemon and cheese sauce which I counted as my blue container. Then later that evening we had a networking event at the Albright Knox Museum. I avoided the bar and kept water with lemon in my hands and enjoyed some of the food including a Scallop BLT, YUM. Even though I had helped plan the event, I was slightly disappointed that there was no veggie or fruit tray because I was counting on that as my purple and green. So when I got home I grab 2 mini-oranges and some veggies to finish out the day.

When I woke up this morning I was prepared to get some work down as I enjoyed my cauliflower breakfast pizza which is still delicious by the way. Then I was off to push play! The thing with today’s workout was I knew I would have to push myself because it was Cardio Core day and most of the exercises were just using body weight. Last week I thought it was the easiest workout of the week and then I listened to Autumn in our Facebook group who said this workout should not be easy. If it is easy, you are not pushing hard enough. So I took that as a personal challenge and sweated my ASS off today. There were moves that I was going faster than the group and that is okay. There were also moves I was going slower to maintain good form. At the end of the day, this is your journey go at your pace!

Changing Things Up

This week, I also switched back to recover which is part of the Beachbody Performance line. I personally blend mine up with ice, water, and half a frozen banana and it is delicious! However, this week have been changing up the order of my meals. I love having my sweet potato waffle and peanut butter and a protein & veggie as my post-workout meal at my desk and then my shake for lunch. This keeps me full and focused all morning long and then the afternoon just seems to fly! Tomorrow is AAA which kicked my butt last week so I can’t wait to see how I feel after a 3×10 workout.

Plus, I have a game tonight against the best team in the league and I am doing a coach sneak peek at 7:30 pm EST so it will be a long and fun evening!

Day 11

A Long Evening

Last night was another late night and long day for me but I had my biggest meal plan win yet! Our team had a celebratory cake session for the people who received promotions and I resisted. It was not just cake; it was cookie ice cream cake! I am so proud of myself even though I really wanted it because I realized it would have tasted good in the moment but then I would have wished I didn’t have it. At the end of the day, I am not perfect. This is not a sustainable meal plan for me, the time nutrition component is but this girl loves chocolate and I don’t want to break up with it. But for these 80 Days, I am looking at this as a personal challenge and sweets and I are on a break!

So how did the rest of my day end up? Basically, 3 pm on in my day was a blur. I had my first flavor of the “cut-throat” business project world and then went directly to my basketball game against the top team in the league. Unfortunately, we have a few girls sick this week so we were down 2 players and lost but we are back in action tomorrow and it will be a new day. It was so sweet that Brian came to the game but by the time we got home I was starving and the meatloaf was going to take an hour to cook so I had to break up my last meal so that I could get something in my stomach on time! Since the meatloaf took longer to cook, I jumped on the Coaching Sneak Peak and wrapped it up about 8:30 and finished my dinner while cheering on the rest of the girls!

With everything going on, I didn’t end up in bed until about 9 pm so it was going to be a short sleep last night unfortunately but tonight I am determined to be better.

Breaking Barriers

Waking up, surprisingly, wasn’t as hard as I anticipated despite the limited sleep. I think I am just so excited about my pre-workout meal and crushing my workout. I was so proud of myself this morning as I crushed this morning’s workout. Last week, this was the hardest workout of the week and despite pushing myself I felt strong all the way through!

New Equipment

On Monday, after Day 8, I had ordered new 25lb dumbbells and they came last night so I was very excited to give them a try and push past my previous bests. I also tried double-looping for some of the moves which I will not lie, I am majorly feeling it in my glutes right now.

Tomorrow is leg day so I am hoping by pushing myself today; I can continue to push tomorrow! Even better, tonight is FRIDAY EVE!

Day 12

Dinner with Nana

I love spending time with my Nana and last night was no exception. We enjoyed dinner at D’Avolios which is one of my favorite restaurants because of the freshness of the food. When my Aunt asked me where we should go, I wanted to make sure it was a place I would have delicious options. I made a build your own salad with kale, chicken, artichokes, seeds, Gouda cheese, mandarin oranges, and an oil olive dressing. It was also nice to spend some time with my Aunt, Uncle, and cousin Matilda.

We got home around 8 and my dad called me, so we chatted for a while and by the time I hung up I needed to go to sleep, I was exhausted.

Your Body is a Furnace

I was super groggy when I woke up at 3:45 am but wanted to finish out the sets I had to do for my freelance client so I focused for an hour as I ate my pre-workout meal. I also listened to Autumn talk while I worked about the importance of self-care and it reminded me that I definitely needed to sleep a lot this weekend and let my body recover. Autumn also reminded me that the reason I am waking up hungry in the morning is my body is like a furnace since doing these workouts. My metabolism is rising and my body is healing and repairing itself overnight and using a lot of energy to do so.

Shaky Legs

I wanted to continue the momentum of the week so I really pushed myself this morning but worked to maintain proper form. I upped most of the leg exercises to my new 25lb dumbbells and actually think I have to get 30s way sooner than planned especially for moves like reverse lunges and hip hinges.

By the 3rd set, my legs were shaky and on the brink of exhaustion but I kept pushing. I definitely needed the extra breaks Autumn was taking to grab water and make sure I was staying hydrated. You don’t realize when you are lifting how much energy you are using and how much you are sweating until you pause for a minute!

When I was finally done and stretched out, I ran up the stairs to go and grab something but what I wasn’t expecting was that shakiness in my legs! So wobbly! I am guessing tonight and tomorrow my legs are going to be beyond sore but it is going to hurt so good!

Thankfully, tomorrow is the last hard workout of the week and a rest/stretch day on Sunday but I am not looking past tomorrow. Last week it was a very challenging workout despite the length. But this week, I know I am stronger and ready for it. Plus, those inchworms are an awesome stretch for my hamstrings!

Day 13

Cardio Flow

Last week, this was one of the toughest workouts for me from a mental standpoint. There are limited breaks and this week it would be the same exact workout. I knew there was a longer break (the only one of the workout between the progression and when you repeat the sets 2 more times) so I worked the whole workout towards that. And then to my surprise, the break was only 30 seconds.

I really shouldn’t have been surprised because each week is building and no two workouts in this program are ever the same. This is the piece that I absolutely love about the program! I am breaking barriers that I never thought I would and loving my progress!

The rest of the day was spent at Home Depot shopping for our bathroom remodel that is beginning in two weeks. We lifted so much tile that it felt like another workout. We are really excited to have this remodel complete and to be able to actually see one of the updates we have made to our home. Being a young homeowner, we have only been able to do the garage roof and the driveway so far in the year and a half we have been in the home so we are very excited about this project.

Taco Night

When we got home and unpacked the car, we were hungry! We had taken our shakes in the car to stay on track. Brian and I decided to have a movie & Taco night. Since I am doing this meal plan alone, I figured out my modifications ahead of time. I did cauliflower rice for rice so that I could have beans as my carb. I also had lettuce wraps while Brian had tortillas. Another substitute I made was Plain Greek Yogurt in place of Sour Cream. It isn’t always easy to modify but it was just as delicious without the guilt!

 Day 14

I love Sundays. They are the perfect recovery day for my body after these long weeks of workouts. This morning, when I woke up, I realized I had slept 12 hours! It felt absolutely amazing just what my body needed. Autumn preaches throughout these programs that trusting the process and listening to your body is important. Getting up at 3:30 am is difficult 5 days a week but not impossible. I am fortunate that my body does not adjust on the weekends. This allows me to wake up at my normal time. I am able to turn my brain off and sleep until I can’t sleep anymore. Typically I am only able to sleep in when I do not have anything pressing to do. That day which is what happened today. Sure I have things to get done but I don’t have a set time I need to be anywhere.

So when I woke up this morning at 8:30, I felt incredible! I slowly got up to casually stretch everything out. I really enjoyed the stretch workout for Day 14. There is no doubt in mind, I will be using it for these next few weeks.

Now I am looking forward to relaxing and spending some time with my coaching clients for the next few hours! Week 2 is officially in the books and it was all about breaking barriers. I can not wait to see what next week has in store for me! Will it be physical or mental? If you are interested in learning more about 80 Day Obsession and how you can join me for my next round, leave me a comment or send me an email. You can also follow my entire journey on Instagram at FitnessMadeBreezy.

My 80 Day Obsession Journey: Week 1 -The Detox

The time is finally here! The opportunity with 80 Day Obsession to break down and push past my limits. I know this week is going to be a huge mental battle. There will be detox portion that I have no idea what it will look or feel like. This meal plan is intense but I know I am ready!

Day 0

My Day 0 was a Sunday and I spent it stretching, meal prepping and at a baby shower. I definitely indulged and enjoyed a few hard ciders before saying goodbye to alcohol for the next 80 Days (I just keep looking at it as two Lents right in a row! I also tuned into the weekly episode of Weekly Obsession to check-in with the cast and see what they thought of week 1. The nice part about these episodes is they give you insight into the program from the people who are going through it in the workouts! This was the first ever program recorded 80 days in a row. So when you are sore, remember the cast is too! And remember as you adjust to the new meal plan, you are probably going to experience detox symptoms. This is normal!

Day 1

I am so happy today is a bank holiday because it allows me to take my time and adjust to this new meal plan. I woke up at 9:00 am and ate my quinoa (yellow), ricotta & 1 egg (red), and spinach omelet, or at least that is what I am calling it. While eating, I drank a full bottle of water and worked on some work for my freelance clients and planned out my meals for the rest of the week. By 10:15 it was time to press play and boy did I sweat.

At one point, Brian came in and asked if I was okay! Obviously, I was but I was pushing myself to the max and grunting in the process. It is Day 1 and I am hooked.

Day 2

Day 2’s workout consisted of 60-minutes focused solely on the booty. There were moves that really hurt from the beginning and then there were moves that just seemed to creep up on you. Also, the bands were being super annoying for me. This is supposedly normal but I was not amused as I just wanted to keep going and had to keep pressing pause to fix the rolling bands.

This was also my first day of waking up at 3:45 so that was another type of adjustment. Because of all the water, I was drinking on Day 1, I was up 3 times to pee in the middle of the night. And by 3 pm I was exhausted and had to go to basketball practice. Not to mention the massive headache I was experiencing as my body has been detoxing from the Christmas holiday. This detox is no joke! So I made the decision to cut out the recharge in this evening because it was 8oz of water that my body didn’t need especially right before bed. We will see how I feel in the morning!

Day 3

Waking up this morning was not as bad as I thought. Thankfully, I only woke up once to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night which was great and I was asleep by 8:30 (my body functions best off of 8 hours of sleep). I think I will only be using recharge when I really feel my body needs it. Breakfast today was what I had prepped on the weekend which is just a slight twist from Monday: quinoa (yellow), ground turkey & 1 egg (red), and spinach muffins. I am also continuing to drink a full 24oz of water to get everything going in the morning.

After waiting my hour, I jumped into my workout (Energize down the hatch) and pressed play on Cardio Core only equipment need – sliders. Now, when your trainer tells you they don’t expect you to make it through the workout you get a little worried. But at the end of the day, I made it through without stopping! Talk about a mental game!

I won’t lie, my headache is still here but that is to be expected. Detoxing is no joke! I am addicted to chocolate and sugar and went a little hard over the holidays. I expect after today my body will have pretty much adjusted to the meal plan and all will be good on that front but stay tuned!

Day 4

When I woke up this morning, the struggle was real! But since my body is finally adjusting to the morning timing, once the lights are on and I have had a few sips of water, brushed my teeth, and splashed cold water on my face, I am good to go. I think my body has also adjusted to the pre-workout meal and it is exactly what my body needs to fight through these workouts. What I am struggling to figure out how to incorporate a full spoon into the pre-workout meal. I know there is a little coconut oil used in my ground turkey but it was one spoonful for 9 servings. I have seriously debated having a spoonful of natural peanut butter just to get it in.

With my pre-workout in hand, I pushed harder than I have during a workout in a long time. I lifted heavier weights and pushed passed the mental block that told me I wouldn’t be able to stay up on the pushups and that I would have to go lighter on my weights for the 2nd round. The truth is I survived! I didn’t have to lower my weights or break my form. Your body can do hard things; you just have to let it.

Day 5

Yesterday, I will not lie was an extremely rough day. I got tough news to take at my corporate job and I was just emotionally charged. This lead to a rough night sleep, fighting temptations to cheat on my meal plan (I didn’t – FYI), and just wanting to stay in bed. It was then I realized I was so thankful to have something structured in my life to fall back on, my health and fitness journey. My meals were laid out for me, my workouts were set. This was something I could count on, a constant. So after I cleared my thoughts this morning, I decided life is about controlling what you can control. Nothing is given in this world, everything is earned.

I absolutely love this morning’s leg workout. It was lots of lunges and squats that activated my entire lower body and core. I was concerned that it was going to be tough but I think I am growing mentally stronger because it was tough but it wasn’t impossible. You have to break down the mental battle to become your best self and that is what I am doing.

Today, my nutrition has been on-point. I am very proud of this. I have had a lot of stress! Two games and big projects going on is a lot. But by planning ahead and preparing my meals I was set to tackle the world. Now, this weekend will be more challenging because I will be home. I will be surrounded by time and by my kitchen cabinets. But I am hoping to stay strong and trust the process. I cannot wait to sleep tonight because I am emotionally and physically exhausted but we will be heading out with friends so this will be interesting!

Day 6

Wow, this week was such a roller coaster of emotions but I am so lucky that I had this program to fall back on. We went out last night to a comedy show at a whiskey bar and I made sure that I ate before we left so I wasn’t tempted! We had a ton of fun with our friends and the local comedians were great. When we got home I was exhausted! I had been up for 20 hours so I knew another 3:45 am was not in the cards. Plus I had never planned that I would keep the same schedule on the weekends since I have never been one of those people to not be able to sleep. I knew I would let myself sleep in until my body wanted to get up which was 9 am! Full 10 hours of sleep, score!

After such a good night sleep, I was pumped for my workout! I knew it would be the last one of the week and Sunday would be a rest day! I also knew the workout was only 30 minutes! As I pushed play, I quickly learned that this was not going to be a walk in the park. Why did I ever think that? The ladder pattern was anything but easy and even though there was limited jumping involved, my heart rate was climbing. After making it through and beginning the cooldown, I thought to myself, I am so glad I don’t have to do that again! Then Autumn decided to throw a curveball at us. She let us know that the workout we just did would be our Saturday workout for the entire program, with a twist.

That twist was that throughout each phase of the program, you would increase by 2 reps. That meant, phase 1 was 4 reps, phase 2 would be 6 reps, and phase 3 would be 8 reps. So my “easy” Saturday workout would be systematically getting harder each phase.

Day 7

When I woke up this morning, it was nice because I didn’t have to worry about a hard workout. Today was a rest day and that meant foam rolling, stretching, and embracing the recovery. I knew I had worked hard this week because I was feeling like I did during college basketball season. As I began to move around I quickly realized how sore my shoulders were. They were seriously on fire from all of the inchworms yesterday!

A solid half an hour of foam rolling and stretching was just what the doctor ordered! The other piece of Sunday was the nutrition plan. I won’t lie; eating on the weekends is tough. For me, it is not necessarily about eating the sweets. But it is more about continuing to eat the right combos of food as the plan dictates for me. My goal for next weekend is to be better about this. I want to make sure I am getting all my meals in.

After basketball practice, I enjoyed watching the 2nd episode of Weekly Obsession! I learned I would probably need to order 25lb weights. I am holding off for now since I just purchased 15s but we will see how the week ahead goes!

Coming Up

I cannot wait to see what Week 2 truly has in store for me. My energy is up, I am feeling great, and I no longer bloated. Thank you detox! If you are interested in learning more about 80 Day Obsession and how you can join me for my next round, leave me a comment or send me an email. You can also follow my entire journey on Instagram at FitnessMadeBreezy.

My 80 Day Obsession Journey

Over the next 80 Days, I am going to be sharing my entire journey with you as I go through the brand new program from Beachbody called, 80 Day Obsession.

This is a first of its kind program that was recorded by Autumn Calabrese and the cast in a unique way. The program has 80 unique workouts for you to do. This means no two workouts will ever be the same. What is even more unique is the cast is experiencing a transformation right along with you because they recorded the program 80 days in a row as well. They are also following the meal plan to a T and sharing their experiences as they progress from week to week.

Holiday Indulging Before 80 Day Obsession

I am so excited to begin this journey because the holidays have been rough. I did such a good job staying on track and only indulging here and there until we got home from Christmas. We had been on the road for 10 days and when we finally were unable to pack, we realized how much stocking candy we both had received. I wish I could be that person that can throw things away but I am not! I ate all of my Christmas candy and was certainly feeling all my hard work melt away.

But you know what, that happens to the best of us. We have to be able to enjoy life. My problem is I am addicted to chocolate and cannot stop until it is gone. I am hoping that in 80 Days, I have been able to break this habit. After all, the meal plan is very clearly laid out and it does not include processed foods, sugar, added salt, or alcohol.

I cannot wait to see my results in 80 Days but in the meantime, I will be doing a daily blog entry and posting them on a weekly basis. This will not only help me reflect on how I am feeling but also share my journey with all of my readers.

If you are interested in joining my next boot camp filled with ladies ready to kick 80 Day Obsession’s butt, message me! Even if you just want to learn more about 80 Day Obsession, leave me a comment or send me an email. You can also follow my entire journey on Instagram at FitnessMadeBreezy.

Finding Time for My Personal Health in 2017

 It is not always easy to find “me” time to take care of your personal health but it is so important! We are all over-extended, over-scheduled, and frankly just trying to do it all. Whether you are a parent, college student, working in Corporate America, or maybe all three, I know what it is like to feel like you have no time to workout. When we are busy the first things to go usually have to do with our own personal health and I am here to tell you, it is critical for you to make time and all it takes is 30-minutes a day!

I may seem like the girl who has it all together but if you have been following my blog and Instagram for a while then you know, I do not. I miss my goals, I miss deadlines, I don’t always make the time to workout (or at least I didn’t), I definitely don’t always eat healthy, and frankly, there are days I just break down. But at the end of the day, that is life. Thankfully, in June of 2017, I found something I didn’t know I was missing and that was my team.

Missing the Team Concept

As I spent time living life in the real world (beyond college), adjusting to living with Brian, transitioning to coaching high schoolers from playing basketball in college, bouncing from role to role at M&T, I always felt likeI was searching for something.

In early 2017, I had stumbled upon a fitness account I loved.  I loved the personality, the story and the honesty about real-world struggles, life and love, and personal health. This account, got me thinking, why was I so off track? Why were there so many mornings I choose to press snooze rather than get up and go to the gym? What really got me, was her way of sharing her team. The friendships she had made on her fitness journey. It was so raw and honest. I started looking more into her world and by June, I decided to take a step into it officially. As I thought more and more about it, I wanted to join her and I wanted to be a part of her team. I realized my missing puzzle piece was the team environment that I thrived in!

The Here and Now

When I made the decision to join my coach on her journey and start my own, I wasn’t sure what to think. I was not in it for the sales, just in it for personal health reasons and enjoying my journey to better health and fitness. What I didn’t except was to make so many genuine connections with women. Talk about women empowerment!

  • I am inspired every day to love my body
  • Inspired every day to eat right 85% of the time and splurge the other 15%
  • I am inspired every day that I wake up willingly at 4:30 every Monday through Friday (even on my days off, with a few exceptions) to work out via virtual video chat

It is crazy how much this community has changed me for the better. I am more focused in my personal life and professional life than ever before. I didn’t expect that coaching would help me in other areas of my life outside of fitness. Seeing the other women on the team make big life decisions, inspired me to make some of my own. The biggest was that I made the decision to move into a career I truly wanted to be in. There is much more to come on that in another post but for now, the last 4 months of making the career change have been incredible. I feel inspired to go to work in the morning because each day, I wake up and spend some quality time working on me first.

Are you needing a little accountability in your life? Want to start 2018 off feeling great? Send me an email or comment below (comments are private for things like this). Or connect with me on Instagram! I can’t wait to talk to you about you joining our team.

How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Did you know that the average person gains between 5 and 10 pounds throughout the holidays? Do you want to know how to avoid holiday weight gain? The answer my Holiday Bootcamp: 21 Day Fitmas!


This year, I am putting my foot down when it comes to this weight gain thing. I am saying NO! In fact, I am saying, I am going to lose 5 pounds as I count down the days to Christmas. How good does that sound?

Now I bet you are wondering how I am going to do it? And I want to make sure you know there is absolutely no secret. The keyword here is accountability! And what if I told you that could join me too? Together, we can hold each other accountable throughout this holiday season with my Holiday Bootcamp.

So you are probably asking, HOW! Well, let me tell you and I promise no my Holiday Bootcamp has no gimmicks just real results.

For 21-Days I going to follow the 21-Day Fix Extreme program. This will be my 4th Beachbody Program I will complete this year! I have completed 21 Day Fix, Shift Shop (3x), and Core de Force (currently completing). Starting December 4th through Christmas Eve, I am counting down the days to Christmas in the best way I know how, by crossing off workouts on my calendar. Yep, no chocolate advent calendar for this girl!

With a concentrated workout program that is just 30-minutes a day, the next piece is I will be following the easiest meal plan I have ever followed. No counting calories, simply, if it fits in the container, I eat it. That means I can still enjoy my favorite holiday foods and drink wine at all the holiday parties without all the guilt.

Now you are probably thinking, “How am I going to avoid eating all the Christmas cookies?”

Well there are a few ways that my Holiday Bootcamp can help with this and it all starts with my Christmas Cookie Superfood Shake recipes. These taste just like my favorite holiday treats without all the sugar! Gingerbread, pumpkin pie, thumbprint cookies, fudge and so much more! I seriously cannot wait to share these with you.

But when I head out to a holiday party, I am not always going to be bringing along my secret recipes so I am also going to share my tips and tricks for beating the holiday party scene including healthy cookie recipes, modifications of your favorite recipes, the list can go on and on!


Holiday Bootcamp = Accountability

To top it all off, I am doing this with my team and together, we get the results we want thanks to the accountability factor. I have a group of ladies I wake up with every morning and video workout with and you can join us too. There is a group that wakes up 5am EST running through 8am EST (you don’t have to stay on for the whole time).

Let’s summarize what I will be doing during my Holiday Bootcamp and you can too with me:

  • 21-Days of 30 minute at home workouts
  • 21 Days of Holiday Themed Superfood Shakes
  • Healthy Holiday Meals
  • 21 Days of Healthy Holiday Party Tricks
  • Lose around 5 pounds in just 21 Days
  • Holiday Presents (did I forget to mention, there were presents involved)?
  • 21 Days of Accountability (This is BONUS for my VIPs)

But the best part, the fun doesn’t stop when the holidays are over! When you join my Holiday Bootcamp you get:

  • 1 year access to Beachbody On Demand, consider it the Netflix for workout programs
  • A 30 Day Supply of a Superfood Shake that will help you beat your cravings through New Years
    • My VIPs get this at a discount
  • Easy to follow meal plans that take into consideration all dietary needs
  • Portion control containers that help you get rid of calorie counting
  • Access to me for an entire year as your coach
    • We will work one-on-one to reach your health, fitness, and nutrition goals
    • We will also customize a plan that works for you to achieve the results you want
  • Access to the whole team for accountability far beyond the holiday season
  • Bonus: My VIPs get access to our virtual workouts to help you get your butt out of bed each morning (this is no additional charge)

You get all of this for just $160 for the WHOLE YEAR….call it a Christmas present to yourself that just keeps on giving!



So I have told you what I am going to do for my Holiday Bootcamp, I have told you all that you can get, I just haven’t told you how to sign up. The best part, you have a couple of options, leave me a comment below and I will reach out to you or you can email Let’s make this the healthiest holiday season yet!

I can’t wait to beat the holiday weight gain this year and I can’t wait for you to join me! As a bonus, the first person to sign-up from this blog post will receive this Exclusive – SOLD OUT – The Be Brand Headband from me as a thank you gift!workout-headbands

3 Ways Beachbody Coaching has Changed My Life

When I first signed up to be a Beachbody coach, I never thought that I would experience a mental shift as quickly as I have. Not only have I physically changed thanks to the amazing accountability but I have also mentally changed.

Becoming a Beachbody Coach is about so much more than sales and hitting sales goals. In fact, that is probably the last thing anyone on my team will tell you. Becoming a Beachbody coach is about helping others, helping yourself, and becoming a better overall person. Let me explain.

Becoming a Better Person

Growing up, I used to read a ton. I was proud to be on the leaderboard for reading 25 books each summer at the library. I was proud to be so involved with everything I did. But at some point, not sure if it was college or during my adjustment period in life, I stopped making time for me. Stopped looking for ways to improve me not just physically but mentally.

I looked for excuses to not pick up a book. I never made the commitment. Thanks to Beachbody’s team of amazing managers and coaches, they reminded me that you have to love yourself if you are going to love anyone else.

So each day, I have made a commitment to read at least 25 of personal development book. Right now that is in the form of books my CTO gave me on team development and where teams struggle. I finished the book, UnFairly Labelled as well. This was something I had been procrastinating reading for work in just 4 days because of my commitment.

Helping Myself

How can you help others if you don’t have self-love? For so long, I have been questioning things in my life. Don’t get me wrong, I have a great life and I truly love it; however, I have found that I am bored in my job, unhappy with the current direction of my career, and could see that it was bringing me down physically.

I was okay with turning off the alarm in the morning and skipping my workouts. This led to me being okay with saying it is okay to eat ice cream every night. I was okay with making excuses for myself and letting them run my life vs. taking accountability over it.

In the past 2 months, my mindset has totally shifted. I have gotten up at 4:30 or 4 am every day this week. What, who am I? I am committed to my workouts and that includes training for my half marathons in October and my programs that are allowing my body to totally be changed. Not only am I working out hard but I am also committed to a healthy eating plan that does not count calories. Finally, I am committed to celebrating the non-scale victories with things other than food.

In 2 months, I am down over 10 pounds, my bloat is gone and I am feeling so much more confident. I have met amazing women in my coaching team and I am happier than I have been in a long time.

Helping Others

Now comes the fun part. I have always loved coaching whether it was the 8th-grade basketball team that I coached when I was a Senior in High School or my Nichols basketball team now. I love seeing people improve and reach their goals. The best part about coaching for me is when you see the light go on in someone’s head and you know they really get it. My second favorite part is when you see the look on their faces that they have fallen in love with what you are talking about.

As a Beachbody Coach, my role is to help people find that passion and self-love when it comes to their health and fitness. Similarly to my basketball coaching, it is my job to show up every day and share my passion. My individual goal is to help women. Brian and my goal regarding our business together is to help couples find happiness through healthy activities.

I would not be able to do this without the support of Brian. He is my rock. I am so glad to have a supportive partner who also cares just as much about his health and wellness as I do.

Why Beachbody

So many people are skeptical about Beachbody. They think it is just a scam. And you know what, some Beachbody coaches are just in it to make money. You want to make sure you are tied into a team that is about self-love. This team will be focused on helping you reach your goals. Not one that just cares about making a profit.

My team is designed to foster a culture of accountability. We have over 300 coaches in our network to help you reach your goals. If you want to start feeling better about yourself whether it is physically or mentally, I promise that shift can happen and it can happen faster than you think with the right team. I want to help you to reach your goals. I would love for you to share them with me, please leave me a comment or send me a private message.

My Goals

I set a goal of helping 100 women by June 2018, will you be one of them?

Whether you are interested in becoming a Beachbody coach or just want an accountability partner for just yourself or you and your spouse, I would love to talk to you. Leave me a comment or send me an email. I promise, when you find that feeling of being happy with yourself, you will not want to let it go.

Together, we can make Fitness Breezy.