My 80 Day Obsession Journey: Week 4 – There Are No Limits

Life is continuing to move quickly. Week 4 of 80 Day Obsession was all about learning there are no limits in life. There are only limits in your mind. In just 4 weeks my mind has been transformed and I am truly starting to believe there really are no limits to where you can go.

This week was interesting for a number of reasons. In the program, week 4 is where you start to see the divide in counting on this program. The reality is there are 80 unique workouts in the program and Sunday’s stop being counted in the daily total after the first two weeks. This program is really longer than 80 days because it is 13 weeks. The program is ultimately 91 days long but the name 80 Day Obsession comes from the fact that there are 80 unique workouts!

So for the sake of my counting, I am going to keep this in sequential order but know this post is about unique workouts #21-#26.

Day 22

This morning I woke up tired. I went to bed early and didn’t end up going to our friend’s Super Bowl party last night because I was exhausted. Throughout the last few weeks, Autumn has been saying your metabolism will start to rev and you will be sweating at night. Oh boy, was I sweating last night!

I had a delicious power meal for my pre-workout breakfast which included my egg muffins from week 1. While I ate, I got to sit down at my desk and really worked to focus in and ended up getting a lot of work done. The book I

am currently listening to The 5-Second Rule as part of a leadership group I am participating in and it is amazing. I will create a separate post on the book soon. This dedicated hour is something I love. It allows me to work on my freelancing life because it guarantees that I spend at least 1-hour a day on it.

As I went downstairs to push play, I will admit this was a struggle. We are back to a 2×15 series and I just wanted to lift heavy but my body did not want too. I struggled through this whole workout by making the mistake to lift heavy starting with the squat shoulder press. I tried to do biceps curls with 25-pound dumb bells and barely made it through the first set so I had to move down to 20s for the second set.

At the end of the workout, I was exhausted and that is how it should be. It is safe to say, I am obsessed with this program.

Day 23

It will probably come as no surprise to you all but I was fast asleep by 8:30 last night. My brain is actively working with limited downtime from 3:30 am – 7:30 pm so for me it is easy to see why it shuts down so easily. But it is also because of my routine. When you are working out, staying hydrated, and eating well, you tend to sleep better.

I have just a little bit more work for one of my clients this week after putting in my hour this morning and I am looking forward to being able to focus on my coaching business for a few days in addition to one of my other clients.

I won’t lie, this morning’s workout was a total booty burner. The 2×15 series is so much harder for me than the 3×10 but I wanted to push my glutes to the max so I double-banded on some different exercises. I can safely say, I am looking forward to cardio tomorrow.

I have mentioned before, I am a part of the test group for the program. And I won’t lie and say I absolutely love the group. There are over 30,000 coaches in the group with Autumn herself and I feel like at least half the feed is complaining that the program isn’t working. For me, the program is definitely working but I also have realistic expectations. This is an 80 Day (really 91 day) program. You are not going to have abs overnight. You are not going to drop the weight the same as everyone else. If you want something, you are going to have to work for it. Everyone’s body is different. You have to trust the process and stop making excuses. This program is about pushing past your limits. If you are not doing that, your results will not be as good as you want them to be.

Day 24

Cardio was so needed today. My muscles needed a break from holding weights. Plus, this morning I woke up with my favorite friend so cardio is my natural cramp reliever. This workout was in no way easy because of the core moves but my core is feeling so much stronger and I don’t struggle with the plank holds as much. I am really looking forward to giving 5-minute Core on the Floor another shot after this program is over (a program from Core de Force). This was something that I wasn’t able to do back in November as I went through the program.

I am so grateful for my ability to work from anywhere on days like today. It is a snowy morning and I love being able to work from my home office wrapped in a blanket and drinking my tea. I know staying on track and not giving into my TOM cravings is going to be h

ard today but I have goals and I want to achieve them.

Day 25

Struggle city getting up this morning! I did not want to get up but knew there was no way I was going to have time to do AAA after work so I counted down from 5 and jumped out of bed. I hope as you read my blog you don’t think I don’t struggle with waking up early. Getting up at 3:30 every day is no joke but I just feel so much better when I take time for me in the morning to work on my business and get my sweat on.

AAA is probably my least favorite workout. Maybe it is I have a love-hate relationship with it. I am not really sure but I am just not a fan of the workout. But that does not mean I don’t give 110% or push hard. For me, I have to mentally prepare myself for it because I don’t like it. I tell myself the workouts you don’t like are the ones you often need the most!

Today was a super long day with meetings all morning long, some high school girl drama that I had to deal with, and then a game at night. I am so glad that I am not a teenage girl growing up in this world because it would not be fun. There is so much pressure to be so many things. With everything going on, I couldn’t believe that I stuck to my meal plan. I really wanted chocolate but I said no and am so happy I did. The chocolate would have tasted nice in the moment but not helped me in the long run. At the end of the day, the key is being prepared. When you know you are busy, you have to plan ahead. Planning is key!

Day 26

I am working from home again today as we have a few things going on around the house that I need to be here for so I could have slept in. But I wanted to stick to my routine. I love my 3:30 am ‘me time’. It makes me so much more productive throughout the day. Plus, I wanted to get leg day over with!

These 2×15 sets are tough after being able to lift heavy last week. My back is also super tight and I really needed to roll it out after this workout. My legs are feeling so much stronger than they were a few weeks back and I am grateful. I have always had thick strong thighs but now they are starting to pop with definition. 30-pound dumbbells are still on my list but I have been putting it off because they are pricey!

I am so happy that it is Friday. My cramps are subsiding and my bloat is decreasing. I am not sure what is truly helping but I think a lot of it has to do with I am much less stressed this week despite all that it is going on in my life. I have also incorporated the Digestive Boost into my Recover shake every morning which has been good for getting everything moving. On top of that, I have started eating more cooked vegetables rather than raw ones and I have decreased the amount of broccoli and cauliflower in my diet. I have also lowered the amount of sweet potato and quinoa I am eating. Whatever it is that did the trick, it is working. The key to this program is listening to your body.

Day 27

Holy sweaty Saturday! The last time of doing Cardio Flow with just 4 reps was intense. I was laser-focused on getting the most out of this last workout of Phase 1! I wanted to make sure I gave it my all and by the end, my legs, quads, and shoulders were on fire. For the first time, I went live on Facebook to share the last 2 rounds of the workout. Watching that playback, I realized I have a bit of formwork to do. Especially as I get tired, it is easy for my form to go. At least I have next week’s session with 6 reps to improve on that. Sometimes taking a video of yourself or working out with a mirror can help you correct the moves and get the most out of the movement.

It is very snowy here today and I am looking forward to a nice day of working on my freelancing, probably taking a nap, and just spending some quality time with Brian. The nap I think is going to be much needed as this was the first week that I did not have a day off from work and I woke up at 3:30 am every day. But you know what, my body has adjusted to it. Even this morning, I woke up around 7:45 and was eating my pre-workout meal by 9:15.

I am absolutely loving the routine I am in but I am looking forward to a rest day tomorrow to focus on stretching and preparing for everything this upcoming week has in store. Phase 2 is going to up the intensity and add in compound movements which I am really looking forward too.

Day 28

This morning as I stretched myself out, I listened to Autumn talk about how to recalculate for Phase 2. Being a part of this test group has been amazing as I have had the opportunity to listen to her insights and describe why things are the way they are. But one of the things that has really bothered me over the last 4 weeks, is the number of coaches complaining.

These are supposed to be people that are helping others achieve the results they want and supposed to be sharing realistic expectations. Yet, many seem to believe that their bodies should be down 20 pounds in 28 days. That is not the case and should never be the case unless you have that amount of weight to lose. Fast weight loss leads to fast gaining. You didn’t gain all that weight in 28 days so why should it come off that quickly?

I am in this program for the long haul and cannot wait for phase 2 to begin tomorrow and push myself to new levels!

There are No Limits to Life

Wow! Week 4 is in the books! How are we here already? Later today, I am going to be posting a separate post highlighting my Phase 1 results. I am so excited to show you all my progress from just 28 Days. When I posted my photos side by side, I was shocked with my results to date especially in my overall mood and energy. I will be honest and say, I didn’t think I would stick to the timed nutrition. There was no way I thought I would wake up at 3:30 am practically every day of the work week. I didn’t think I would improve my core strength or overall strength as much as I have in just 28 days.

The key is all about trusting the process. Putting the work in will get you the results you want. Results don’t come from just doing the workouts. It comes from what you do in the kitchen. And how you are taking care of your body. There are no limits to what you can accomplish when you set your mind right.

I know there are no limits to what I will achieve in Phase 2 as long as I continue to settle for more. If you are interested in learning more about 80 Day Obsession and how you can join me for my next round, leave me a comment or send me an email. You can also follow my entire journey on Instagram at FitnessMadeBreezy. Remember, with this program, you have to be ready to expect everything!


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