My 80 Day Obsession Journey: Week 2 – Breaking Barriers

Week one was great and I am already feeling so much better! But just wait until you read what week 2 had in store for me. It just keeps getting better and better and I am breaking barriers with each workout!

Day 8

I still have some roll-over vacation time from last year so I have been taking a few days off here and there and today was one of those days. Sunday night I thought it would be a great idea to take a nap. Unfortunately, I took the nap at 5 pm and I passed out until 7 pm (I guess I was tired). This made for a rough go of falling asleep last night. So I made the call that sleeping in would be the best thing for me. After all, one of the biggest things that Autumn preaches is self-care.

Autumn’s Test Group

I haven’t mentioned before but I am actually going through the Test Group with her. There are also several thousand other coaches via a private Facebook group. She is sharing her insider tips which is awesome to hear. The other day she posted a live video about how one of the people in the group made a comment about how they are not prioritizing sleep. She basically called them out and said you need sleep with this program. Your body needs time to recharge.

So I listened to my body and woke up at 745 made breakfast and was pushing play by 9 on Total Body Core. This would be the same workout as last week but with one exception, this week was a 3×10 week, not 2×15. The goal was to increase your weights due to the lower reps. I upped my weights on practically everything with the exception of the exercises I was already been using my 20lb dumb bells on. This confirmed that I needed to order new weights and I placed my order right after finishing the workout.

As I cooled down, my arms were shaking. Even though I could barely move them, I knew I had worked them the way that I should and had given everything I had to the program. Goal succeeded for the day!

Day 9

When my alarm went off this morning I rolled over, pushed myself up to reach for my alarm and my triceps completely gave out. I had pushed my muscles to their breaking point yesterday which I absolutely love! Having not woken up early yesterday and getting home late last night from a basketball game in Rochester, this wakeup call was rough! Thankfully, I knew I had a new pre-workout meal waiting for me that I was anxious to try! Cauliflower pizza with quinoa, egg, spinach, ground turkey, mushrooms, and onions topped with a little nutritional yeast.

Holy cow was it delicious! I received some exciting news from a former client about a new job yesterday so I spent my morning hour getting back up to speed with where the business is right now and where I can help take them. Having this focused hour in my day is pretty incredible for getting extra work done.

Work that booty

After my food had digested, it was time to press play on Booty Day. Just like yesterday, the workout was a 3×10 and an hour long. I intended to burn out my glutes by upping the bands that I was using and boy did I!

The bands that I had purchased for this program are from Amazon so I have 6 different resistance levels and today I went all the way up to the black band (double-heavy)!

I will probably pay for it tomorrow but as long as my legs don’t give out on me like my arms did this morning, we will be good!

Day 10

Last night was a late night. I had an event for work and had my first corporate lunch out. We went to a restaurant at one of the local colleges sponsored by their culinary school. I enjoyed Lobster, Snap Peas, and Pasta. I ate all of the meaty lobster and snap peas out of the dish and about 1/3 of the pasta because there was so much and gave the rest to Brian for his pre-practice meal. It was a nice lemon and cheese sauce which I counted as my blue container. Then later that evening we had a networking event at the Albright Knox Museum. I avoided the bar and kept water with lemon in my hands and enjoyed some of the food including a Scallop BLT, YUM. Even though I had helped plan the event, I was slightly disappointed that there was no veggie or fruit tray because I was counting on that as my purple and green. So when I got home I grab 2 mini-oranges and some veggies to finish out the day.

When I woke up this morning I was prepared to get some work down as I enjoyed my cauliflower breakfast pizza which is still delicious by the way. Then I was off to push play! The thing with today’s workout was I knew I would have to push myself because it was Cardio Core day and most of the exercises were just using body weight. Last week I thought it was the easiest workout of the week and then I listened to Autumn in our Facebook group who said this workout should not be easy. If it is easy, you are not pushing hard enough. So I took that as a personal challenge and sweated my ASS off today. There were moves that I was going faster than the group and that is okay. There were also moves I was going slower to maintain good form. At the end of the day, this is your journey go at your pace!

Changing Things Up

This week, I also switched back to recover which is part of the Beachbody Performance line. I personally blend mine up with ice, water, and half a frozen banana and it is delicious! However, this week have been changing up the order of my meals. I love having my sweet potato waffle and peanut butter and a protein & veggie as my post-workout meal at my desk and then my shake for lunch. This keeps me full and focused all morning long and then the afternoon just seems to fly! Tomorrow is AAA which kicked my butt last week so I can’t wait to see how I feel after a 3×10 workout.

Plus, I have a game tonight against the best team in the league and I am doing a coach sneak peek at 7:30 pm EST so it will be a long and fun evening!

Day 11

A Long Evening

Last night was another late night and long day for me but I had my biggest meal plan win yet! Our team had a celebratory cake session for the people who received promotions and I resisted. It was not just cake; it was cookie ice cream cake! I am so proud of myself even though I really wanted it because I realized it would have tasted good in the moment but then I would have wished I didn’t have it. At the end of the day, I am not perfect. This is not a sustainable meal plan for me, the time nutrition component is but this girl loves chocolate and I don’t want to break up with it. But for these 80 Days, I am looking at this as a personal challenge and sweets and I are on a break!

So how did the rest of my day end up? Basically, 3 pm on in my day was a blur. I had my first flavor of the “cut-throat” business project world and then went directly to my basketball game against the top team in the league. Unfortunately, we have a few girls sick this week so we were down 2 players and lost but we are back in action tomorrow and it will be a new day. It was so sweet that Brian came to the game but by the time we got home I was starving and the meatloaf was going to take an hour to cook so I had to break up my last meal so that I could get something in my stomach on time! Since the meatloaf took longer to cook, I jumped on the Coaching Sneak Peak and wrapped it up about 8:30 and finished my dinner while cheering on the rest of the girls!

With everything going on, I didn’t end up in bed until about 9 pm so it was going to be a short sleep last night unfortunately but tonight I am determined to be better.

Breaking Barriers

Waking up, surprisingly, wasn’t as hard as I anticipated despite the limited sleep. I think I am just so excited about my pre-workout meal and crushing my workout. I was so proud of myself this morning as I crushed this morning’s workout. Last week, this was the hardest workout of the week and despite pushing myself I felt strong all the way through!

New Equipment

On Monday, after Day 8, I had ordered new 25lb dumbbells and they came last night so I was very excited to give them a try and push past my previous bests. I also tried double-looping for some of the moves which I will not lie, I am majorly feeling it in my glutes right now.

Tomorrow is leg day so I am hoping by pushing myself today; I can continue to push tomorrow! Even better, tonight is FRIDAY EVE!

Day 12

Dinner with Nana

I love spending time with my Nana and last night was no exception. We enjoyed dinner at D’Avolios which is one of my favorite restaurants because of the freshness of the food. When my Aunt asked me where we should go, I wanted to make sure it was a place I would have delicious options. I made a build your own salad with kale, chicken, artichokes, seeds, Gouda cheese, mandarin oranges, and an oil olive dressing. It was also nice to spend some time with my Aunt, Uncle, and cousin Matilda.

We got home around 8 and my dad called me, so we chatted for a while and by the time I hung up I needed to go to sleep, I was exhausted.

Your Body is a Furnace

I was super groggy when I woke up at 3:45 am but wanted to finish out the sets I had to do for my freelance client so I focused for an hour as I ate my pre-workout meal. I also listened to Autumn talk while I worked about the importance of self-care and it reminded me that I definitely needed to sleep a lot this weekend and let my body recover. Autumn also reminded me that the reason I am waking up hungry in the morning is my body is like a furnace since doing these workouts. My metabolism is rising and my body is healing and repairing itself overnight and using a lot of energy to do so.

Shaky Legs

I wanted to continue the momentum of the week so I really pushed myself this morning but worked to maintain proper form. I upped most of the leg exercises to my new 25lb dumbbells and actually think I have to get 30s way sooner than planned especially for moves like reverse lunges and hip hinges.

By the 3rd set, my legs were shaky and on the brink of exhaustion but I kept pushing. I definitely needed the extra breaks Autumn was taking to grab water and make sure I was staying hydrated. You don’t realize when you are lifting how much energy you are using and how much you are sweating until you pause for a minute!

When I was finally done and stretched out, I ran up the stairs to go and grab something but what I wasn’t expecting was that shakiness in my legs! So wobbly! I am guessing tonight and tomorrow my legs are going to be beyond sore but it is going to hurt so good!

Thankfully, tomorrow is the last hard workout of the week and a rest/stretch day on Sunday but I am not looking past tomorrow. Last week it was a very challenging workout despite the length. But this week, I know I am stronger and ready for it. Plus, those inchworms are an awesome stretch for my hamstrings!

Day 13

Cardio Flow

Last week, this was one of the toughest workouts for me from a mental standpoint. There are limited breaks and this week it would be the same exact workout. I knew there was a longer break (the only one of the workout between the progression and when you repeat the sets 2 more times) so I worked the whole workout towards that. And then to my surprise, the break was only 30 seconds.

I really shouldn’t have been surprised because each week is building and no two workouts in this program are ever the same. This is the piece that I absolutely love about the program! I am breaking barriers that I never thought I would and loving my progress!

The rest of the day was spent at Home Depot shopping for our bathroom remodel that is beginning in two weeks. We lifted so much tile that it felt like another workout. We are really excited to have this remodel complete and to be able to actually see one of the updates we have made to our home. Being a young homeowner, we have only been able to do the garage roof and the driveway so far in the year and a half we have been in the home so we are very excited about this project.

Taco Night

When we got home and unpacked the car, we were hungry! We had taken our shakes in the car to stay on track. Brian and I decided to have a movie & Taco night. Since I am doing this meal plan alone, I figured out my modifications ahead of time. I did cauliflower rice for rice so that I could have beans as my carb. I also had lettuce wraps while Brian had tortillas. Another substitute I made was Plain Greek Yogurt in place of Sour Cream. It isn’t always easy to modify but it was just as delicious without the guilt!

 Day 14

I love Sundays. They are the perfect recovery day for my body after these long weeks of workouts. This morning, when I woke up, I realized I had slept 12 hours! It felt absolutely amazing just what my body needed. Autumn preaches throughout these programs that trusting the process and listening to your body is important. Getting up at 3:30 am is difficult 5 days a week but not impossible. I am fortunate that my body does not adjust on the weekends. This allows me to wake up at my normal time. I am able to turn my brain off and sleep until I can’t sleep anymore. Typically I am only able to sleep in when I do not have anything pressing to do. That day which is what happened today. Sure I have things to get done but I don’t have a set time I need to be anywhere.

So when I woke up this morning at 8:30, I felt incredible! I slowly got up to casually stretch everything out. I really enjoyed the stretch workout for Day 14. There is no doubt in mind, I will be using it for these next few weeks.

Now I am looking forward to relaxing and spending some time with my coaching clients for the next few hours! Week 2 is officially in the books and it was all about breaking barriers. I can not wait to see what next week has in store for me! Will it be physical or mental? If you are interested in learning more about 80 Day Obsession and how you can join me for my next round, leave me a comment or send me an email. You can also follow my entire journey on Instagram at FitnessMadeBreezy.

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