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race finishI hope you find my content relevant, thought provoking and if you hate something I have to say, you are welcome to challenge me on it. I have a passion for all things marketing, geeky (nerdy), and innovative. I may be young but I have had a lot of experiences that I think may help someone out there out.

I have a passion for FinTech, health and fitness, coaching, blogging, coffee, running and Nike!

Important note: This blog is not affiliated with any of the companies that are referred to in the blog. The ideas in the blog will be linked to the credible source that they came from if they are not my own.  The purpose of this blog is research, education, and experience.  There are times that I receive products through an organization known as Influenster and will write reviews for those products; however, I am not being paid to write them but I have received complimentary products for market research and market testing purposes in some cases and those blogs will be clearly stated.  


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